why he becomes distant

Why He Becomes Distant? Learn To Make Him Treat You Like A Priority Again!


Why he becomes distant?

Imagine this situation. You meet this wonderful guy. His charming smile quickly captivates your heart. You can sense that he is attracted to you as well. 

This mutual desire catches fire real fast. You two hang out with each other every weekend. It feels like there is a special bond between you and him that nothing can break. It seems you two were meant to be together. 

But then… all of a sudden, he just withdraws. He neither take care of you nor interested in sharing his inner thoughts with you as he did before. During the conversation, he pays less attention to what you are saying, and even worst, you feel alone while being with him.

There is no reason. You keep asking yourself, what you have done wrong. But the fact is, you did nothing. 

He doesn’t mad at you. He just stops showing his attention. Once he listened carefully to everything you share, but now he barely replies more than 5 words. 

It feels like he doesn’t even care anymore. Also, you notice that he no longer shares with you his thoughts, his feelings, his daily stuff. 

You become scared. You feel like you are the only one trying in this relationship. 

As a woman, I assume that you might have gone through this case at least once. 

So why he becomes distant all of a sudden? Why especially after you two have shown to be perfect matches for each other?



Well, before this question starts to occupy your mind, I must first tell you something. 

why he becomes distant

Men get distracted very easily. It doesn’t mean that he no longer cares about the relationship he has with you. Don’t think of it the wrong way.

To explain it, I will have to break down male psychology a little bit. 

While women are set to be multi-taskers, it is different for men. When it comes to reaching a goal, their brains are programmed to focus on the one and only mission. 

So when he decides what the most difficult mission currently is, he will neglect everything else, including you.

However, it doesn’t mean that he stopped loving you. It just means that he has to focus on his stuff. 

Now you know why he becomes distant.

Unfortunately, this is where most women commit a deadly mistake. 

When he starts to become more distant and pays less attention to you, your instincts will start to alert. As a result, insecurity shall fill you up inside. 

This leads to negative emotions. Eventually, you take them out on him without even knowing you are doing that. 

Yes, you might not even be able to acknowledge, but he can sense. All your actions will be yelling this underlying question.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

Nevertheless, his brain is saying something else. It tells him to reduce other distractions and focus on the biggest problem in his life right now. 

That biggest problem is not you. 

When everything is going smoothly for your man, he can be very dynamic. During this time, you are his top priority. He can be interested in every single detail of your daily life, and he truly does. 

But when the problem arises… well, he gets very distracted. 

This can be a problem at work, or something wrong is going on in his family. It is a difficulty he has never faced and probably is going to ruin one of his missions in life. 

Unlike women, love is less likely a mission for a man. It is more like something he can find comfort from when he is not occupied with any difficulty. 

And thus, when a storm arises, he sets you aside. That explains why he becomes distant.

It doesn’t happen only once. If you want to commit your life with a man, it will happen over and over again. 

So what to do in this situation? How to make him treat you like his priority again?

Many women, after going through painful experiences, choose some negative ways to deal with it. 

You might decide that you don’t want a relationship anymore. You might think that it doesn’t worth spending time with guys. 

Maybe you can look down on men, saying that they are nothing but giant kids when it comes to relationships.

But it won’t make you happy. Instead, I know a method that will get you what you really want from the relationship. 

This is a very simple method, and yet it is truly gold. Only a few women know about this method, and you are the next. 

Here is the secret. 

When he starts to pull away, don’t take all your negative emotions out on him. Remember, he will be distracted when there are some difficulties rising up in his life. Don’t stress him out more. Don’t make him feel the same way you do. 

If you do so, it will just assure him that the relationship should be put aside for now. You are one of the “distractions” and it is best to ignore you for a while and keep focusing on his mission. 

So what is the best thing to do? Show him that you are willing to engage in his problem. Get him to talk about what he is going through. 

Don’t flood his mind with endless questions. Just talk to him, like a friend, like a companion. Be supportive and patient so that he can open up. 

Unlike women, men don’t share their problems easily. If you let him know that you care, you literally are taking a load off his chest. He will feel a sense of relief he has never got before, as it is very rare for him to talk about his own problems.

Just gently ask him what is going on. Once he is wrapped in your kindness and patience, the emotional bond will be taken to a brand new level. 

Remember, don’t suggest ANY way to “fix” his situation. He knows what to do, and doing that will just poke his ego. Just let him share everything, and then ask him why the circumstance is so important to him.

By acknowledging how important it is, you are officially becoming his ally. You are no longer a distraction that he must avoid. You take part in helping him reach his goal.

And what should you do next?

why he becomes distant


Be understanding. Give him time and space to work it out. He will thank you for this.

And trust me, he will come back to you, more committed than ever. Now you are that woman he can’t bear to lose anymore. 

Did you get it? Instead of getting on his nerve and keep asking yourself why he becomes distant, stand by his side and support him no matter what. 

If you want to fully read his mind and know the complete guide on how to satisfy him, check out this free presentation. You will never find something like that again, so brace yourself.

And with the secret you are going to discover, he will have to appreciate your existence in his life forever.



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