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Should I Stay Or Leave When I Feel Stuck In A Relationship?


“What should I do when I feel stuck in a relationship?” is the question I’ve received the most last week.

If you ask someone this question all of a sudden, he or she would probably give you a long answer on what to do, in the most reasonable way possible. But when that person actually falls in this situation and feel stuck in a relationship for real… well, he or she wouldn’t be so wise. 

It’s like an endless circle, isn’t it? You meet someone and ultimately think of him as the one who would be with you forever. Everything is going so smoothly you feel like you are living in a dream. But that was just the beginning. Slowly, your perfect love starts to go down. 

A relationship can be flawed in many different ways, depending on your personality. 

But commonly you know that it is not alright when:


feel stuck in a relationship


  • You feel like your energy is sucked out and are no longer happy thinking of your relationship. Instead, you just feel exhausted.
  • And as a result, you feel relieved not being around your partner.
  • You two fail to communicate with each other. You feel like it is pointless to discuss things with him.
  • Your partner tries to take control of you. You feel restrained or suffocated by your relationship.
  • Whenever you have a free moment, you will start thinking about it and feel anxious.
  • You are always the one at fault, doesn’t matter what you do.
  • All of your time is spent following him. You don’t have any spare time for your family, your friend, or even yourself.
  • You feel like his mom.

Some people believe that once you meet your fated lover, everything should be easy. This also means when you see things going wrong, he is absolutely not the one for you. You should turn to another direction right away.

Others think that a relationship is never an easy road. Every single one of them has its up and down. It’s completely normal and you will have to work to mend it.

Well, I’d say that the nature of it falls somewhere between these two opinions. 

Yes, it is true that a relationship is never easy. That’s how life goes. Even if you and your partner are perfectly meant for each other, you two can never avoid the problem. There will come to a point when you two start yelling at each other. It’s a human’s psychology to take it out on the people we love the most. 

On the other hand, some relationships are just wrong. Plain wrong. And when you start asking yourself, “what should I do when I feel stuck in a relationship?”, it is the early sign.

So how do you distinguish these two cases? How do you know which one you are in before it is too late?

Let me tell you.

When should you ultimately leave your relationship and move forward to another one?

You know that it is the right time to leave when you are merely enduring the relationship

First, you should just sit down and evaluate your feelings. Ask yourself, do you still love him or you are just trying to endure the relationship? Is it still repairable? Is it possible that you should move on and give yourself a chance to search for a new opportunity?

All of us can find countless reasons to stay in an irreparable relationship, often because we have put so much in it that we can’t let go. There is one thing I want to remind you: You can’t get back the time and effort you’ve put into this relationship, no matter whether you stay or leave. So why don’t you take the chance and go find someone else?

We also avoid jumping out of a broken relationship because we are scared. We are scared of change. This kind of fear has become the nature of human beings. You haven’t been alone for too long so you forgot how it was to be on your own. But as long as you build up your self-confidence, you will realize that it is not as scary as you think.

On the other hand, if the hardship you are experiencing is something you will have to go through anyway, then it’s not your love’s fault.

Think about it for a moment. For example, many couples have problems after moving in with each other. They find it difficult to manage the budget or decide which one will do the house chore. That might make you feel stuck in a relationship, but you have to acknowledge that negotiation is an inevitable part when you live together with just anyone.

In this case, if you are sure you want to spend the rest of your life with this person, there is no other way but to work on it. Sit down and find a way to deal with the situation. I’m sure that the uneasy feeling will go away after a while.

Sometimes, the struggle will come when you are having hardship in life. For example, if your parents have health problems or you are having a difficult time at work, these matters will drain your energy. You will feel tired with just everything in life, not just your relationship.

In this situation, even if your partner is being supportive, you would still feel like it is not enough. You would always desire more. 

So what should you do in this case?

feel stuck in a relationship


If the reason I mentioned above is why you feel stuck in a relationship, leaving is not an option. But you still have to do something with them.

Many people believe in harmony. They think that if two people are meant for each other, there should be no argument, no problem at all. 

But very few people have that kind of compatibility. And it doesn’t work all the time. 

What you really need, in this case, is relationship skills.

You see, no one ever taught us what to do when we are in love. Therefore we don’t know what to do when the difficulty is there. We don’t know what to do when we feel stuck in a relationship. 

A couple with decent relationship skills will find a way to deal with it. They will know what to do to keep their love burning. 

You might be wondering where you can learn those skills. After all, none of us was taught relationship skills officially. We only learn when something happens and thus force you to realize the lesson. 

But here, we have what you need. We have the complete guide on what you should do for your man in order to become the one and only woman he cherishes. We will reveal you the secret to triggering a man’s uttermost desire, which will make his heart melt for you in just any situation, even when you two are going through that toughest phase of the relationship…

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