Janson Method review

Janson Method Review: The Real Relief For Anxiety And Panic Attacks?

Before diving into this Janson Method review, I have some questions.

Do you sometimes feel trapped in a situation? 

Do you sometimes have palpitations? Does it sometimes come suddenly, and you have no control? 

Or perhaps… you struggle to fall asleep every night because you are restless or uneasy? 

Worry is an inevitable part of being a human, from childhood to that last breath. Nothing is wrong with being concerned about the future. Still, when worries fuel outright anxiety—signaled by fast breathing, shortness of breath, or a pounding in the chest – things get much worse. You are dealing with some anxiety disorder, which can completely wreck your life and put you at risk for various physical illnesses. 

The problem is that people only see this condition’s severity when it is too late. Before they realize it, they can no longer perform everyday tasks like going out, meeting people, or even driving cars. Like Susan M., one of our followers, wrote, “I didn’t want to do anything anymore since the next panic attack could break out at any time. I couldn’t even take care of my two children as I was so afraid to suffocate and end up on the floor in front of them. In the end, I feel completely useless and miserable.” 

Understanding that pain, I have spent months learning from those suffering from anxiety disorders and panic attacks to find the ultimate way to heal from this condition. To my surprise, many of them mention the Janson Method. Developed by Dominik Janson, this online program is said to help anyone conquer anxiety and find inner peace once again. 

What will you find there, though? And does the method work for everyone? Today’s Janson Method review shall help you uncover the secret! 

What Is The Janson Method ? An Introduction

Janson Method is a digital program that guides one through the ideal steps of eliminating anxiety and panic attacks. 

While surfing the internet, you might have already encountered countless products like this. So, what sets the Janson Method apart from the others? Interestingly, the program’s approach doesn’t involve over-the-counter medicine or therapy. “The bad news here is that there is no single exercise or pill to treat anxiety once and for all”, Dominik Janson—creator of the Janson Method wrote. He added, “but using some small but effective habit adjustments, and you can get rid of anxiety and panic attacks permanently and change your life for the better.”  

Janson Method review

That’s what you will find in this comprehensive guide: Simple lifestyle changes that deal with the root of anxiety disorders. We all know about the troublesome side effects of anxiety medication, so for many, the idea of the Janson Method sounds captivating. You can treat the condition naturally, in the comfort of your home, without taking any pills that can probably harm the nerve system. 

At the same time, many internet users are skeptical: Most of us consider going to therapists and taking medications the only way to deal with anxiety. If even long and expensive cognitive behavioral therapy sessions can’t help us, how can an online program do so? The creator of the Janson Method might be overconfident!

About The Person Behind This Program

And, yes, I’m one of those who doubt the effects of the Janson Method. That’s why I decided to dig deeper into Dominik Janson’s background. If the mastermind behind this program were a licensed psychotherapist, his confidence would be understandable. 

Guess what? That’s not the case! Dominik Janson doesn’t try to hide that he has never received professional training in psychology or cognitive behavioral therapy. Instead, the creator of the Janson Method introduced himself as someone who had suffered from anxiety for years. He led a fulfilling life with a happy marriage, a wonderful daughter, and a well-paid job. However, everything had been turned upside down since the first panic stroke attack. 

Following was the darkest time in Janson’s life. At first, he didn’t want to acknowledge the condition and tried to suppress it, but it got so terrible that he couldn’t look away. Existential fears consumed Janson’s thoughts, and he would freak out in situations that seemed “normal” to others. Like most people with anxiety disorders, he thought he was a failure and was ashamed to have anyone discover it. 

That horrendous thought almost led him to take his own life. Fortunately, Janson still had his wife and daughter, who encouraged him to keep fighting. He spent months and months taking all kinds of medicines and going to costly therapy sessions. Additionally, Janson has read countless books about this topic, studied many hours of podcasts, and read many research papers.

Of course, not everything worked out for him. I’m sure anyone who has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks can sympathize when Janson says he wanted to give up many times. According to him, anti-anxiety medication wrecked his daily life with sleepiness, fatigue, and confusion. Not to mention the vast amount of money he poured into therapy. “I’m not the only one who suffered from that time. Everyone in my family did”, Janson concluded. 

