does he still love me

Does He Still Love Me? Things You Don’t Know About Your Relationship


As a relationship expert, I’ve worked with countless women across the world. In the very first encounter, the question I received the most was always “Does he still love me?”.

So if you come here with a similar question, there are often two reasons that might lead to it. 

And there are many things I can tell about your relationship, once I figure out which reason lies beneath your seemingly-common question. 

Therefore, it is important that we break down those before coming to the main problem. 

In the first case, you might just be nervous before making an important decision. 

does he still love me

It’s normal to feel like there are a bunch of butterflies in your stomach when you think about spending your life with someone forever. After all, it is a big thing that will affect your whole life from now on. 

So you can’t help but start doubting. But it also shows that you are about to make the right choice. 

The second case is when your instinct starts ringing its security alert.

This is never a good thing. 

Intuition is something we never actually pay attention to. We don’t know how it works, but it should never be ignored. 

When you realize you are wondering “does he still love me”, without any specific reason… chances are your intuition is trying to tell you something you cannot or refuse to see. 

So how do you tell which case you are in? What is the difference between a bit of anxiety that will eventually fade away after a while and something your instinct is trying to warn you? 

How do you know if you should turn in a completely different direction?

Let me reveal to you one method. 

All you have to do is ask yourself one simple question.

“Do you feel lonely even when you have him by your side?”

Yes, just a short question like that. Sit down and spend some time to think about it thoroughly. You might not realize the feeling yet, or maybe you are just trying to avoid the answer. 

But if you do feel lonely, then perhaps there was never a deep connection between you two. Or it was broken along the way. 

This happens to many couples out there as they get to know more sides of their boyfriend/girlfriend. They are simply not meant for each other that’s it. 

But there is still another reason for this question to pop up in your mind, and this is the most crucial reason.

Maybe you already knew, but in case you didn’t, I shall introduce again. I’m a dating and relationship expert. Every day my inbox is flooded with emails from women who noticed that their boyfriends seem to be colder and more distant compared to when they first started dating. 

You, too, might as well be wondering why your boyfriend doesn’t even bother to show any romance toward you recently. I shall tell you this is the normal flow for every relationship. 

A relationship is not a straight road. Instead, it divides into different phases as it develops. When you notice that the excitement has changed, it also means your relationship matures. 

As a result, the lovey-dovey phase reaches its end. The sudden shift often brings fear and anxiety, especially for women. They will fall in a state where they don’t know whether their boyfriends still have any feeling toward them or not. 

That explains why you are wondering, “does he still love me?”. You might be thinking of the future and wonder if he still wants to walk with you on this long road. 

does he still love me

You wonder whether he will treat you well or everything shall just fade and fade away.

Brace yourself. It takes more energy during this “romantic phase” of a relationship than you think. Unexpectedly showing up at your office, suddenly taking you out for a romantic date and getting you all the expensive presents… There is no man who can continue doing this time and again, so be realistic about that. 

That’s not what partners for a lifetime will do. I agree when you worry about whether the passion is still there. Yes, it should always remain. But the way to express that love and passion should be different. 

You cannot get stuck in the romantic phase. If you truly love him and want him to be your man, you have to accept the shift. The relationship is turning to a “mutual ownership” phase.

He doesn’t have to try to impress you anymore. Why should he continue doing that when he has won your heart? Now, it is time for you two to become each other’s source of comfort, instead of trying hard to awe each other. The whole relationship will be so freaking tiresome if he has to keep following you like a puppy day after day. It’s time for you to be himself around you, and he knows it is safe to act like how he actually is here because there is you.

Whenever he comes to visit your apartment, instead of bringing a huge bouquet, he could feel like at home. Might as well flip on the TV and put his feet up without any problem. He is safe here with you. 

Of course, this should still come with respect and love. He might not be all lovey-dovey like how he used to be. But if he still respects you deeply and likes to share with you everything going on in his life, if he still enjoys your appearance… This is the right man for you. He will probably be with you for a lifetime. 

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