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Kissing Magic Review: How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love?

“Do you believe that the way you kiss can change the whole relationship?”

It was only half-past 7 when I received a call from my friend, Sarah. So early in the morning and she asked me such a weird question. With a bit of sarcasm, I told her this concept was new to me.

“Listen, Cathy; I’m serious.” – It sounded like Sarah was biting her nails – “You know how desperate I am to win Brad’s heart. It has been half a year already since we first knew each other, but there is no development at all.”

Yes, I know. Sarah was falling head-over-heels for this guy. Ever since she met Brad, all of our conversations were about him. The thing was, he liked her too. I could tell from the way Brad looked at Sarah, the way he smiled with her, and how he talked about her. But their relationship wasn’t “official.”

As if … there was something about Sarah that made him reluctant. Somehow, Sarah insisted that it was all because of the way she kissed.

“I was awkward and clumsy when he kissed me for the first time.” – She said, which was understandable, though. Knowing Sarah for a few years, I could say that she dedicated her life to work and self-improvement. Brad was not her first guy, but this was the first time my rational friend experienced such an overwhelming flow of emotions. Of course, she would be awkward.

Although I tried to tell her many times that kissing was just a small factor in a relationship, Sarah strongly believed it was the main reason Brad didn’t want to take another step. Knowing that I was working for Linkingo – a professional website about reviewing and evaluating products, she begged me to help her find a program that can improve her “kissing skill”.

Not knowing what to do with my friend, I researched with almost zero hope. I thought, “who would write a program just about kissing?”

But to my surprise, there was. And I will talk about the program in my Kissing Magic review.

What Is Kissing Magic? 

kissing magic review

The first thing I have to mention in this Kissing Magic review is, this program triggered my curiosity from the moment I saw. It wasn’t only because I didn’t expect someone to write a whole plan for kissing. 

For a long time, I had been thinking that kissing was a spike of feelings. People kissed each other when they wanted to. It is an emotional act, so you didn’t need to have any technique or trick. A kiss was perfect as long as two people had feelings for each other. That was what I thought. Additionally, as mentioned above, I didn’t know a kiss could transform a whole relationship. 

However, the creator of Kissing Magic (also known as How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love program) thinks that the way you kiss a guy can mean a yes or a no to a relationship. According to him, if you want to create and keep a happy, committed relationship, you cannot be guided by your emotions alone. You have to be aware of every step you take, including kissing. Your kiss is a powerful non-verbal way to send a direct message to his primitive part. If you do it wrongly, boom, your chance of being with him disappears. 

“Unfortunately, not so many women pay attention to it,” the creator said. As a result, he created Kissing Magic. It is an online relationship program that shows you all the psychological techniques, tips, and tricks you can use to attract a man and make him fall madly in love with you using just a kiss. The program breaks down male psychology and body language. From there, you shall know what he expects from you, what he means by his kisses, and how to send your message just by kissing. 

Doesn’t it sound exciting to make the man of your dream commit to you FOREVER using a kiss? Still, I wanted to make sure that the program worked before telling Sarah about it. I was still skeptical about Kissing Magic because creating an entire program to teach you about kissing still sounded like an odd idea to me. After carefully considering, I decided to purchase the program. 

About The Author, Michael Fiore. 

I should mention in my Kissing Magic review the thing that led me to purchase the program. It was the author, Michael Fiore. As I was researching, I thought “perhaps I’ve seen this name somewhere”. And guess what, this guy turned out to be well-known. 

kissing magic review

Michael Fiore is a certified relationship expert. Aside from that, he also published many eBooks and programs about love. Unlike other creators of online relationship programs, this guy doesn’t seem afraid to reveal himself to the public. He has been on several interviews, podcasts, and even television. In 2011, Michael Fiore was invited to attend “The Rachael Ray” show with his famous “Text The Romance Back” program. That’s why I thought this name was familiar – I had watched him before. Aside from that, Fiore is also the author of some other programs, namely Text Your Ex Back, and his latest program Make Him Worship You

In all of his works, Michael Fiore tends to break down how men think in a blunt, straightforward, and even shocking way. It is perhaps the reason why he only received a rating of 3.37 on Goodreads: Some women don’t agree, or don’t want to agree with the truth he mentioned in his programs. It claimed to be able to change your point of view about men forever. 