But eventually, hard work betrays no one. His condition improved after two years of intensive examinations and trying many methods. By now, Janson proudly says that he hasn’t had any panic attacks and isn’t afraid of them any longer. He firmly believes that there is a cause and a solution for everyone. On the official page, he wrote, “As long as you are willing to try, you can break free and live a more positive life that you deserve.” 

Also, to guide those who share the same pain on their healing path, Dominik Janson creates a comprehensive summary of all the knowledge that has personally supported him to overcome his affliction. That’s the program we are talking about in this Janson Method review

How Does The Janson Method Work?

As someone who lives with panic attacks, I’d have to say, Janson’s story is very relatable. His journey is similar to anyone with anxiety disorders; however, he didn’t give up until the end. Janson’s experience, therefore, is both inspiring and admirable at the same time. At this point, I’m very tempted to give this program a try. 

Since the creator is not an expert, here comes another issue: There isn’t any way to verify his identity. Dominik Janson is nowhere to be found on social media, nor does he have a personal blog. Of course, it’s fine if someone prefers to remain low-key on the internet. Still, it means I have no way to prove his real story other than to examine the product itself. 

Lucky me, the German native doesn’t make it hard for the readers. He explains the scientific evidence behind the Janson Method in great detail. Right off the bat, Janson points out that the leading cause of stress, anxiety, and panic attacks originates from your thoughts. Indeed, studies show that we process approximately 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day; about 70% of which are fleeting ‘neutral’ thoughts, and about 27% are negative thoughts (fear, worry, grief, stress, envy, hate, doubt, negative comparisons to others, fears of disasters, etc.). Only 3% are positive thoughts. 

That said, the main goal of this program is to help you organize what you are thinking. Janson spends the first half explaining how our thoughts impact our health and happiness. From there, he helps us become more aware of what we have in mind. Then, he explains practical ways to become more mindful and actively commit to positive thinking. “Mindfulness”, which is defined as “maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens” by the Greater Good Science Center, is the core idea of this. It has been proven that mindfulness is a staple of positive psychology. Practicing this can reduce anxiety, improves life quality, and leads to better relationships. 

The creator also believes that nutrition and environmental toxins affect your mental health. By citing research from renowned psychologists worldwide, he raises our awareness and dives into details on how small daily habits can worsen your anxiety… or help you tackle it once and for all. 

Looking at this, you can see how much time and effort Dominik Janson has devoted here. He goes to great lengths to explain the core ideas of his method. Most importantly, all of the information Janson provides comes from trusted sources. That way, he manages to gain my trust, and we now have a reason to believe that the Janson Method can help us greatly.

The Janson Method Promises To…

  • Tackle negative thoughts and free up your mind again. 
  • Avoid daily mistakes that can affect your mental health and eliminate obsessive thoughts.
  • Release inner restlessness, sleep well and lead a healthy life once again.
  • Immediately relieve panic attacks without anyone noticing and deal with the roots of the problems.
  • Break the cycle of anxiety, overcome fear, and restore self-confidence.
  • Find peace and joy in your daily life again.

Janson Method Review – A Look At The Content 

So, let’s get to the most exciting part: What’s inside the program? I purchased the package to bring our dear readers a complete Janson Method review. 

After making the payment, you will access the member area to download all the resources. To me, this is very comfortable, as you can start exploring immediately, without worrying about shipping. However, a minor disadvantage is that you need to have a stable internet connection to begin.

The Janson Method program can be divided into four parts: 

What You Can Expect 

This can be considered an introduction to the program. In this chapter, Dominik Janson explains why this is a natural, holistic method and works for everyone. The author emphasizes that he only chooses the most practical tips or things that worked for him, instead of those that only work in theory. Therefore, the program differs from any guide you can find on the internet. 

Most people would skip the introduction, but I recommend reading this first part before diving in. It will give you a look at the core of this program, giving an idea of what you will do and why it is beneficial. Trust me when I say you will feel a lot more motivated! 

My Story 

In the second part, Janson reveals his journey of healing from anxiety and pinpoints the main reasons for his condition. 

Thanks to his conversational writing style, reading this chapter will help you feel like you have a companion. The creator assures readers they are not alone on this path, as many people share the same problems. Not everyone is lucky enough to immediately find the most suitable treatment for their anxiety disorders. Therefore, by sharing his story, Dominik Janson encourages us that there is a cure for everyone. 

