Make Him Worship You review

Make Him Worship You Review: Can Michael Fiore Change Your Relationship?

Let’s start this Make Him Worship You review with something you already know. The beginning of a relationship is always great. It is something people often call “The Honeymoon Phase” when a couple shares all the sweetest things. As a woman, you will know that feeling when your man treats you like a princess, when he chases after you and when you can feel the love in the air whenever he looks into your eyes as if you two are the main characters in those romantic movies.

Unfortunately, this phase is not going to last long. Minor arguments start to rise. There comes a crisis. In the worst case, the relationship fades away without any warning. 

Like one day, you wake up and suddenly finds him so distant. Instead of sending regular passionate texts a day, he shall only reply with a few tasteless words …

“I’m busy at work.”

“I can’t come tonight.”

“Talk to you later.”

Does it sound familiar? From the psychological point of view, it is understandable and almost becomes a man’s nature to lose his interest and pull away after a certain period. 

As a result, more and more online programs are being released on the market, claim to help women improve their love life. Make Him Worship You is one of them. This product, ever since its first appearance, had created mixed reactions from customers. It is said to contain brutal truths about men that most women can’t handle to read. 

Let’s find out the truth in today’s Make Him Worship You review. 

First, Let Me Tell You How I Knew About This Program.

I first heard about Make Him Worship You when my friend, Violet, bought the program for herself last month. At that time, she was having a bit of trouble with her four-year relationship. According to Violet, it seemed like they were roommates instead of a couple. There wasn’t any spark of passion left when her boyfriend looked at her. Even their kisses became different: He would only give her some dry, boring peck on the lips as if he was kissing his little sister. 

All of these small details, Violet kept to herself. She couldn’t find a way to talk with her boyfriend. As a result, there came arguments, crises, ignored texts, and phone calls. Within a short time, Violet was totally worn out. She was always anxious and even sought the help of many relationship experts. 

“Make Him Worship You program indeed helped me most in saving our relationship”, she said. According to Violet, the program helped her understand her boyfriend, know what he wanted from this relationship, and make him desire her again. 

Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to take a fair look at this program and introduce it to my dear readers. That’s why I’m writing this Make Him Worship You review, just for you. 

This review will not only base on my personal opinion but also my observation of how it worked with my friend Violet. 

So What Is Make Him Worship You Program?

Make Him Worship You review

Make Him Worship You is an online relationship program that has been launched in March, 2020. The program contains six modules and claims to reveal EVERYTHING going on in a man’s mind when it comes to love. According to the official website, Make Him Worship You shall provide all the psychological tips, tricks, and techniques so you can make your dream man crave you and take a special place in his heart. Though based heavily on male psychology, any woman can easily understand and put in use. 

The author of this program, Michael Fiore, notes that you could consider Make Him Worship You your online class about men. You should spend a few minutes per day to read and practice the tips you obtain from the program. Personally, Make Him Worship You is a pretty cool idea: A man shares knowledge about men’s psychology. Most relationship programs I found on the internet were written by women, so Make Him Worship You might give you a shocking yet unique perspective. 

About The Creator – Michael Fiore.

Make Him Worship You review

Speaking about Michael Fiore, this is not his first online program. He is a familiar face among relationship experts because he appeared on various talk shows and articles to share his knowledge about love and sex. Fiore has worked on different programs before, such as Online Allure Formula, Make Him Beg To Be Your Boyfriend, and Kissing Magic. According to most reviews, he spent years studying male psychology, which made his advice practical, comprehensive, and very useful. 

Fiore said that he hesitated to publish Make Him Worship You at first because the program was too blunt and contained knowledge about men that none of the relationship experts would want to speak out loud. However, after some of his closest clients tried the program, they persuaded him to release it since they thought more women should understand this side of their loved ones. 

For me, Michael Fiore is a trustable author. He is not afraid to show all of himself on the internet because I have no problem finding his picture, information, and social media pages. That’s one huge plus point: You know whose advice you are following. Moreover, I’ve tested one of his programs called How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love before, and it turned out to be better than I thought. That being said, I have an expectation for Make Him Worship You. I would like to see if Fiore could still keep up his good works. 

Make Him Worship You Review – What’s Inside The Program? 

Right after you purchase the program, you will immediately get access to it. In my Make Him Worship You review, I have to note that you shouldn’t skip the welcome page. It will briefly show you what you will learn from the program, as well as how to prepare to get the most out of Make Him Worship You. This is a similarity all the products from Michael Fiore share, and I think it is very thoughtful and considerate. 

As mentioned above, Make Him Worship You consists of 6 modules. Now let’s get you through each.

Module 1: Introduction And The Lies You Have Been Told. 