According to Fiore, each kiss is a conversation. After helping many women through their relationship difficulties, he realized most of them weren’t aware of this fact. Therefore, he wrote Kissing Magic, also known as How To Kiss A Man. “Kissing is NOT a minor matter, it can change your whole future with him”, he said. And that’s what he wants more people to know. 

So you can see why I concluded that this author is trustworthy. Firstly, he is a real person. Michael Fiore appeared on a TV show and many articles. You don’t have to worry about him being an anonymous scammer. Secondly, if you have watched him on “The Rachael Ray” show or listened to him in The Language of Desire bonus mp3 “Unstoppable Confidence,” you shall see that Fiore is an attractive guy. Not only is he funny, blunt, and honest, but he also knows how to explain psychology-related knowledge in a very straightforward way. Therefore, I wanted to see what he had for us in Kissing Magic. 

Kissing Magic Review: Let’s Take A Closer Look. 

After purchasing on the official website, it immediately directed me to the member area, where I could get access to the program. 

I suggest you read the welcome page first instead of skipping it. There would be an instruction that shows you how Kissing Magic program works so that you will get the most out of it: 

kissing magic review

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The ebook contains six main parts. For each section, I shall show you some of the most notable modules.  


In this part, Michael Fiore talks about the story behind Kissing Magic, which led him to write this program and then reveals the things you will learn in this eBook. Some of them include what pops up in a man’s mind and heart when he meets a girl who kisses him the CORRECT way or techniques you can use to get those breathtaking kisses you thought you could only see in Hollywood movies

The Chemistry Of Kissing. 

  • Kissing 101: In this module, Fiore shows you the truth behind the chemistry of kissing and clear some myths around this romantic act. Why do we like to lock lips? What do we secretly desire when we kiss? What are the basic types of kisses every woman needs to know? How do techniques matter? The answers lie in here. 
  • Kissing Review: This module explains why you kiss a man, and you don’t feel any genetic spark. Moreover, it tells you what to do if he is your current boyfriend or husband. Typically, there are only 2 cases … And you will finally understand in the Kissing Review section. 

Kissing Mindset.

Just like part two, part three of Kissing Magic also has two small modules. In this part, you are going to learn how to adopt the right mindset to be a great kisser. 

  • A Kiss Is A Conversation. You might not be aware, but in fact, how a man kisses will show you exactly what he wants to say to you. Frankly, it is a heart-to-heart conversation without even saying a word. This module tells you how your mindset and body language affect a kiss. From there, you know what the right things to do when you lock your lips with someone are. 
  • Listen With Your Mouth. Within this module, Fiore points out some of the signs you need to notice from your partner when he is kissing you, such as his breath or the pressure he is using. Just by understanding those, you can read your man’s mind. Moreover, this module also tells you five steps to do if your man doesn’t kiss you the way you want. Fiore assures you that if you follow these five steps, he will enjoy kissing your way more than ever. 

Kissing Magic Review – Become A Phenomenal Kisser.

Part four is the thing everyone has been waiting for. In this part, you will get the step-by-step instruction on how to give the most breathtaking kiss. Michael Fiore shows his understanding by breaking it into eight small steps, so anyone can follow this guide to take their kissing skill to a new level. For me, this is the most valuable and exciting part of Kissing Magic. 

What I found interesting was that to Fiore, kissing wasn’t just sucking face. By saying “kissing”, he taught you to prepare for the kiss emotionally, how to get his attention, or even flirt with him before pressing your lips against his. 