Still, if you can’t wait to get to the main point, you can skip this part and return later. The most critical advice lies in part 3: 

The Janson Method – Nips Any Future Panic Attack In The Bud

The meat of the matter is here. The author begins by explaining the power of thoughts and why it is essential to become aware of what you are thinking. 

How can you do that, you might ask? In this part, Dominik Janson will guide you step-by-step on how to be in control of your thought flow. You shall obtain the secret blueprint to transform the negative thought loop and associate positive emotions with it. In addition, the Janson Method shows us how to use self-talk to empower ourselves, embrace who we are, and boost our confidence. After two weeks of practicing, you will become a whole different person. 

Next, the effect of diet on your mental health is uncovered. During his battle against anxiety, the creator has tried several diets. He reveals the one that he thinks is most effective in strengthening mental health, improving your mood, and preventing panic attacks. You learn the fundamentals of the paleo diet and obtain a comprehensive shopping list and common mistakes to avoid while rebuilding your menu. 

Also, your environment can have a toxic, poisonous influence on you. Thus, it weakens your mental health and makes you more vulnerable to anxiety and panic attacks. After going through this section, you will probably freak out: Almost everything you encounter can be poisonous to your body! 

But don’t worry. You can protect yourself and your family from this by making a few changes to your lifestyle and adjusting your daily habits. Unlike the kind of advice one might find everywhere on the internet, Janson gives you advice accompanied by research. For example, we all know that the blue light component might affect the healthy sleep pattern, but is “eliminating blue light in the evening hours” even practical? Instead of giving us such a terse recommendation, Janson suggests replacing blue lights with warm lights. He gives you a long list of alternatives, including candles or old incandescent lamps. In addition, you will learn the right way to use the night-shift mode on your cell phone and blue-blocker glasses. Can you believe that 80% of Americans don’t know the correct way to use these? You might be one of them! 

Due to the limited scope of this article, I can’t tell you everything in this Janson Method review. What I just mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg. As you explore the program by yourself, you will discover plenty more “simple hacks” that deal with the root cause of anxiety. These will aid you in your healing and on your road to living a joyful life. 

What To Do At The First Signs (Emergency Plan)

We all know it will take a while for us to change our lifestyle and be completely free from anxiety. That’s why the author adds this chapter—it helps you identify the early signs of anxiety disorders so you can act on time. Furthermore, the last part of the Janson Method also comes up with some tricks you can use to put off panic attacks immediately. For instance, do you even know that laughing for a minute works wonders in this case? Yes, it does, as long as you do it correctly! 

All of the magic above is packed into 93 pages only. The program won’t consume much of your time. It took me just a day to finish it. But what it teaches you and its positive effect that follows will last a lifetime.  

Janson Method review

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Janson Method Review – Who Is The Program For? 

The Janson Method’s target is those who experience panic attacks and anxiety. In my opinion, it’s most suitable for: 

  • Those who are looking for a long-term natural solution to anxiety disorders. 
  • Those with little success in overcoming anxiety and panic attacks after undergoing therapies. 
  • Anyone who wishes to restore their quality of life 
  • Those eager to eliminate physical panic attack symptoms, including stress and chest pressure. 
  • Those who need a perfect summary of valuable knowledge on becoming free from panic attacks and anxiety

And Who Is It Not For? 

  • The program aims to treat anxiety disorders without medicine and therapy. Therefore, I suggest you do little research about naturopathy before purchasing.  Dominik Janson’s guide is unsuitable if you don’t believe in this method. 
  • As the last part mentioned, the Janson Method is entirely natural, relying on habits and lifestyle changes. According to the author, you should follow the program for at least 21 days to see the result. If you are not persistent, purchasing the package will be a waste.
  • The Janson Method promotes Paleo, which increases protein intake from animal food sources. Hence, it’s not suitable for people with heart-related diseases. Furthermore, the diet requires cutting down on carbohydrate intake, which leads to an overuse of fat for energy. In case you have liver, kidney, or pancreatic disease, it’s recommended that you work with your physician or registered dietitian if you want to try Paleo. 

