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3 Deadly Mistakes Women Must Avoid If You Don’t Want To Ruin Your Relationship


After posting our articles on things men often do in a relationship that could lead to a breakup, we have received many questions regarding mistakes women must avoid. That’s the reason why we shall discuss the 3 mistakes women must avoid in a relationship today. Just like men, sometimes our ladies make mistakes without even realizing them. Read this post carefully and I’m sure you will see yourself in at least one or two cases!

Both partners play equal roles in a relationship. Therefore, we agree that it would be unfair if we don’t mention mistakes women must avoid. Men and women are clearly different, so the root of their problems aren’t the same also. While most of the men’s mistakes come from the lack of sensitivity, women do things wrong because they show that they care too much.

Again, it is no one’s fault. It is two genders’ characteristic, thus each and every one of us can make these mistakes without knowing it. So ladies, read on and don’t miss a word! I’m sure this article will help you save, and even greatly improve your relationship if you manage to get rid of all the habits we mention.  

So what are those mistakes women must avoid no matter what?

#1: Being controlling

Though being known as the softer sex, women tend to be more aggressive and manipulative when it comes to a relationship. This statement has been proven by scientists. These controlling behaviors often come from insecurity, as we have mentioned in our article about things men must avoid doing.

mistakes women must avoid

However, we would like you to know that controlling your man is never a good idea. Why is that? Because it is a man’s nature to seek freedom. Therefore, if you have an attempt to control him in any way, your partner would eventually get tired. He then will try to do whatever it takes to break free. Once your boyfriend or husband feels the need to achieve his peace and freedom, it is dangerous for your relationship.

Sometimes women don’t know that they are being manipulative. They simply just think that they are “trying to help”, which makes controlling the hardest to solve among 3 mistakes women must avoid. But here, we have some suggestions for you. You can turn manipulative acts into actual caring behaviors just by changing your words. For example, instead of saying “Where are you now?”, you might replace it with “I’m waiting for you so that we can have dinner together”. If you manage to do this, your relationship will greatly improve.

#2: Criticize your partner

Some women have that habit to criticize their partners, even in front of people. If you are one of them, read this carefully. This is one of the mistakes women must avoid in order not to ruin your relationship into pieces. Criticism won’t yield any good ending.

mistakes women must avoid

One thing you should know is any man has a great ego. Receiving criticisms, especially from his loved woman, is one of the most powerful ways to destroy him from inside. He will feel like his pride gets damaged. A lot of unpleasant things follow after that, and they will surely destroy your relationship: Your partner will not feel safe in front of you anymore and starts to keep secrets. He will lose his confidence and might try to seek his validation somewhere else, maybe from another woman. Now, tell me if it is something you want your loved one to do? Definitely not, right?

Criticism is not the same as constructive feedback. While most women often think that they are just merely “giving feedbacks”, chances are they are just criticizing. While criticism focuses on the worst side of the problems, feedback tends to focus on the way to improve, as well as encouraging the listener. This is some pieces of information we think would be useful for you so that next time you can change your way to approach the matter.

Remember, no criticizing. Furthermore, the man whom you have selected should be the best in your relationship. Don’t ever compare him with anyone else.

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#3: Refuse to share things with him

Sharing your thoughts and feelings with your partner is one of the quickest ways to strengthen the bond between you two. When you don’t do it and keep things for yourself, you are simply losing the chance to tighten the connection. Which is why we feel like we should mention it in this list of things women must avoid in a relationship.

mistakes women must avoid

Surprisingly, MANY women, from any age, refuse to share anything with their boyfriends or husbands. Yet they expect their other halves to understand what they are having in mind. Sounds pretty strange, huh? When you find yourself in that state, well, it is not at all a good sign. Again, men and women are clearly different in nature. There is no way he can read your mind. Sometimes, your man wouldn’t even be able to understand your mindset: Why this behavior can make you depressed? Why does this matter stress you out? This is where you should tell him, and explain your feelings to him, clearly, one by one.

When you just keep silent and hope that he understands your thoughts but he doesn’t, you will eventually feel disappointed. Don’t make yourself tired with your own expectations. A man’s brain is very simple, so it is important that you share with him your thoughts and feelings.

In this article, we have provided you 3 most frequently encountered mistakes women must avoid in a relationship. These mistakes are hard to be acknowledged and can be made by anyone.

If you find this article useful, please share to your friends so that they can avoid such these mistakes.




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