Text Messages To Get Him Back

Fatal Mistakes While Using Text Messages To Get Him Back.


Is it really possible to use text messages to get him back? As a relationship expert with over 6 years of experience, I’d say yes, IT IS POSSIBLE. Texting is very powerful – it can heal your relationship, but can also ruin your chance of getting back together with him completely if you don’t do it right. 

As you are here, you must still have some feelings with your ex. You probably are dying to send him a message, saying how much you miss him and how much you want to get him back in your life. 

What holds you back is fear. You don’t want to be rejected or to be embarrassed. 

Let me tell you, it will only happen to you if you make these 5 mistakes: 



1. Text Him Right After The Break-Up.

You probably have heard about the “No contact rule”. In fact, many of my clients came to me and asked whether this rule really works. Part of them tries to believe that it does not work for them and that they should try to contact their ex immediately. They are too scared that their ex will forget about them, or worse, replace them with someone else. 

However, sending your boyfriend text messages to get him back right after the break up is a bad idea. Firstly, both of you need time to heal. You are not the only one who gets hurt by this. Your boyfriend does, too. He might be experiencing an overwhelming wave of emotions, which could lead to anger and depression. This makes him become harder to approach and lessen your chance of getting him back. 

Secondly, you also need time to heal yourself. The breakup damages your self-confidence, so it is time for you to rebuild it. If you fail to acknowledge your own value, you can’t make him love you. 

That being said, a silent period after the breakup is important. Without it, there is no way you can once again trigger his attraction toward you. Remember, don’t text your ex right after the breakup!


2. Try To Send A Wall Of Text Messages To Get Him Back.

Text Messages To Get Him Back


According to Amy North, one of the most trustable relationship coaches, sending your ex a wall of texts is not only going to overwhelm him, but also make him become too frustrated to reply to your texts if he wants to reply. I totally agree with her on this one. 


There is one thing you need to keep in mind. Men have a different mindset than women. As a woman, you might think to pour your heart out and let him know everything you feel is a way to recreate the bond between you both. Unfortunately, men don’t think that way. They don’t like to be overwhelmed with texts. They also don’t want to spend the whole day replying to messages. Your ex will take your wall of texts as a sign of being needy and desperate. That alone kills any chance of you two to get back together. 



3. Send Him A “Wrong Person” Text.

Many people tried this kind of text message. For me, this is not a wise method. Why is that? Well, consider how many times in your life you accidentally send a text message to a wrong person. Never, right? This trick is too easy to see through and it is too obvious that you want to get his attention. You shall come off as childish and needy, and thus annoy your ex to the maximum level.


4. Fake An Excuse Just To Talk To Him. 

Sure, you might start a conversation by asking for his help. Guys love to be considered as a pro in a certain way. But wait for a second and imagine. What if you send him something like this:

“Hey, Scott. I’m thinking about getting a new laptop and would like to hear your advice. Could you please help me?”

… without any planning to get a new laptop? What if he later asks about it again? It would be awkward for you to make up a whole story. 

So my advice is, don’t make it hard for yourself. Asking your ex for help is one way to start the conversation, but you should only do that when you truly need help. 


5. Be Overwhelmed By Emotions And Send An Aggressive/Angry Text.

Text Messages To Get Him Back


This is the biggest turn-off, yet unfortunately, women send texts like this very often. After all, it is very hard to control your emotions at the current stage. However, throwing negativity at your ex won’t help you win him back, instead, it will just push him away further. 

What you have to do now is sit down, relax and try to calm yourself. After that, you can check out the list of texts to get him back we create for you. You will find a better way to get back to him than send him something full of anger and frustration.

So above I have provided you with 5 fatal mistakes you should not make while using text messages to get him back. Not only did I make this list as a relationship expert, but I also view it from a man’s point of view. Remember, those are a big turn-off for any guy on this planet. Even if he still has feelings for you and secretly wants to get back together, once you make these mistakes… The door is closed for you!

But is this everything, though?


These are 5 fundamental mistakes. Nevertheless, testing your ex after a breakup is a sensitive case. It requires a lot of effort, attention, and a bit cunning. As a matter of fact, it is not possible for me to cover it in just one article.

That’s why I want you to check out this free presentation and discover the most detailed guide on how to use texts to your man beg to get back to you.


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