Stroke Of Genius review

Stroke Of Genius Review: Is Cassidy Lyon A Scammer?

We all know that it requires various techniques and skills to keep sex always fresh and exciting. One of them is giving a handjob. In short, in the beginning, it plays a significant role in keeping your man excited and intensifying the sensation. Unfortunately, some women don’t acknowledge the importance of this skill. Knowing this, Cassidy Lyon released a program that claims to reveal all men’s thoughts about handjob, show you why it is so crucial and how to give the most mind-blowing handjob he has never experienced in his life. In today’s The Stroke Of Genius review, let’s find out if the product really works or not. 

There’s A Thing Most Men Would Never Tell You.

According to the recent research, like 60% of men were disappointed with the brutal, awful, painful handjob they got from their girlfriends.

Stroke Of Genius review

But the problem was, they never actually brought it up. Most of the men chose to lie and told their girlfriends that it was great. Why was that? Those guys felt like that if they said anything, the women would start to blame themselves. “Men don’t want to make you feel horrible and refuse to touch them for the rest of your life, that’s why they just suffer and pretend to enjoy bad handjob” – it wrote. 

So chances are, you probably are not as good at it as you think. But don’t worry, it is normal for women not to be good at it. We don’t even know how men feel when being touched at certain places. 

Get To Know The Stroke Of Genius. 

Stroke Of Genius review

Firstly in this The Stroke Of Genius review, I should give you an overview of this product. According to the official website, The Stroke Of Genius is a handbook that contains every secret tips and trick about how to give the most fantastic handjob to men. All of the techniques mentioned in the program are exclusive, and you won’t be able to find them anywhere else. “Most ladies are not aware of the fact that giving a good handjob also requires skills” – Cassidy Lyon, the author of The Stroke Of Genius, said – “They might think it is crazy to learn about this, but once they see their man squirm and moan with REAL pleasure, they will have to change their mind”. 

As a result, she created The Stroke Of Genius. Well, she does have a point here. Provided that you know the exact method to satisfy your male partner sexually, you gain the upper hand compared to other women out there. It will lower your chance of being cheated on. I think the description of this program manages to persuade me with that point. 

Is Cassidy Lyon Trustworthy? 

Cassidy Lyon, the woman behind The Stroke Of Genius, claims to be a relationship expert that helped couples across the globe save their relationships. However, unlike other experts, she doesn’t want to promote herself on the internet. Therefore, during my research, I couldn’t find much information nor social pages about Cassidy. Perhaps Cassidy Lyons is just her pen name.

All I know about her is she didn’t start her career with a psychology degree or something. It was the first date with her current boyfriend that made Lyon become an expert later. 

Lyon called it the most embarrassing moment in her life because she gave Brian a horrible handjob and accidentally hurt his penis. Instead of getting terrified and shying away (which she nearly did), Cassidy knew that Brian was “the one” for her, so she gave her everything for a second chance. After spending months to research about male psychology and anatomy, after many tried-and-tested, she finally came up with 27 tricks and techniques for a fantastic handjob. Not only did Lyon become the only woman can satisfy Brian, but she also helped many women to upgrade their skills and please their partners. 

The story about how Cassidy Lyon became an expert may not seem persuasive to us at the beginning. Still, the program was published by Digital Romance Inc., a reputable relationship website owned by the famous expert Michael Fiore. Therefore, it is still too soon if we conclude that The Stroke Of Genius a scam. 

Guess What? I Bought The Program! Let’s Take A Closer Look. 

After carefully considering, I decided to purchase the program. I was eager to see what it had inside and reveal it in my The Stroke Of Genius review. 

The complete Stroke Of Genius program consists of 7 parts. 

Part 1: What A Handjob Does To A Man. 

Cassidy Lyon begins by explaining what a handjob does to a man. You will learn about how a fantastic handjob affects his body and hits his brain – a thing you might have never thought of. It also lists out the reasons why a vast majority of women are bad at giving a handjob, according to guys. 

Stroke Of Genius review

Secondly, you will learn about Dopamine and Oxytocin, two neurochemicals that are activated when doing something pleasant. If you still doubt the way a handjob can make him love you more and even go crazy all over you, then here is your answer. These two are the key. 

Part 1 is a bit technical with psychological knowledge. Still, I think you shouldn’t skip it. This part will clear off many of your confusion when it comes to sex in general and handjob in particular. 

