texts that will make him chase you

Texts That Will Make Him Chase You & Go Crazy For You – Be Irresistible To Him!

Imagine this: One day, the man of your dream suddenly goes crazy about you? He completely rejects every other girl around him, just because his heart is devoted to you, and only you. You might think I’m crazy, but you can make that fantasy comes real with simple text messages. Read on, and I’m going to reveal the mystic texts that will make him chase you and want you than anything else. 

texts that will make him chase you

There is no denying how powerful texting can be when it comes to flirting. The way you text can dramatically change a man’s point of view about you.

Therefore, if you text your crush the wrong way … Well, everything is over. Just one mistake is enough to murder your chance to be with him. He will stay away from you even before you know what’s going on. 

Do you know that you can attract a man just by a simple message? A text can be the key to make your crush feels obsessed with you. Even if he completely ignores you now, or he does not have a good impression about you. Once you use them on him, he won’t be able to resist you EVER AGAIN. 

Unfortunately, most women have absolutely no idea about this fantastic trick.

Today, Amy North will reveal the secret about it

texts that will make him chase you

                                  Amy North 

Just like most women on the planet, Amy also experienced heartbreak. All the guys used to reject her or turn her down. When the man Amy thought was the love of her life confessed to her best friend, she finally reached her turning point. As if her entire life relied on it, Amy spent the next four years studying male psychology. Instead of being broken down, she believed that there must be a scientific way to make men fall in love. After learning from the most brilliant Harvard professors, she finally figured out the best technique to tap into every guy’s desire and make them fall in love in a blink of an eye. 

Nevertheless, Amy doesn’t want to keep her effort for herself. “I believe that all women in this planet deserve to be loved”, she said. Once you cast these “spell” to a man, he won’t be able to stop himself from thinking about you, and you only. Even more than love, the guy of your dream will DESIRE you, to the point that he can’t sleep at night thinking about you. It’s as if he couldn’t control his mind.

Before telling you the texts that will make him chase you, you should be aware of this fact.

There is a big mistake that 90% of women make when they are with their crush.

You probably haven’t realized yet, but this mistake can instantly destroy your attractiveness. 

Imagine this situation …

There is a hottie at work with whom you have a crush. Every time the guy walks into the room, your mind becomes a chaotic mess. As much as you want to talk to him and show him how charming you can be, you just couldn’t come up with anything to say at all. The same thing happens when you text or receive his texts. You desperately try to make him fall for you, but it doesn’t seem to lead anywhere. 

Does it sound familiar? More than 90% of women admit that this case happened to them at least once. 

It’s because you choose the wrong way to flirt. 

When it comes to flirting, the number 1 rule is to show your cheerful, charismatic side. That’s something you can’t bring out when you are nervous. When you let your awkwardness takes over, you are showing your crush a less attractive version of yourself. Therefore, the deadly mistake is to make your feelings obstructs you from being flirtatious. It is same when you text to him.

So how to overcome this? You should change your mindset right now before it is too late.

  • First, acknowledge your worth. You are a great woman, and any guy in this world should feel lucky to have you. 
  • Secondly, you should know what value can you bring to a relationship. 
  • Lastly, keep in mind that HE should be the one to chase after you! 

Once you achieve this mindset, there is nothing fear when you are around the man of your dream. With these things in mind, you will always be confident enough to show your best self. You shall realize that you don’t have to try anymore because your confidence and positive energy will naturally draw him close to you. Remember that the most confident lady is the most attractive in the room.

Next, there are critical rules to bear in mind 

texts that will make him chase you

If you do otherwise, you are killing the attraction he has toward you and therefore making him lose interest. 

1. Re-check your message! 

The excitement of texting with the man you like might make you overlook spelling mistakes. Unfortunately, they are a huge turn off, especially when he is a high-quality guy. Our advice is to re-read your message carefully before sending it. You wouldn’t want a spelling mistake to ruin your image in his eyes!

