The Devotion System review

The Devotion System Review – Will It Help You Keep Your Man’s Heart Forever?


Have you ever feel hopeless knowing that you are unable to hold a man forever?

Just like most women, there will be a certain point when the thought that you are no longer attractive crosses your mind.

Has age dimmed your flirtatious behavior?

Well, maybe you will find help in this “The Devotion System Review”.

The Devotion System will help you to overcome all this and make your man stay by your side forever. Dating, live-in relationship, marriage is all phases in life when couples court, fall in love, enjoy sex and think that they’ll be together forever. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen like that. Many men lose interest midway and move away from their girlfriends after a while. The reasons may be flimsy yet the attraction ebbs and couples break up. This is a worldwide problem and is not associated with only one religion, race or ethnicity. You find couples squabbling after the first few weeks of dating and sex. Once the initial enthusiasm ebbs, reality sets in and that is when trouble starts in paradise.


The Devotion System review


The Devotion System is an online solution to find the right man for you. There are times when women feel that they’ll never be able to find lasting love. It is for these women that the author created this program. It helps you to find true and lasting love. Your man’s heart will be yours forever. Still in doubt? Continue reading our The Devotion System Review and find out the answer.


Who is Amy North?

It would be a mistake if we don’t mention the author in our The Devotion System review. Amy North is a dating coach and a relationship expert from Canada. She also has a bachelor’s degree in social psychology from a reputed university. She conducts seminars and extensive training for couples who’re in need of help. Her personal experience, as well as exposure to her clients, has made her put together this amazing result oriented program. Amy states in the video on her web page that her boyfriend cheated with her best friend and, which led to her depression for a very long time. Her trust in human beings took a beating and she lost her self-esteem too. This provoked her to collate data and pour over research material that she collected from Harvard University professors to arrive at this wonderful program The Devotion System.

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What is the Devotion System about?

The Devotion System is a relationship program that contains several modules of information that will help you to arouse your partner and make him stay with you for eternity. It is a comprehensive guide to find lasting love and togetherness. In our The Devotion System review, we shall provide you with the 3 simple principles that the program is based on. First, you should not be under the impression that you know everything about men. Secondly, you should use powerful and persuasive techniques that tap into the minds of men. Thirdly,  you need to plant a seed of devotion into his mind.

The Devotion System review


The modules in the eBook

Love refreshment – These are phrases and sentences that’ll make your man regret that he ignored you all the while. Using the lines mentioned in this module you can leave an unforgettable mark on his mind.

Body language – In this module, you’ll learn all about his thoughts and actions from his body language. From the way he sits or looks at you; you’ll know his thoughts.

Love methodology – This is one of the easiest secrets to learn. Once you know what makes him tick using this method, he’ll not stop thinking about you.

Mind virus – This module helps you to steer away from stuff that pushes men away. Once you know them you can avoid these mistakes.

Inner Marilyn – Just as Marilyn Monroe, the Hollywood actress was desired and alluring to the entire male population of the world, you can learn all about boosting your self-confidence, look and feel wonderful to attract the man of your choice.

Cat string concept – This module describes in detail the methods you should devise to make him chase you. Keep him on a string and make him long for you.

Love buzz mindset – This is a beautiful concept where you teach your man to create devotion in his mind that he offers marriage to you and keeps you forever. The words you whisper into his ears will help you to arouse his mind to want you all the time. It gets into the subconscious mind of the man.

The obsession formula – this chapter helps you to make him go crazy about you.

How to seduce a man – Just as the name indicates tips and tricks that are tested and found successful are mentioned here.

Commitment kick-starters – Many guys are commitment-phobic. They may like you but there is a block to move beyond liking. This module will help to kick-start your journey with your man to commit for eternity.

Devotion System costs $48.25 and is a limited period offer. The original cost is $300+ but there is a onetime offer at $48.25.

The Devotion System review

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There are also three bonus eBooks available as a free download once you buy this program. We feel that we should introduce them to you in this The Devotion System review as well since most of you might find the topic of these bonuses helpful and interesting. They’re –

Textual chemistry – It teaches you how to use powerful and magnetic words in your text so that he’s thinking about you all day long. The ‘phone frenzy’ tactic will make the guy call you often and you’ll remain in his mind forever.

Cheat proofing – Cheat proofing is all about insulating your relationship from cheating. You will find a way to keep your man ’s loyalty in the relationship.

Finding love online – Many modern women will find this bonus interesting. Finding love online is all about online dating and how to remove the best guys from the chaff. It also discusses what to look for at dating sites.


Is The Devotion System a scam?

Many people think that the program is a scam as it talks about attracting a man with few words and phrases, and we have to mention that in this review. Is it that men are gullible or fools to fall for just a few words? Well, it is not so. Devotion System has been put together with utmost care after several trials and found to be effective. Moreover, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. In case you’re dissatisfied with the program you can get your money back. So there is no loss. It is not a scam.

Advantages of Devotion System

  • You can use the program in many situations. If you are single, it shall help you to find your soulmate. And when you are taken? Your relationship would be brought to a brand new level. He will stay with you for life.
  • It helps you gain confidence. You will be positive, optimistic and hopeful of a bright future for your love life.
  • The language used in the eBook is simple and the tips given are easy to use. You can even find a quiz after each module to help you interact with the program and understand the techniques better. Even the content and training videos are well structured.
  • The information shared in the eBook is valuable as it provides you unique psychological tips you won’t be able to find anywhere. The author is a woman who has been through the situations most women have to face so she has a deep understanding.
  • If you are not satisfied with the program, you can always receive your money back. Literally, you don’t lose anything.

Disadvantages of Devotion System

  • There is no hard copy available. You’ve to read it by downloading it from the internet.
  • This program is slightly more expensive than the other dating programs available online.
  • You need extreme patience and endurance to follow this program. It’ll take a while for you to see results. Follow all the instructions given in the program. You need to work hard to see results.


In this The Devotion System review, we have shown you the outline of this program. To sum it up, The Devotion System is an advantageous result oriented program. It can help women to keep their man with them forever. It can also rekindle love and ignite passion between exes. Those married can also enjoy lasting sex and passion. Men will desire their women and be faithful to them. If this is what you are looking for, then The Devotion System can be your perfect choice!


The Devotion System review

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