The Stroke Of Genius – Part 2: Before You Get Started.

The amount of anatomy knowledge in this part truly surprised me. In part 2, the author of The Stroke Of Genius breaks down every part of his member. After explaining the roles of every part, Cassidy explains that to satisfy your man, you should understand his penis. There are three different categories, and each of them requires a different way to treat. Also, in part 2, you shall learn how to use lube to satisfy your man. 

Part 3: His Penis’ Pleasure Point.

To begin this part, you are learning some facts about male masturbation. They act as your navigators so you will know the right way to please his penis. Remember one fact: Every man is an absolute master of getting himself off.

How do you take advantage of this? Part 3 will show you. At the end of this part, there is a question list for you to fill, based on your guy’s experience. However, to make the best out of this part, you shall have to ask him to masturbate for you. Don’t worry, because you will also know how to make him say yes to that request. 

Part 4: The Stroke Of Genius Method. 

Here is the most essential part of the whole program. Within this part 4, you shall know the “Ultimate Handjob Timeline”, which consists of 6 phases. It will also reveal to you many exclusive techniques, for example: 

The Accordion Technique: This technique will give your partner non-ejaculatory mini orgasms. It shows you how and when to use different kinds of grip, including soft, firm, or light stroke. 

The Kiss Of The Fingernails Technique: How to instantly make your man rock hard without even touching him? The key is here. 

The Prostate Percolator Technique: How to rub and tease your man’s prostate in a way that will praise his masculinity? All you need is this technique. It will take him to a new level of satisfaction.

Hands Off Handjob Agreement: This is a unique technique that I’ve never seen anywhere, and I bet you haven’t, too. To apply it, both of you need to get into contact. It uses male psychology and hypnotic language to make him experience pleasure while feeling mentally safe. 

There are still many more techniques I’m not liberty to share here. All I could say is that you will never expect a handjob to requires that MANY skills. I learned several skills in this part and realized that perhaps I might do it wrong sometimes. 

Part 5: Stroke Of Genius For Single Ladies. 

If until now you still think that The Stroke Of Genius is only for those who are in a relationship or married, then part 5 proves that even single ladies can use it, too. However, performing a handjob on the first date requires different progress. Part 5 is the step-by-step guide for you to achieve the most beautiful handjob if you want to do it with a new guy. 

Part 6: Conclusion.

Part 7: FAQs. 

As I get through each part, I realize that all of them come with audio files. It is a huge plus point. You don’t have to read the program all the time, because when you want to rest your eyes, you can turn on the audio file and listen to the complete The Stroke Of Genius. 

Practically, it took me only a day to finish reading. Each part is rather short – which seemed to be a bit disappointing at first. However, as I went through the program, I learned that Cassidy Lyon doesn’t use many fancy words to back up her theory. Instead, she focuses more on practical, logical and science-proved knowledge, as well as actual examples. The program is very straightforward, which might be a disadvantage for some women since it discusses sexual related topics. Still, if you have an open mind and are willing to learn, you will find it very understandable, and easy to follow.

Stroke Of Genius review

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The Stroke Of Genius Review – How Does It Improve Your Love Life, Anyway? 

Having gone through until this part of The Stroke Of Genius review, I believe that now you may see that giving a man a good handjob is more empowering than we could imagine. When you can be the one who satisfies him, you are in total control of his sexual pleasure. 

With The Stroke Of Genius, you shall become the one who decides whether to make him cum fast or squirm in satisfaction for a long time. And what happens while you are doing that? As explained in part 1 of the program, when a man is sexually pleased, his brain will release certain neurochemicals. These neurochemicals make him feel connected to you. His mind will guide him to give you all his attention, devotion, and desire. He doesn’t even have a chance to resist, because it is almost like hypnotizing. 

Who Should Use This Program?

  • This program is for women only. Any lady who wishes to satisfy her man, improve her sexual skills, and understand his sexual desire can use this program. 
  • There is no problem if you are single because The Stroke Of Genius will be the perfect preparation for you in finding your other half. Moreover, you will surprise your crush and win his heart in a blink of an eye with this program. It breaks down steps you should do to give him an unforgettable handjob.

And Who Shouldn’t Use It? 