Pros & Cons Of This Product 

Below are the things I find fascinating about the Janson Method: 

  • The program has a firm scientific backup. 
  • It comes in digital form, so you can get access immediately without paying any additional fee. 
  • It is written by a man who has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. You are not alone because Dominik Janson understands precisely how it feels and what you need to overcome the condition. 
  • The Janson Method lays out a comprehensive plan addressing every cause of anxiety, from your mindset to your diet, environment, and daily habits. 
  • Despite being detailed, the Janson Method is only 93-page long. You won’t have to spend much time going through all the content. 
  • All the tips and tricks are simple for you to apply immediately.
  • Not only does it help you get rid of anxiety, but following the program will also improve your overall health and life quality. 

Still, the program would be better without these cons: 

  • It is not an overnight solution. You will have to be patient before you can witness the result. 
  • If you prefer a traditional way of reading, you will have to print out everything yourself. The program is only available in digital form. 
  • The Paleo diet it promotes is not suitable for everyone. 

Janson Method Review – Price & Purchase Policy

So far, the Janson Method program is only available for purchase on its official website. The initial price is $57. However, you can now get full access to the program for only $37! Dominik Janson decided to run this special discount after seeing how many people had to go through anxiety and panic attacks following the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though he could make millions with the secrets inside the program, his only desire is to do good for as many people in his shoes as possible. This limited-launch promotion comes with free unlimited updates, so make sure you don’t miss out on the chance!

You will know how much of a bargain it is if you are living with anxiety and panic attacks. As a sufferer, the money I have to pay for prescription medicine, psychologist consultations, and therapy sessions can exceed $1,000 a year. 

I am willing to pay much more to get my life together again, and I am sure many do, too. But the problem is, despite all the costs, those methods don’t help you eliminate the condition. Anxiety and panic attacks will always strike at the most unfavorable time. Not to mention the long-term side effects of some anti-anxiety medicines that can severely damage your brain and haunt you for life. 

If we compare it to conventional treatments, $ 37 is just a fraction of the cost, but it can help you do wonders. You might say the Janson Method can act as your therapist, psychologist, and nutritionist. It takes care of your thoughts, lifestyle, and diet, showing you step-by-step what to do to break free from anxiety completely. 

Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about any harmful effects. Aside from tackling the root causes of anxiety, the Janson Method promotes healthy living habits that will boost your mood, health, and confidence. As many users said, you will become more energetic, joyful, and productive after applying the method. All of that comes for less than a pair of shoes. 

So, to grab this life-changing guide, there is no better time than now. Remember that the price of only $37 is below their manufacturing and distribution costs, so Janson and his team will be forced to increase the price again shortly. 

You pay just that to return to your cheerful self and carefree life. Will you ever find a chance like this again? I bet not! 

If you are still considering, let me remind you of the no-risk policy. You are protected with the full money-back guarantee. If you don’t see any positive effects within 60 days, or for any other reason you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll receive a full refund with no questions asked.

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Janson Method Review – FAQs

Does The Janson Method Work For Everyone? 

The program works for both men and women at any age. Regardless of gender, the human psyche and the body react similarly to stressful influences.

However, how long it takes for the effects to show depends on each person. Some might take longer to heal from anxiety disorders, but you can always request a no-questions-asked refund. 

Which Problems Does The Janson Method Address? 

The Janson Method helps with generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, obsessive thoughts, social anxiety disorder, and other phobias.

Do I Have To Radically Change My Life And My Habits?

You only need minor adjustments to improve your mental health and break some fear patterns. These changes are minimal but are proven to have significant impacts.

Can I Start The Program Right Away? 

Yes. The program does not require you to purchase any additional products. You can download the Janson Method immediately after purchase and use it at once. 

Is There Any Additional Cost? 

No. The offer is not a subscription offer but a one-time payment. There are no further additional costs.

Janson Method Review – Wrapping Up 

To conclude this Janson Method review, I’d have to say it’s definitely worth your time and money! Though there are still some cons, the program is a safe and natural cure for anxiety or panic attacks. 

Are you willing to work toward a life without anxiety? Or would you instead be consumed by fear? I guess you got the answer now! Don’t forget you still have the 60-day money-back guarantee. So, stop the wait and grab a copy right now! Your future self will appreciate this choice. 

It comes to an end of our Janson Method review. Your opinion helps us improve, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Let us know what you think!

We look forward to seeing you in our next articles. 

Janson Method review

Janson Method review

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