The first thing this module does is to clear off some lies about men in general. The importance is, perhaps, you don’t even know they are lies. Maybe you don’t also have any doubt, because they are what you have been told since you were a little girl. From a man’s point of view, Fiore will erase them and help you get in the right mindset. My friend Violet said that they were too shocking, so she almost stopped reading, and after I’ve seen it myself, I had to agree that these truths were a bit brutal. 

After that, the author shall tell you about how to love yourself and how this will help others to love you. Moreover, he will show you psychological tips you should use to accept you as who you are so you can pursue the love and happiness you desire. 

Module 2: What Men Mean By “I Love You” (or What Love Really Means To A Man).

In this module, you are going deep into male psychology. You will learn about the difference between love and limerence. Limerence, naturally, is not going to last forever. When it is gone, most people think that their relationship is over, but in fact, it is a good and healthy thing if you desire a long-term, healthy relationship. This module will show you why. Moreover, it teaches you a way to capture moments of limerence to keep the relationship feel new and alive with passion. 

The first half of this module focuses heavily on psychology, so you shall have to deal with it if you are not so into psychological knowledge. The second half is more practical when Fiore shares the personal story of his wife. He mentioned how his wife saved his life by accepting him for being an imperfect, flawed human being. From this example, Fiore teaches readers how to let go of the “Prince Charming” image in your head, free yourself from the idea of having “perfect boyfriend”, and open your eyes to amazing men you’ve never noticed before. 

As for me, this is the module I like the most. It is a balance between technical knowledge and personal experience, so you are giving the basic idea of how a man thinks before knowing how to use it to make him fiercely devoted to you. 

Module 3: The Secret Emotional Life Of Men.

Module 3 helps you become more understanding with your man. Here, you will discover the pressures they face from media, society, and women. They are the reasons why most men tend to live in fear and loneliness. Briefly, it shows you two secrets which are called “The Safe Hug” and “The Magic Three Words To Say” for you to make him feel safe when he is overwhelmed or lonely. 

Make Him Worship You review

According to Violet, this module worked in a few ways to lessen the fights between her and her boyfriend. It taught her to understand his struggle and become more sympathetic to him. 

Module 4: Accepting Yourself.

Forgiving sounds like an easy thing, but in a relationship, it is not. In this module, you shall know what to do when things get worse. Fiore mentions some “red flags” for you to tell if your man is worthy of you and your love. If he is, why and how you should forgive him for your relationship to grow stronger than ever? 

You will also learn in this module the 30-day “Stoplight System” for nurturing your relationship and self-care. 

Module 5: Feeding His Masculinity. 

This module reveals the secret of testosterone telepathy and some simple techniques you can use it to get what you want. From my point of view, module 5 is the most critical part of the whole program. It explains to you how testosterone and masculine qualities navigate your man’s brain. From there, you will learn the way to make him worship you by reinforcing his ego and mind. 

How do you do that? Praise your man in the way he has never heard before. Touch certain places of his body. Use the secret hypnotic kissing technique that will make you the only woman he has in his mind. You can find all of them in chapter 5. 

As for Violet, she said that if the module 3 and 4 helped to stop the find between them and gave back the serenity in the relationship, then module 5 took their love to the whole new level. At first, she was afraid to try something new since they had been with each other for a long time, and she thought it was not necessary to be all lovey-dovey like when they first dated. Therefore, Violet planned to stop reading after module 4. Still, her curiosity won (she has ALWAYS been like that since high school!), and she went on reading. 

It took Violet a lot of courage to try and apply the “Hypnotic Kiss” method she found in this module. She wasn’t sure if this was right or not, they just stopped fighting, and it might not be the right time to test something. Luckily, the moment Violet saw her boyfriend’s ears burned red, and his face lighted up with joy and passion, she knew she did the right thing. 

Module 6: Communicating And Getting What You Want. 

In module 6, you will have a list of poison questions you should never ask. Module 6 shall also teach you the “Anger Deflator” technique to keep disagreements from escalating, and why you should never wait for him to make the first move. Moreover, here you find the done-for-you words and phrases that will draw him closer to you and make him want to caress you all the time. 

Make Him Worship You review

I have to mention in my Make Him Worship You is that the program contains both texts and video contents. This part is what I like the most. You won’t get tired of reading a wall of writing all the time. Besides, I could still listen to some parts of the program while I was doing my chores, making it very convenient. 

How Does It Claim To Work?

According to Michael Fiore, Make Him Worship You focuses on the Romance Boomerang theory. It is a natural part of every man and creates a desire toward a woman. 

Women’s task is to establish that “boomerang” using actions and words. When you do that, your man will want you more than anything. 

The program and its techniques are supported by sexual psychology. Therefore, they are logical and practical. I like the fact that Michael Fiore views relationship issues from both sides. Module 1 and module 4 are comforting for us women as it soothes the insecure feeling – which is a part of every girl in the world – and show us how to take care of ourselves aside from relationship. Meanwhile, module 2, 3, and 5 is about the social pressure a man has to bear in love. It tells women to stop for a moment and think about what their men are enduring silently. It is the reason why it is often so hard for them to communicate. 