Kissing On The First Date.

In contrast to what I had been thinking all the time, Michael Fiore strongly believed that the first kiss could make or break a relationship. If the woman makes a mistake, her man will be reluctant to be with her. It is precisely the case of Sarah. 

kissing magic review

So just as its name, part five shows you five crucial rules for a truly epic first kiss with a man. Moreover, there are some tips and notes at the end of this part, dedicated especially for single ladies.

Kissing Magic Review – Kissing FAQs. 

It is the final part of the main program. In part six, Michael Fiore answers some of the most common questions ladies get in kissing and relationship in general. Don’t miss out on this part because you might find your problem here.

There are still a lot more waiting for you to discover. For example, in The Monogamy Kissing method, you will know what will give you the title of the worst kisser, or The Fight Deflator Kiss shall teach you how to turn a man’s anxiety or anger into a great passion for you. You shall have to see them with your own eyes. 

The program was very comprehensive and straightforward. It is a huge plus point I want to mention in my Kissing Magic review. Michael Fiore doesn’t use many fancy words to back up his points. Just as his style, simple and straightforward, he shared everything he knows without forcing the readers to read a wall of texts.

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What Will You Learn From This Program?

In my Kissing Magic review, here are some of the things you will learn from the program, based on my own experience after reading it:

The psychology of kissing: The Kissing Magic has changed entirely the way I thought about kissing. There is a psychological and scientific meaning behind this emotional act. You will learn what men think and want when they kiss you. 

You will pick up many techniques that make him desire you and stay loyal to you. For example, there is a tip called “The Monogamy Kiss”. If you use it before he goes on a business trip, you will be the only one to occupy his mind. Other women are not appealing to him anymore. 

Have you ever heard about “kissing meditation”? For many women, kissing is a nervous experience. For other women, sometimes they might be just too busy or emotionally down to enjoy a kiss. Once you read the Kissing Magic, you will know how to enjoy kisses and make the feeling of locking lips become the best feeling you’ve ever had.

You will make a guy desperate to see you and kiss you again. With these methods in hand, you shall become the center of his attention. Your man will never stare at his smartphone while he is with you again.

Your man will feel like a king: the Kissing Magic teaches you how to stroke his ego without putting yourself down. Moreover, the man of your dream can express the true feelings that he has might have hidden. 

The kiss between you two shall never get old and boring. If you know the techniques, your kiss will always be fresh and excited.

Kissing Magic Review – Who Should Use This Program?

Kissing Magic is written for every woman who wants to improve their love life. 

It is capable of heating a long-term relationship, as well as attract a man you’ve just met. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are married, in a relationship or still single and want to hook up a particular guy. You all will find the help in Kissing Magic. 

An exciting fact Michael Fiore mentioned in the FAQs section of the program is even though he wrote Kissing Magic for women, men can still make use of the eBook. All the techniques mentioned in the program also work for women. However, he notes that men need to be more “dominant”, because most of the methods in the book are pretty passive, so men will need to put more effort into that.

And Who Should Not Use It? 

I have to note in this Kissing Magic that Michael Fiore has a blunt and straightforward writing style. If you prefer fancy words, this program might not be for you. The way he brings up psychological facts might be a bit shocking for some people, as they will change your entire points of view about men. 

Moreover, if you hesitate to use psychology to control your partner’s brain, then you will have to consider carefully before purchasing. Kissing Magic focuses heavily on male psychology. 

Kissing Magic Review – Pros And Cons. 

