Texts To Send Your Ex Boyfriend

Texts To Send Your Ex-Boyfriend To Get Him Back For Good


If you are wondering what texts to send your ex-boyfriend, I’m glad that you’ve made the right question. Throughout many years of being a relationship expert, texting has proven itself to be a very powerful method when you want to contact your ex again. Especially when you two set up the “no talking rule” or haven’t talked to each other for a while.

People often underestimate this method, though. I understand their point of view. Tapping a bunch of buttons and just click “send” seems easy, too easy to yell good results. Many women who came to me for advice thought it was impossible to mend the relationship between them and their boyfriends… until I actually taught them HOW. 

Yes, what can a tiny little message do? If you call your ex all of the sudden, he probably wouldn’t even pick up. Sending emails feels so distant as if you don’t even want to talk with him again. According to a survey, 60% of people don’t feel the urge to reply to an email as much as a text message.  A text message is, you know, “just right”. It leaves enough room for your ex to wonder what’s going on in your life and why you want to contact him again. It is comfortable enough to keep him guessing. The text creates curiosity, and taking advantage of this curiosity will help you rebuild the relationship. 

It is not absurd. But it is one hell of an art. You need to take advantage of texting correctly, at the right time. Otherwise, your chance to get back to him is zero. 

And that’s exactly what I’m here for. I’m here to show you how. 

Before learning texts to send your ex-boyfriend, you should first know one thing…

When To Send Texts To Your Ex-boyfriend?

Texts To Send Your Ex Boyfriend

The first thing I want to clear is, it is best to text your ex after you two have been through a period of not talking to each other. Provided that you two just broke up for a short period of time, trying to talk to him will just remind him of the failure in the relationship. Whatever you say now shall just make you look needy and desperate.


Furthermore, he has no reason to believe either you or the relationship between you two can change in such a short time. 


What important right now is, you are deadly sure you want him back. So, choose the right time to contact him again, your relationship will have a positive change. It is around 30 days since you and even him had his own space.

Have an answer for yourself?

Good.  Now let’s get to the main part of this article: Texts to send your ex-boyfriend.


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1. Make him think that the break up doesn’t matter – or at least, matter no more.

Something like this:

“Hi, I just wanna let you know that I’m totally okay with the break up now. Perhaps it’s a good idea for both of us. Hope we still can be friends though. Ttyl!”

This short message contains everything it takes to trigger his curiosity – which is exactly what you need at this moment. Firstly, what he gets in this message is that you are fine with the separation now. For God’s sake, do NOT let him think otherwise! This is what he has to know. In short, you are not only sending a mere message. It might sound harmless but from his point of view, it is a whole statement. “I don’t need you anymore”, that’s it. Can you imagine how triggering it might sound? 

The most important part is the “still be friends” part. Again, it sounds innocent and harmless. But there is a secret in these three words that will force his mind to think of you in a sexual way again. Soon, you will discover what lies beneath these three words. 

2. “It’s best not to talk” is also one of the texts to send your ex-boyfriend!

Texts To Send Your Ex Boyfriend

“It is best for us to stop contacting right now. Still, I’d like to be friends when we are ready.”

This text is effective but dangerous. If you don’t pick the right time to send, it will backfire and ruin your effort completely. The statement is strong for this one: not only don’t you mind the break-up, but you also don’t need to talk as well. He is not necessary to be in your life anymore that’s it. This message has the power to drive him crazy. 

The reason why I list it in texts to send your ex-boyfriend is that this text will accentuate the point that he actually lost you. It doesn’t really matter if you acted needy or desperate at the start of the break-up. The text message will immediately clear that impression he has for you, and make him scared that you are really walking away. 

3. Tap on the jealousy with this text

“I think it might be great to start seeing someone else. Right now we can be just friends!”

What do you think you are telling him? Yes, it says that you are dating someone else. It pushes him to his limit and actually makes him jealous. If he is jealous, that’s indeed a good thing. If you are desired by other guys, you get a huge attraction boost. That’s what I often call the law of seduction. As you are telling him that someone else wants you, he will feel like losing you is unacceptable. Trust me when I say, he might even try to contact you right away.


These are the perfect texts to send your ex-boyfriend. They are reasonable enough for you to maintain your pride, but intriguing enough to tap on his nerve. Nevertheless, don’t forget the timing. Send them with a plan, you will be able to spark that “fear of losing”, which will be an engine for him to desire your existence in his life again so badly.

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