By knowing this, you will be able to have the right approach for every relationship. If you can be patient and understanding with a man, he shall take you seriously. 

Make Him Worship You review

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Make Him Worship You Review – Who Should Use The Program?

Make Him Worship You is a program for women only. You should use it if:

  • You want to heat your long-term relationship or marriage. 
  • Things are getting worse between you and your partner, and you need to save your love. 
  • You want to hook up your crush.
  • Or perhaps you only wish to learn about male psychology in general – from the unique point of view. 

And Who Should Not Use It?

  • The program contains some new concepts and ideas about men that might be shocking to hear. Therefore, if you don’t have an open mind, Make Him Worship You is not suitable. 
  • Moreover, you have to be willing to try new things. As you process, the program will suggest many techniques to heat the stuff between you and your partner. Provided that you don’t want to apply them, it will be a waste to purchase the product. 

Make Him Worship You Review – Some Pros And Cons. 

Every product has its good and bad side. Here, in my Make Him Worship You review, I will break down. 


  • The program opens your mind and helps you see men in a way no one has seen before.
  • You will have a firm knowledge of male psychology and a deeper understanding of your man. 
  • The relationship between you and him is not just a “relationship” anymore. Now you two are bond with each other on a spiritual level. 
  • If you apply the techniques right, you will get lifetime devotion from him. 
  • Provided that you are still single, now you know how to capture the man you have been dreaming of. 
  • The author of the program is a famous relationship expert. 
  • Make Him Worship You is based on practical, logical knowledge. 
  • You get a 60-day money-back guarantee. 


  • Some of the problems discussed in the program might be a bit sensitive, such as the social pressure people have on men. 
  • The program introduces you to new ideas and concepts about men, so you should clear everything you thought you knew before reading.
  • To get the best out of Make Him Worship You, you will have to be brave enough to try new things. 
  • There is no physical version available. You can only obtain the digital product on the official website. 

Customers’ Feedback.

One thing that made me confused is the lack of actual customers’ feedback on the internet. As mentioned above,  the program has just launched in March. Also, Michael Fiore didn’t want to publish Make Him Worship You at first as he thought some of the information might be outrageous and create controversies. That might be the reason why his team didn’t promote the program. 

Therefore, I couldn’t find any feedback to add in my Make Him Worship You review. If you are looking for feedback from those who tried and tested the program, then this Make Him Worship You review is the most detailed post you can find out here. 

Make Him Worship You Review – How To Purchase The Program?

You can grab your copy from the official website. From what I know, the original price of Make Him Worship You is $297. If you can get your dream man to worship you utterly, it is still a low price. However, here is good news: The program is still in the trial period. A minimal number of women can test out the complete Make Him Worship You for the price of only $37. 

Make Him Worship You review

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Violet told me it was the reason why she purchased the program right away. I believe you would, too, if you imagine getting all the secrets to make your man go crazy all over you after just one night. You are going to be able to sneak into his brain, know what is inside his head, and read him like a book. You are paying for lifetime happiness with your other half- when you put it like that, this price seems like a bargain.  

Wait A Second! 

There is a thing I almost forgot to mention in this Make Him Worship You review. You won’t be receiving the main program alone. This product comes with three bonuses.

When To Sleep With A Man.

Make Him Worship You review

It is the first gift from Michael Fiore. When to sleep with a man is undoubtedly the most critical question, regardless of who you are dating. The answer lies in this report. You will know the exact time to give in to your desires. Don’t worry, because with this as your guide, and he will have to see you more than just sex and become instantly addicted to you. 

Unstoppable Confidence. 

Make Him Worship You review

The second one is an audio bonus. You are going to hear a 90-minute conversation between Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold. They will tell you how to make use of your feminine side and win the heart of any man you meet. 

The Good Girl’s Guide To Texting Dirty.

If you ever found yourself staring at your phone, biting your nails and try to come up with something to reply when he got a little dirty, then this bonus is your treasure. Here, you will find a dozen of texts that use male psychology to make him burn with excitement in just a second. All you have to do is select one, copy it, and send it to him.

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Make Him Worship You Review – My Conclusion. 

Violet was glad that she purchased the program. As the relationship between her and her boyfriend was mended, she told me it is the rightest choice she had ever made. 

Overall, though still have some points that need improvement, Make Him Worship You is a practical dating program. Not only does it eliminate relationship problems, but it also provides women a sense of confidence. 

However, keep in mind that Make Him Worship You is based on psychology. No miracle solution will change your love life after one night, but the program can guide you to work for a healthy, long-last relationship. 

Make Him Worship You review

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