  • In this The Stroke Of Genius review, I must say that part 1 and part 2 of the program focus heavily on psychology and anatomy. Therefore, if you are not interested in those, you have to be patient enough to get through them. Skipping any of these two will be a waste as it explains in detail how the methods in this program work. However, Cassidy Lyon tries her best to tell in the most simple, friendly way with many examples, so don’t worry too much. 
  • Despite the sexual topic, The Stroke Of Genius is very straightforward. It also requires you to watch your partner masturbate to figure out the best way to please his member, so you have to be bold and adventurous to apply these things. If you are not willing to try, the program is not for you. 

The Stroke Of Genius Review – Advantages And Disadvantages. 

Based on my personal opinion, I will sum up my The Stroke Of Genius review by giving the pros and cons of this program.


  • There are audio and text versions. You can switch according to what you prefer. 
  • The course mentions a unique topic. No one would tell you about the importance of a handjob, let alone teaching you the right way to do it. The idea of The Stroke Of Genius might sound crazy to someone, but it gives you a huge advantage compared to other women out there. 
  • It is effortless to follow and contains step-by-step guides.
  • The Stroke Of Genius is inspirational. Reading this program, you will learn the importance of giving your man sexual fantasies. He shall be surprised that you are suddenly so passionate and confident in bed. 
  • The publisher of this course (Digital Romance Inc.) is a reputable website that published many high-rating relationship programs before. 


  • There is not much information about Cassidy Lyon outside of the official website. The author perhaps changed her real name to protect her privacy. 
  • The program uses very bold languages, so if you are shy and not open about sexual things, you might find it uncomfortable. 
  • Stroke Of Genius is only available in digital format. You won’t be able to purchase a physical version.

The Stroke Of Genius Review – What Did Customers Say?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any discussion from customers about this program to add in my The Stroke Of Genius review. There is no surprise, though. The product discusses a rather sensitive topic, so I could understand if they don’t review it publicly. The Stroke Of Genius review of mine is perhaps the only review from a real person who practically experienced the product you could find on the internet. 

Price & Purchase Policy. 

The original price of The Stroke Of Genius is $297. Personally, it is worth a complete guide on mastering your man’s most private part. However, the creator sees the fact that women are unaware of how a handjob can transform their sex life. She desperately wants to encourage ladies just like her to be brave enough to discover more sexual fantasies and satisfy both you and your partner. 

As such, Cassidy comes up with an insane idea: She gives a 62% discount for a short time. That means if you act fast enough, you will get The Stroke Of Genius for the price of $37. 

Imagine that you can entirely control his satisfaction and climax just by using your hand, you will see that there is no better price than this. Moreover, you are getting a 60-day money-back guarantee. That means if you are not happy with the result after two months, you will get your full money back. Trust me! It is truly a great deal, you lose literally nothing and you risk nothing at all!

Stroke Of Genius review

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But This Is Not Everything! 

Even more shocking, The Stroke Of Genius doesn’t come alone. I was shocked too when I made my purchase and found out that it came with plenty of bonuses. 

Bonus 1: 50 Intimacy Ideas.

Here, you will find 50 tried-and-tested psychological tricks. These tricks will sneak into his brain, force him to open up and share all of his secrets with you. Using this gift, you shall be able to connect with him in a way you’ve always been dreaming of. 

Bonus 2: Naughty Girls’ Toy Chest.

Does “sex toy” sound frightening to you? If it does, you won’t have to be scared anymore. Even when you are the most innocent girl, you will be finding your way to a whole new world of pleasure. 

Bonus 3: The Handjob Interviews.

It is a limited bonus that will only be available in a short time. As a part of the research, Cassidy Lyon gathered a group of men in a room and asked them about what they liked, what they hated, the exact sexual techniques that drive all of them crazy. These interviews are completely raw and uncensored, but the truth they mentioned will transform your sex life once and for all.

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The Stroke Of Genius Review – Final Verdict.  

Now, as you have finished reading this The Stroke Of Genius review, you can tell why I recommend this product for ladies out there. Though there are still some flaws, The Stroke Of Genius is really a practical guide about something no one ever brought up before. It is ideal for you if you want to give him the most mind-blowing pleasure. Moreover, the 60-day money-back guarantee allows you to ask for a full refund if you think The Stroke Of Genius is not for you. So what are you waiting for? If you want to transform your sexual life, grab a copy now and drive him wild with pleasure and lust for you and only you.

Stroke Of Genius review

Stroke Of Genius review

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