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Is Amy North Legit? All Latest Update About This Dating Coach In 2020


Some of you might have known about Amy North as a best-selling author. But did you know aside from that, she is also a passionate relationship coach? Today, let’s get to know more about this small yet mighty woman with Linkingo. 


Amy North was born in Vancouver, Canada. Throughout childhood, unlike her peers, she was keen on an abstraction: love. As answered in an interview, that interest was inspired by old movies Amy watched at that time, like When Harry Met Sally. Surprisingly, it follows her to her adulthood and becomes an enthusiasm. 


Amy North


Thus, after graduated from The University of Western Ontario and obtained a Social Psychology bachelor degree, Amy immediately decided her path: She wanted to become a relationship expert. In the next five years, she devoted her life to helping thousands of clients all over the world.  Not only did she obtained real-life experience along the way, but she also kept learning from other experts. And her hard work paid off. By now, she is one of the most well-known relationship coaches, with knowledge in many different fields. From dating to marriage, and even breaks up, you can rely on Amy North to help you find a solution and change your love life once for all. 

You can say that Amy is lucky when her passion and career meet each other. To her, relationship coaching is not only something that she does for a living. She is always grateful to help people create changes in their love life. Recently, Amy has been focusing more on aiding women. She has a Youtube channel to address common problems ladies can face in a relationship and how to solve them. Most importantly, she created online programs that help women dealing with their love issues

Besides the life of a successful relationship expert, Amy North is just like every other woman. In her free time, she would love to read books or to go shopping. She is also an active writer and loves to write about relationship tips. 

Amy North’s Works:

One thing that sets Amy North’s programs from anyone else is that they are written in a very friendly, girly tone. Reading her works feels just like having a direct conversation with the author. She has so far built 2 systems dedicated to helping women with their love life. Her deep knowledge of male psychology is what makes them quickly become popular. 

Text Chemistry

This is the most popular course from Amy North. The first and foremost reason is that it discusses a very trendy topic yet not so many people research about: What text messages can do in a relationship.

Amy North


The program claims to be a full guide on how to text a guy in order to capture his heart. In the modern-day, texting has invaded and completely changed the way we date. Unfortunately, not so many women know how to use this method of communication effectively. Text Chemistry shall show you the best texts that can create a connection between you and the man of your dream. 

However, this program can be much more than that. It breaks down male psychology and helps you know what he has in his mind. Once you understand this thoroughly, getting your man go crazy all over you is just easy as a piece of cake. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are having a crush on that hot guy at work, you are on a relationship or you just broke up and are dying to get your ex back. Text Chemistry is able to solve many different problems, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, read this course and choose the perfect thing to say.


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The Devotion System

Amy North


Provided that you don’t have any experience with men, or you feel that you are never lucky with them, this program is especially for you! The Devotion System is a complete guide, an encyclopedia on how to date for ladies. You can find every stage here, from how to get his attention, ask for his phone number, to when you start developing a relationship. 

As Amy North majored in Social Psychology, once again, the biggest weapon she provided in this eBook is proven psychological tips and tricks. However, The Devotion System does not only teach you about a man’s mind. She shall show you how you can change your mindset and become the woman every man dreams about. After finishing this little eBook, you will discover your inner Marilyn. Winning the heart of your dream man is just a matter of time!


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Last but not least… where can you find Amy North?

A thing that makes Amy’s works reliable is that unlike other relationship writers, she doesn’t afraid to expose herself on the internet. By far, she has gotten herself thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. They are inspired by Amy’s concise yet practical and effective piece of advice. 

Provided that you need her guide, you might also access to her latest program here as it comprehends all of her experience in different relationship cases. Once you get the program, you will get access to a forum for exclusive members where you can share your problem with Amy and other ladies who have the same question as you!


With her burning passion, Amy is not going to stop helping women create changes in their love life. Dealing with relationship issues is surely hard, but with Amy North and her practical yet understanding advice, you won’t have to deal with it alone.



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