how to make him addicted to you

How To Make Him Addicted To You? Top 6 Proven Techniques He Can’t Resist


If you are wondering how to make him addicted to you, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, as someone who has been working with couples for years, I’m glad that you realize it takes more than a gorgeous face to keep his attention. Many women didn’t realize that. They don’t know the core factor to keep a man stay in love, and therefore all of their relationships failed time after time. 

Trying to please him in the bedroom is one thing (and yes, I’m going to mention that as well!) But you also have to work on the way you express your thoughts and your actions simultaneously. That’s what I’m going to show you today. Provided that you are at the beginning of a relationship, you’ve picked the right time to make him addicted to you. Sooner than later! But in case you two have been together for a long time, I assure you these methods will still work effectively as well. 

Get ready for the most solid pieces of advice on how to make him addicted to you that you can find on the internet. 

1. Familiar yourself with his hobbies

Sharing things in common is the quickest way to strengthen your bond with a guy. I’m NOT saying that you have to force yourself to like every single thing he likes. Just keep doing what you are interested in because that’s what makes who you are. But once in a while, try joining with him in his hobbies as well. 

For example, does your man love football? You might not like it, but you can offer a football party for him and his friend at your house. Of course, he won’t make you sit there and hear their endless stories about football players, but he will appreciate your sweet effort. So his most favorite band of all time is having a concert? Order a pair of tickets so you two can go together! The more things you two share with each other, the stronger the connection can be. He will be addicted to you in no time.

2. Heat up the relationship inside the bedroom…

how to make him addicted to you

Yes, sex does play an important role. It’s an act of love, and the amount of emotions it can bring is overflowing. Some women I know used to think that men would prefer them to just enjoy sex passively. But the fact is, they will go crazy over you if you “take control” just a little bit. 

So be passionate! Suggest some new positions that you two have never tried before. Have a quickie in the morning, before you both go to work. The key is, do so when you actually feel like. Don’t take it as a task, he can sense it and sex would turn out to be completely awkward. When you feel like it is the right time, give it a try. 

3. … and outside the bedroom as well

A couple of sexts will make him wow anytime and start to desire you more than ever. That’s how to make him addicted to you. But it doesn’t need to be that. Sometimes just a sudden hug from behind, or simply telling him how much you love him will do. Don’t do all of this every day, though. It will be much sweeter and more interesting if you do this for him once in a while like a surprise little gift. 

4. Have you ever heard about dopamine?

Dopamine is the main chemical for pleasure. If there is anything accountable for desire, this is the culprit. 

So how do you stimulate your brain to produce more dopamine? Do something exciting! Perhaps try some extreme sports together, or go on an adventure to somewhere you’ve never seen. You two will have more memorable things together to refresh the relationship, rather than a boring schedule from time to time. 

5. Be his source of energy

how to make him addicted to you


Don’t mistake it as following him 24/7. There is a lot of chaos out there for him to handle, but little does he receive any support. You will be an inseparable part of his life once he realizes that you are always there to have his back. 

So how do you do it? Everything he does for you, show him your appreciation. If he gives you a present, give him a kiss on his cheek. Don’t hesitate to compliment his choice when you two go to his favorite restaurant. He will be so grateful to have you as his number one fan. That’s how to make him addicted to you. 

6. And if you do have a weak side, show it to him

If you want your boyfriend to show you the real him, you will have to be real as well in return. Your man might not be as sensitive as your best friend, and perhaps he doesn’t understand women as much as she does. But he has a strong shoulder for you to lean on, and once you choose him to be your loved one you will have to acknowledge that. Moreover, psychologists proved that when men feel the need to protect you, it will trigger his natural instinct. He will feel like it is his duty to care for you. Next time, don’t hesitate to be emotional. He will be drawn closer to you.


Above is our tried and tested guide on how to make him addicted to you. The outcome is assured by a thousand of my clients, so I’m sure that it will be useful as well! Pick up one of them and be ready to transform your relationship today. 

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