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The Language Of Desire Review: Don’t Try Unless You Finish Reading This!

“Why don’t you come here tonight…?” 

“We will have a WONDERFUL TIME together…” 

I froze as I stared at my husband’s phone screen.

The truth just hit me harder than everything. 

It was so painful I couldn’t even move my joints. All I could do was sitting there motionlessly. As my mind went utterly blank, tears started falling down my cheek before I even realized…

It would be a lie if I said this was unexpected. Deep inside, I had always known this day would come. Every day, I prayed for it to come slower, prayed for myself to never have to face it. 

But I couldn’t run away from it forever…

Barney, my husband, was having an affair…

So, to begin this The Language Of Desire review, let me introduce a bit. My name is Leslie, and I’m currently working as a graphic designer. How did I know about the program? Well, it is a long story. 

I got married to Barney 4 years ago. Since he is a professional photographer, he has chances to go to many places, to learn about different cultures, and meet a lot of people. That’s the reason why before the marriage, some people around me were worried. 

“Barney is too wild, too adventurous.” – My best friend, Carla – “It might not be a good choice to marry him. I’m sure he will get bored after a few months. See how many girls are surrounding him!” 

But I knew it was not the case. Barney and I shared a lot in common. We both loved to move from place to place, to travel around the world, and to discover new things. Yet, end of the day, all we wanted was to sit next to each other on the balcony, drink hot tea, and tell each other silly stories. Despite having a lively lifestyle and working with many people, he believed that there could only be one person in this world whose soul matched him perfectly. And I was that other half. 

the language of desire review


The thing we found most compatible with each other was sex. That’s also the thing he loved most about me. 

“You are always passionate, Leslie. You are so damn hot”, he said every time we had sex with each other. Barney and I, we fulfilled each other’s most intense fantasy. I let him tried out anything he had ever wished. I whispered sexy words in his ears and teased him. In return, he made dirty, incredible love for me. It was only with him did I feel satisfied. We gave each other everything. 

So you can guess, our time after marriage was amazing. It felt as if I was living in a dream. 

But just until I gave birth to our first child. 

Don’t misunderstand. I LOVE Diana. She was a little angel, whose bright blue eyes look exactly like her dad’s. Both of us were excited at the thought that we were mommy and daddy now. Diana was the proof of our love, and the most precious treasure we will protect at all cost. 

There was only one thing…

After giving birth, I found myself have little or even no desire for sexual intimacy. Whenever we had sex, I could not feel any excitement, no matter how well Barney did. I know that he also felt this change. Our sex life became worse than ever before. I could not satisfy Barney’s needs.”

But deep down, I knew that the problem came mentally. But I didn’t know what it was. 

I didn’t know what the problem was.

“What’s wrong with you, love?” – Once, Barney asked when he was on top of me, inside me – “You seem off these days. Is there anything wrong? Where is my passionate Leslie?”

I shook my head and said there was nothing. Although my husband didn’t say anything, I knew that he was frustrated.

Needless to say, I felt guilty and scared. I knew that if this continued, I would disappoint him. I was aware that I had to be back like how I was before and satisfy him on the bed. 

Yet I couldn’t, I didn’t. Whenever I opened my mouth, trying to whisper something in his ears, I went stiff. It was painful to acknowledge that I had become a boring, unattractive woman when it came to sex, but I was unable to do anything. Every single time we had sex with each other, I sensed his disappointment. Though Barney tried not to show it, I knew he got tired more and more. 

As I didn’t know how to overcome my awkwardness, I decided to leave it. “My husband will still love me” – I tried to convince myself – “I know Barney so well. He would never cheat on me. It is the period every married couple will have to go through. No one can get married for years and are still wild on the bed like how they did when they were still dating.” 

Now when I look back at it, I admit that I was so damn selfish. Instead of trying to change, I let my husband have to deal with it. 

Until one day, I discovered a shocking truth…

It was an evening like any other. Barney came home, seemed totally exhausted. He mentioned a shooting session with a newly famous model, and how it sucked out all of his energy. Then he went straight to the bathroom. 

Just when I was about to go to the kitchen and prepare for dinner, I saw the phone he left on our bed. A mischievous idea popped up in my mind: Perhaps I should hide the phone to tease him. My husband was always forgetful, and he probably would think he left it at work. 

I giggled as I imagined his panic expression. After all, he should take a break from this tiny troublesome device, if he wanted to get some rest. 

As I picked up the phone, it vibrated. 

Barney received a message from someone called Lola. 

Suddenly, I had a feeling. A bad feeling. I tried to open the phone, but it was locked with a password. 

I pressed four numbers, which was my birthday, and unlocked it. Judging from the message log, my husband and this Lola girl had just known each other for a short time due to work. She tried to woo Barney, but he didn’t show any specific reaction. 

Not until today… He said that he was totally drained out, and the only thing that could cheer him up was some hot sex. 

