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Text Chemistry Overview – What Experts Say? Full Update In 2020

Recently, I have received plenty of questions about a program called Text Chemistry by Amy North. It is true that in the modern days, texting has invaded and changed the way we date. Still, it is not too easy to find a complete guide about how to use texts in a relationship. That’s the reason why I decided to do research and see what this program offers. Here is the most detailed information about Text Chemistry. 

So what exactly is Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry claims to be a comprehensive system that shows you how to make any man go crazy for you just by texting. It comes in the form of an eBook that you can purchase from the authorized website In spite of the title, Text Chemistry covers much more than just texting. It is a thorough guide to many relationship problems. Amy North – author of the program – said in one interview that she hoped to show every step you need to win the heart of a man and occupy his mind in the most detailed way possible. 

Nevertheless, is it sound too good to be true? Does Text Chemistry really work? 

Let’s break down the program and see what we have in there. After that, you might see whether it is for you or not. 

Who is the author?

Amy North is not a strange face. From Vancouver, Canada, she is not only an experienced relationship coach but also the best selling author. Amy has helped thousands of women across the globe to find and keep their destined ones. In fact, I felt much more reassured when I saw her name.

text chemistry


Having dealt with countless relationship cases, Amy applied all of her actual knowledge to books she wrote. Personally, I assume that’s the reason why I found Text Chemistry very easy to follow through. I am sure that all readers could relate to the examples very quickly as if it was themselves in there.

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What can you find inside Text Chemistry? Who is it for?

text chemistryText Chemistry’s Table Of Contents

As you can see, above is the program’s table of content. The more I learn about it, the more surprised I got as I realized the program is suitable for many groups of customers.

Are you having a crush on that hot guy at work? 

Are you in a relationship but want to stir things up with your boyfriend? 

Or perhaps… you two already broke up with each other, but you are still longing for him to come back? 

text chemistry


It doesn’t matter which situation you are in, Text Chemistry program can still be your lantern. As communication is the key factor for every relationship, in the first few chapters Amy North will explain the difference between men and women in terms of communicating. With the psychological tips she shares, you will never confuse him or let yourself be confused again. 

Now once you have learned how to understand a guy, you can start finding a solution for specific situations. The very first part will show you how to attract him and start off the relationship that you wanted. Amy North goes as far as teaching you when is the right time to send the first message, and what to do when he texts you first. Frankly, for a single man, it is common for him to text various women at once. With Text Chemistry, you will know how to fully capture his attention. Soon, this attention will turn into love and obsession. You shall become the only woman occupies his mind just by using text messages. 

So are you dating someone? The author gives specific examples of messages that you can send to keep him close and content.  You will find out how to “trigger” a man and keep his interest burning – even when you two have been dating for a long time. You shall also find out how to express your loving feeling to him without sounding clingy, or even how to discuss an issue through text messages (which sounds impossible, I know right). Moreover, you can also see here the perfect message to make him propose to you right away! 

Getting your ex back through text messages is also possible with Text Chemistry. Look in part 3 and you will know the perfect things to say to get his attention back from another woman. Even if he doesn’t want to talk to you at first and wants to become the king of one-word-answer, he will gradually pay attention to you again as long as you use the method Amy mentioned. 

Below is what you also find in the Text Chemistry program

  1. Do men ignore your message? If the answer is yes, Amy shall teach you the ultimate method to make him text you back instantly. You will never have to feel ignored ever again.
  2. E-glow text: Do you believe you can make your man swear his loyalty to you just by a simple text? Well, it is not a fairytale. Once you use these texts, you will be the one and only woman in his world.
  3. Get your ex back: EVEN if your ex keeps saying it is over, it’s not. This “satellite text” will immediately make him regret the breakup. He shall fight his tooth and nail to be with you again and forever.
  4. Do you feel like your relationship has become stale and boring? This will be your solution. Use these text messages and you can resurrect the overflowing feelings he once had when he first saw you.
  5. Make him passionate about you: You can totally make him can’t stop thinking about you. How to make him crave you intensely and follow every single of your words? The answer is right here. Very suitable for single women who wish to seduce a man.
  6. Simple cheat sheet: Understand a man’s true desire through texts is not as hard as you thinking. In this part, you will be able to analyze his messages and understand what lies beneath those letters.
  7. Getting him to propose: So you think a lot about marriage but your partner doesn’t seem to? Well, this is what you need. The so-called “Crystal Ball” messages will spark the idea of lifelong commitment inside his head. Make good use of this section if you want your partner to propose as soon as possible.
  8. Make him miss you: Distance is not a problem anymore. This will show you how to make him countdown the days until you two can see each other again.
  9. Taking the right picture: It’s not about sending nudes. These are just silly little photos, but they hold the power to make him busts out with lust toward you.
  10. Bang his head: These texts will stick in his mind for a very, very long time. Don’t surprise if he starts making excuses just to see you again every day!
  11. How to talk to him on the phone: Even talking on the phone also has its art. Provided that you always feel awkward when he calls, then this part is especially for you.
  12. Shooting for the stars: And once you use the texts mentioned in this final part, he will be absolutely blind to any woman around! Whenever you think that he is interested in another woman, these messages will be your weapon.

Also, you will be getting three bonuses:

  • Phone Game eBook: Texting is very important, but don’t forget another crucial factor: phone calls. In this eBook, Amy will teach you how to become irresistible on the phone. You will know exactly what to say in specific situations. Have you ever thought that you can train your voice to be attractive? It is possible, and you will find the secret here too. 
  • Why Men Leave: Just as its name, this bonus breaks down the reason why men pull away from a seemingly perfect relationship. Once you understand the reason, you will never have your heart broken again.
  • Quality Men on Tinder: Just like a hidden gem, there indeed are some high-quality men on Tinder. All you need is to create the right profile, and you will find the way right here!

It is impossible for me to go deeper and tell you more about Text Chemistry, but above are just very few things you can find in the program. There are still much more waiting for you to discover


text chemistry

Get 3 Bonuses Here

Pricing & After-Sale Service

The original price of the product was $349. However, Amy is holding a special 85% discount during this time. Now you have a chance of acquiring the entire course along with full bonuses for just $49.95.  All you have to do is to get access to it immediately if you don’t wanna lose this chance.

After searching, I see that you can find Text Chemistry on several sites on the internet. The price and other benefits/bonuses may vary. Therefore, I suggest you purchase from the official website to get full bonuses and to avoid the risk of getting scammed. 

What’s more, your order is protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. It means if you are not satisfied with the outcome after 60 days, you will get a full refund. No question asked. It shows that Amy truly wants to deliver the best for her customers. It gives you time to test the program and see whether it works for you or not – without having to take any risk! 

Right after making the purchase, you will have access to the entire course and bonuses immediately. There is no extra cost and shipping fee. Unlike many online programs that you can only keep for a period of time, for Text Chemistry, you only need to pay once and it will serve as your guide for a lifetime.

 Moreover, you will also get access to the private members’ area to get even more value. Here you are free to share your questions, address your problems and discuss with other members. Amy North and her customer service team are willing to help you with any problem you have. 

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In conclusion, the system is totally worth – buying. If you are not yet in a relationship, Text Chemistry can greatly boost your chance to find your perfect half. Your love is going through up and down? It shall help you spice things up and make your man swear his loyalty to you.

In case you still can’t make up your mind, you might check out a review from an actual user of Text Chemistry, she is Jennifer, to make your final decision.    


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