To sum up my Kissing Magic review, here are some pros and cons of the program I would like to point out:


  • Written by the trustworthy author: Michael Fiore is a well-known relationship expert who appeared on articles and TV shows. Before Kissing Magic, he has published some other bestseller programs. 
  • There are texts, audio, and video contents: The program is not just a wall of text. You also get audio and video content so, you won’t get tired of reading. 
  • Simple and easy to follow: The Kissing Magic was written in a friendly, straightforward, and light-hearted tone. The author breaks down psychological knowledge in an effortless way that anyone can read and understand. 
  • Comes with bonuses: Aside from the main program, Kissing Magic also comes with three useful gifts. All of them are practical, effective and deal with problems many women are struggling with. 
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee: Just like all of the products from Clickbank, you are protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the program, you can ask for a refund. In short, you are free to try Kissing Magic for two months and lose nothing within this deal. 
  • Allow you to create a deep bond with your man: As Kissing Magic focuses on male psychology, you shall know how to understand him without using a single word. 
  • Help you build a strong and lasting relationship with him: The main goal of Kissing Magic is to create a long-term relationship.


  • Can only order online: The physical book is not yet available, so you can only purchase online. For now, it is not available on any retail platform such as Amazon. Therefore, it is best to buy from the official website. 
  • The techniques might be a bit hypnotic: Kissing Magic taps directly to a man’s psychology. Sometimes it might feel like you are sneaking in his brain to get what you want. 
  • It is very blunt: The program is very straightforward. Some of the points might take time for you to get used to because they are utterly different from your usual perspective. 

Customers’ Feedback. 

One thing that made it harder for me to research while writing this Kissing Magic review is the lack of customers’ feedback. However, it is understandable since most people have the same thought as me – they all think that there is nothing to learn about kissing. Yet, kissing is a series of body languages, so it is crucial and hard to analyze them. 

Price & Purchase Policy. 

You can purchase Kissing Magic here at $37. This price is reasonable compared to other programs. Moreover, if you consider the bonuses you will get, and the amount of psychological knowledge Michael Fiore puts in the program, it becomes a real bargain. 

It might be the most valuable $37 you’ve spent in your life. With this, you are gaining confidence with men that lasts for a lifetime. Moreover, where else could you find a kissing class? Nowhere, isn’t it? You are getting all the secret blueprints that most women never heard of in Kissing Magic. 

The program also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the result, you can request to have a full refund and still keep the product. What do you have to lose now? 

kissing magic review

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Wait, There Are Still More To It …

It is not everything about Kissing Magic. Aside from the main program, you will also receive three bonuses worth $290. 

Bonus 1: Magnetic Lips.

kissing magic review

How to get the softest, most delicious lips that all men in this world want to kiss? Here, you will learn the most natural and easy tricks. Reading this bonus, I realized that taking care of my lips was not as hard as I thought. 

Bonus 2: When To Sleep With A Man?

kissing magic review

It is often the biggest reason for women, and Michael Fiore points out that there would never be an ultimate answer. How fast or how slow you should go depends on your man, but you will learn the signs in this bonus. 

Bonus 3: Relationship Time Machine.

kissing magic review

If you have been in a long-term relationship or marriage, then this bonus is a gift for you. You will learn the secret to rewind his feelings for you. Suddenly, your man will feel as much desire and passion toward you, as if you two just met each other yesterday. It is a fantastic tip, and honestly, it is almost like hypnotic. You have to consider whether you want to play with your partner’s brain or not.

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Kissing Magic Review – Final Verdict. 

Right after I finished reading, I called Sarah and told her that she could purchase Kissing Magic. It is the solution she was in need. The program made me agree with her that perhaps a kiss could transform the whole relationship. 

A few days later, Sarah called to inform me that Brad OFFICIALLY CONFESSED TO HER. 

“I gave him a welcome kiss using The Kiss Magnet method the program mentioned” – she said – “All of a sudden, he looked at me as if he was seeing me for the first time. Then he kissed me back with so much passion and asked me to become his girlfriend! Gosh, I blushed cherry red! Thank you!” 

So as you can see, kissing is a vital way to show intimacy, the fastest way to win a man’s heart. Kissing Magic can help you on that path. You also get the 60-day money-back guarantee, so my advice is to grab a copy right now and transform your relationship to a new level!

>kissing magic review

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