should I contact my ex on Valentine's Day

“Should I Contact My Ex On Valentine’s Day?” This Answer Will Surprise You…


“Should I contact my ex on Valentine’s Day?”

“Should I text my ex on Valentine’s day?”

Those are the questions I received most recently when Valentine’s Day – the day of love, couples, and romance is around the corner. Being surrounded by a festive atmosphere, you might find your thoughts wandering to your ex, especially if you two just broke up not so long ago.

However, you should be very, very careful before sending anything. The fact that you are here for advice is a good sign.

To answer this question, it is important to acknowledge your motivation. Usually, there can be two cases:

You have become friend with your ex after the breakup:

should I contact my ex on Valentine's Day


So you two parted way peacefully and still talk to each other once in a while, as good friends. You just want to wish him a happy Valentine and check how he’s doing. If that’s the case, contacting your ex is totally fine. A simple Happy Valentine message (without any romantic meaning) shows your care and gratitude toward the person who once shared with you a love trip. This act shall give you more positivity to get on with a brand new relationship.

Or you can consider writing him a “thank you” postcard. Though no longer together, the relationship between you and your ex shapes who you are now. Consider the fact that you two still remain friends after the breakup, you two might have brought good things to each other. A postcard to shows your appreciation will not only make him happy, but it also makes you feel proud of yourself. You have a chance to look at your previous relationship and realize all that remains is positivity. 

Another suggestion is to give your ex something that can make him get on with his life. Sarah, one of my clients, purchased an online Spanish course for her ex. She explained that he always wanted to study Spanish, yet never had the time when they were still together. For me, that’s a very nice and heart-warming idea. Breakup is a hard stage for anyone, but as you and your ex settled it down by being friends, small acts like this show that you are over the pain and willing to support your ex get out from it too. 

You want to heal the relationship and reunite with your ex: 

Another case is you two broke up and are not in good terms, yet you still want to get back to him. Then for the question “should I contact my ex on Valentine’s Day?”, I will have to say no. 

Why is that? Valentine’s Day is a fairly sensitive occasion to text your ex. You still remember, don’t you? It’s the day of love and romance. Any effort to contact him on this day will make it obvious that you are still not over the breakup yet. You are exposing yourself in the most apparent way possible, and will easily come off as needy and desperate.

Valentine’s Day is when the urge to contact your ex grows strongest. You are surrounded by couples, triggered by previous memories. That’s why it is easy for you to lose control and make mistakes. There is no such thing as Valentine’s magic that will bring your ex back after a couple of messages or a call. 


should I contact my ex on Valentine's Day


Just this morning, a client came to me saying that her ex was about to go on a date. She hoped to stop that by contacting him on Valentine’s Day. That’s a very, very wrong move, but unfortunately was committed by many women. Remember, right now you and your ex are not a couple. Even if you contact him, he is not going to stop the date. You will just leave a bad impression about how desperate you are, and assure him that it is the right choice to break up with you. 

I don’t recommend to send your ex a gift neither. It is a huge sign you are still clinging on the past. Instead of appreciating your present, he will be extremely annoyed that you are expecting Valentine’s day will heal this relationship for you.

So what should you do on this day? Being single on this day is actually not bad at all. Instead of sending regrettable messages to your ex, there are more things you can do. In your circle of friends, someone must still be single, no? Go out with them and plan for a girls’ night! Doing something special for your family is also a good choice. When you are surrounded by family and friends, it will be much easier to regain your confidence after the breakup. You shall be able to enjoy a blissful Valentine’s Day, without any risk of getting hurt by your ex. 

From here, I hope you find out the answer you need for the question “Should I contact my ex on Valentine’s Day?”.



I hope you have the proper answer to whether you should contact your ex on Valentine’s day. Keep in mind that a random message on Valentine’s Day won’t do the magic. You should only text him when you know exactly when and what to say in order to make him desire you all over again… Otherwise, you will come off as needy and desperate.

In case you want to get your ex back, it takes more than a spark of temptation on Valentine’s Day. Don’t randomly contact him or her and pray that Saint Valentine will grant your wish. You need a detailed strategy, and you should see if contacting him or her on February 14th is a wise move or not. If it doesn’t… Well, it doesn’t hurt to skip this year, right?

Instead, try this comprehensive strategy to win him back for good just by texting.

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