“But I’m not sure if my wife can give me that. She seems to be weird recently.”

And this was how Lola replied:

“Why don’t you come here tonight, then? We will have a wonderful time together.”

My whole body shook, and I tried my best not to drop the phone. 

The thing I was scared the most was coming so close. 

the language of desire review

I put down the phone, used all of my energy left to prepare for dinner. Even moving a finger felt so painful, but I tried my best not to show any sign of depression. 

Barney, of course, had no clue what I just saw. He talked with me about the people he worked with that day. My husband didn’t mention any Lola. Though I wanted to ask, I didn’t have the courage to.

After dinner, my heart pumped. Imagining my husband making up an excuse to get out of the house, meet Lola, and have sex with her, I went panic. I tried to think of how to respond if he said he would go out, but my mind went blank.

I wasn’t able to satisfy him at all… so, I couldn’t stop him, it was all my fault…

Just thinking about that made me almost busted out with tears. 

That night, Barney didn’t leave. He didn’t say anything. Instead, he just played with our daughter, watched a movie, and then went to bed. 

My husband also didn’t ask for sex. 

While Barney was asleep, I checked his phone once again and found out that he had refused the girl. “I can’t betray Leslie”, he said. Still, I didn’t feel relieved at all. I knew that if I didn’t change, and if I couldn’t satisfy him on the bed, I could lose him any moment. 

I stayed awake all night searching on the internet. For the first time in a while, I tried to find a solution to my situation. 

Finally, I found a program called The Language of Desire.

The Language Of Desire is an online program. It claims to not only break down male psychology to discover the best way to satisfy your man on the bed but also help you understand your mindset and your desire to release your sexual aspiration. It sounded like exactly what I needed.

I must say that I’ve never been a fan of these online programs. Nowadays, the internet is flooded with these products, so it is hard to tell which of them is trustworthy. Therefore, I had never tried any of them. However, in this case, I was too frustrated and didn’t have time to lose. If I didn’t act right now, I would lose my husband to another woman anytime. 

He could refuse Lola once, but as his disappointment grew, she could get him any moment. Thinking about that, I grabbed The Language of Desire as if it was my life-saver

But before buying The Language of Desire, I must do a research first. Though the price was not so high, I could not waste a few days reading a pointless, low-quality thing, right? So I tried to search for actual feedback from customers by searching with the phrases “The language of desire review”. Unfortunately, I did not find any detail as expected. Also, most of the reviews on the internet were similar as if the same author wrote them.

Therefore, I tried another way and looked for the author, Felicity Keith.

Honestly, I didn’t expect to find anything as well. However, to my surprise, I could find a lot of information about her. Just like any other woman, Felicity Keith had her own social media pages to share moments about her life, relationship advice, and stories from customers. So I was assured that she was a real human, not a random scammer.

Thus I purchased the program at the price of $37. Right after making the purchase, I got access to the digital version of The Language of Desire immediately. It was a relief, I thought. Why? Because I needed it as soon as possible. If it was a physical product, it might take a few days to one week to ship, and God knows what would happen between those few days! 

I also received the 3 bonuses, which were The Good Girl’s Guide To Talking Dirty, Silent Seduction, and Unstoppable Confidence, but I decided to leave them until later. 

the language of desire review


So I began to read the main program from the beginning.

Honestly, the design of it was a bit… off. Being a graphic designer, I thought, despite being an online program, it should at least have an inspiring cover since the eBook was designed especially for women. Yet to my surprise, it was extremely straightforward. There was no cover; instead, the author gets straight to chapter 1: Introduction.

Nevertheless, what got me was the introduction. Usually, I had the habit of skipping this part every time I started reading a new book, so I kept scrolling past the author’s story and the reason why she wrote the book. But I had to stop at this one part when she explained her reasons behind the awkwardness… 

Omg, it was exactly my case.

I had never voiced out the thoughts I had in my mind, but deep inside, I knew the reason why I was so scared to talk dirty to my husband after having our first child. And now someone said it to me. 

Encouraged, I went on reading the next chapter. Chapter 2 of the book claimed to help any woman get on the right mindset to unleash the sexy beasts inside of us. Sounds tempting, isn’t it.? Still, I was a little bit skeptical, but the author Felicity Keith was patient. Step-by-step, she explained that to get over the fear of talking dirty while having sex, I had to “chat with myself” a little bit.

Then she slowly revealed how I could get to understand my very own expectation, discover my desire, and know how I feel at the moment. It felt as if she was there talking to me! I spent that whole day asking myself questions, doing a reflection on myself, noting down what I found out with the help of the program. The Language of Desire also explained to me the importance of talking to my partner about expectations and the way I should to it. 

Thanks to chapter 2, that night, I finally was able to have a straightforward conversation with my husband and shared with him my frustration, as well as explained with him clearly what I expected and what could turn me on during this period. As we talked, I realized that Barney’s disappointment didn’t only come from my weird attitude, but also because I was keeping silent all the time. He thought he wasn’t able to satisfy me, and I was tired of him. 

