mistakes men must avoid

3 Mistakes Men Must Avoid In A Relationship No Matter What


Men out there, have you ever thought that even a small act of yours can be a deadly factor that pushes your dearest woman away? The sad truth is, we were never taught how it is to be in love. Therefore, even the most respectable man can do it wrong. Reading our article on three mistakes men must avoid might be able to save your whole relationship before it is too late.

While it might sound a bit silly to repeat, men and women are clearly different in nature. Which is the reason why you have the ability to drive your girlfriend or wife crazy without you even knowing it? In this list of mistakes men must avoid in a relationship, you might find something to be nonsense, you might even say that it would be stressful trying to avoid all of them. That’s because you don’t understand how such a small action can affect your woman in a negative way. And if you keep making these mistakes, chances are they will slowly ruin your relationship.

Keep in mind that any man in this world, even the most caring, most respectable one, can make these mistakes. It doesn’t make you become a bad guy, but the most important thing is, you have to learn from them. If you are able to avoid these things, you will be able to earn trust and everlasting admiration from your woman.

So, what are those three mistakes men must avoid at all cost?

Make your woman feel insecure

Sounds pretty typical, huh? Well, according to a survey, most men think that they have never done anything that leads to insecurity. Are you one of them? If the answer is yes, you shall have to think twice.

mistakes men must avoid


The root of insecurity is fear. It is hard for you to guess what is going inside your girlfriend or wife’s mind, but you should know that they feel fear in many situations. Even worse, women tend to pay attention to small details. If little things like holding hands, an I love you note or a simple breakfast can make her happy, then gestures such as liking another girl’s photo on social media, getting too drunk with your friends or ignoring her even just a bit can already trigger her insecurity. When she is committed to you, she will only feel safe to know that you are just equally committed to her.

Thus, it is essential to show your woman your love and loyalty. For example, if she asks you whether you think she is beautiful, or whether you still love her, don’t take it lightly. What you should do is really look at her and make sure to let her know that you think she is the most beautiful woman on earth.

Furthermore, this doesn’t apply to the relationship aspect only. Life, too, can stress your loved one out. Every woman, including those toughest ones, will be depressed if their men take all those stress, fears and insecurities lightly. Though your girlfriend or wife might not tell you, the strongest woman also craves for a strong shoulder to lean on. It would give your relationship a great boost if you protect her always. Make her feel safe in the dark, in love and even in material problems such as finance.

Being unavailable.

This has a strong connection with leaving her to feel insecure. In fact, for a woman, there is nothing worse than having an unavailable partner. If you are making this mistake, you will soon see that it is the quickest way to destroy your relationship.

mistakes men must avoid


Unfortunately, out of all three mistakes men must avoid, this is the most frequently encountered one. They often think that there is nothing wrong with spending long hours at work. They assume that letting themselves relax a bit by going out with several guys and leave their women alone is fine. But they never think how devastated she could be when the isolation eats her up. It doesn’t mean that your woman has nothing else to do. She might be an independent woman with a lot of friends and a job. She can have fun just by playing with the kids. However, you are her loved one, and she desires to spend time with you.

Yes, it is true that you can’t be with your partner 24/7. There will be times when you have to be away from her, for hours, for days, and even for weeks. But even in that case, don’t ever make her feel alone! She will appreciate it if you don’t forget to give her a call or send her a text message. After all, we are living in the modern days, so there are countless ways to make your partner feels your presence.

Last but not least, the third one in the three mistakes men must avoid in a relationship is not being empathetic.

Unlike men, women have a strong desire for sharing their thoughts. Your partner really wants you to empathize with her feelings and emotions, especially when you are her loved one. It is a sign that she trusts and relies on you more than anyone else. Therefore, it is essential that you understand this nature of women and willing to spend time with her.

mistakes men must avoid


Sometimes, listening alone is not enough. Make questions while she is talking will show that you are actually listening. It also provides a chance for her to share more. Grab this chance to see through her opinions and deep thoughts. This way, you will be able to understand your partner better and thus strengthen the bond between you two. There are things you wouldn’t be able to understand women, so asking is the best choice.

In this article, we have provided you three deadly mistakes men must avoid no matter what in a relationship. Committing even just one of these might destroy your relationship, so keep them in mind for your own shake! 


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