2. Trigger his imagination

It is the fact that men and women are different in the way they communicate. It is also the same for the types of texts they are attracted to. As ladies, we’d love to receive expressive texts since they invoke our feelings the most. Nevertheless, men are visual creatures. They are excited by messages that trigger their imagination and help them visualize the image in their mind. So it is best to use visual language. 

3. Leave him to crave for more

This rule is just as simple as it sounds. If you are going to bombard him with texts every few minutes, he won’t look forward to hearing from you. But when you keep your texts short and smart, well, he will have to cling to your every single word! Obvious, isn’t it.? You also don’t have to keep staring at your phone and wait for his text messages. Better leave time before you reply, so he will have to wonder what you are doing.

4. Don’t send boring messages

As a woman, have you ever felt bored with two-word texts such as: “Hey there” or “What’s up?”? If this kind of message has ever made your skin crawl, then the same goes for men. They are dangerous because they give off a natural feeling like perhaps the other is bored and can text anyone just to entertain themselves. Moreover, they do not trigger any feeling in particular, aside from boredom. Instead, make sure to send text messages that can excite him. You can learn more about this HERE.

So How To Use Texts To Make Any Guy Chase You And Only You?

This is a complete guide for you!                 

texts that will make him chase you

  The Completed Guide Providing You Powerful Texts That Will Make Him Chase You

Text Chemistry is what you need right now. The program is the full guide on how to use text messages to make any man fall in love and chase you. Scientists have proven that you can capture a guy’s heart just by using words, but you have to know what phrase you can say in each situation. Once you manage to choose the right thing, it will trigger a man’s brain and create a feeling of exhilaration. Once this trigger is pulled, he can’t help but fall deeply in love with you.

The program is a guide on texting a man – but it is even more than that. It is an encyclopedia about how to communicate with a man and capture his heart. On your way to winning the man of your dream, it shall follow you step by step. First, Text Chemistry breaks down male psychology and help you understand these thoughts and expectation while you two communicate. That’s the first step to turn everything you say into a charm. Once you sneak in his brain, controlling his heart is just a matter of time. After that, the program provides you the general formula of attracting a man using words. Everything is set for you, from the most suitable time to text your crush to whether or not you should insert an emoji.

But the miracle still lies behind. When you master the basics, Text Chemistry will give you secret phrases that will trigger his purest form of attraction for you only. All you have to do is select the most suitable one, casually send it to him and wait for the magic to happen! For example, you want to ask him out? Use the “Preparing for Blastoff” text right away, and no man in this world can resist your invitation. And how to make them fantasize about a life with you by his size? Just copy the “Crystal Ball” text and send it to him. This magical text will change his point of view about you immediately: He will no longer see you as a girl to have fun with, but a woman he has to keep by his side at all cost.  

There is more to make sure that you can win his heart.

texts that will make him chase you

Become Irresistible To Him 

The first bonus is “The Phone Game” eBook. It uses common psychology to break down what men find attractive in a woman’s voice. Once you get the secret in your hand, men will have to line up and listen to your every word! To him, your voice is now an incredible song that he just can’t stop listening to. 

The second one is “Why Men Leave” eBook. Sometimes men leave a seemingly perfect relationship, but this book will reveal to you the reasons behind it properly. But no worry, that case shall never happen to you after you finish reading this guide. Besides, you will learn mind tricks to captivate his heart again and again whenever he looks at you.

Last but not least is the “Quality Men On Tinder” eBook. There are countless men on Tinder. Nevertheless, with this small eBook in hand, you will know the exact way to create a profile that attracts only the HIGHEST QUALITY MEN. But that is not the end. It will also teach you 3 simple steps to make them desire you, even behind the screen!

Don’t wait to see the man of your dream leaves for another woman! 

Become the ONLY ONE to win his heart and mind – Starting Now!

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texts that will make him chase you

That brings me to the end of the article about texts that will make him chase you. If you find this article useful, please share it will your friends and give them the chance to find their happiness. If you have tried this program, don’t hesitate to share your review with us! We would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading and I will see you guys in my next posts.

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