That night, we still didn’t have sex, but our misunderstanding was solved. I felt a sense of relief when he hugged me and quickly fell asleep. My mind was untied, there was no wall between us disappeared, and the awkwardness was gone. I was going the right way, and The Language of Desire would help me heat our sex life once again. 

I spent the whole following day finishing the program. The chapter 3 to 6 were all about actual tips and tricks I could use on the bed, from understanding a man’s sexual drive, triggering his most erogenous zone to some sexual fantasies we could try out to make sex even more exciting. Barney and I used to be wild on bed, but trust me, chapter 5 and 6 were wilder than anything we had ever done. Just by reading these chapters, I could imagine how shocked he was if I applied these tips on him. I couldn’t even wait to try! 

Chapter 7 was especially for a single lady. Going through the first few pages of this chapter, I already knew that it wasn’t for me, so I decided to skip it and go back later.

In chapter 8, I found something interesting: The Lust Mirror Technique and Erotic Telepathy and Romance Rotator. These were the tips to tease your man, make him felt like your hero and treat you like a princess on the bed. As exciting as they sounded, I hesitated to try them out. They were heavily based on psychology, and I felt as if they taught me to trick Barney by controlling his mind. I felt somewhat guilty to try them out, so I thought I wouldn’t apply them anytime soon. 

Chapter 9 showed me how to make my man fantasize about me even when we were not together, using text messages and naughty photos. Though the chapter claimed to teach you how to seduce him from afar without turning into a slut, some of the given examples were still quite bold and were only suitable if you are brave enough. However, we didn’t have beautiful sex for a while, so it wouldn’t hurt to be bold a bit. I thought that and immediately sent Barney a message in chapter 9. 

Just one second later, he called me…

“Leslie, what’s wrong with you?”

My heart pumped like crazy. Did I do something wrong?

“You haven’t been like this ever since Diana was born, Leslie. Oh my god, that message makes me feel like rushing home and love you all over the place right now.” 

It worked! My eyes were wide open as I heard his voice was full of desire and obsession. It REALLY worked! 

Barney came home earlier than usual. Immediately, he hugged and kissed me…

And as we both were rolling around on the bed, I took a deep breath…

Well, I have to admit that I was still afraid. It felt as if I was about to jump off a bridge… 

But I had to overcome the fear. I took a deep breath and said it…

The “magical words” I found in chapter 4. It was Pavlov’s Erection, and it worked AMAZING!

Barney stared at me as if he was seeing me for the very first time…

He looked deeply into my eyes, and I knew that I got him back to me again.

Both his body and soul were back to me. 

My husband smiled. Even before we had a kid, I had never seen that smile. 

He never looked that satisfied and masculine. 

Over the following few hours, I used everything I found in the program. I whispered dirty words in Barney’s ear. I planted seeds of fantasy inside of him, teased him, made him become my very own hero.

the language of desire review

Then, he gave me the hottest sex ever. My husband touched me as if I was the most precious treasure … and fulfilled all of my wildest imaginations.

Just after that night, I saw a complete change in our relationship. The bond between us became even stronger than before.

We made great love with each other almost every night. Barney said that I was the only woman he couldn’t live without; the only one in this world could make him feel happy and satisfied.

I told my best friend, Carla, about it.

I could see that she was very eager. After I hung up, she asked: “Well, did you learn any tip I can use for next week’s date?”

I knew my bff. She was an amazing lady, but due to her fear of sex, Carla was still single. 

I also knew how desperate she was to get Josh to become her boyfriend. She had a crush on him for years, and it was going to be their very first date. 

So I recommended The Language of Desire to her and noted that she could use chapter 7 “For Single Ladies”.

A week later, I received a text message from her in all caps with a super exciting emotion: 

“GUESS WHAT???? It REALLY works!!! We had the MOST WONDERFUL NIGHT ever, and he keeps begging to see me again!!!! Love you, Leslie! 😀 “ 

So, as you already see, The Language of Desire worked well for both a married woman and a single girl. Due to the lack of actual review on the internet, I must write this The Language of Desire review for all of you who want to heat your sex life just like me to find the best solution. 

To sum up my The Language of Desire review, here are the pros of the program that I want to list out: 

  • Reasonable price: $37 is a much lower price than visiting a marriage counselor. However, I was lucky to get it during the discount period. The original price of the program was $388, and I don’t know when they will bring it back. So if you want to grab a copy now, you’d better hurry!
  • Convenient: Despite being an online program, The Language of Desire is super informative. It teaches you tips to seduce your boyfriend/husband on the bed, as well as when you two are away from each other. In chapter 10, it also breaks down what should you say to bring back the sexual desire in various situation. It feels like you have a personal relationship therapist right beside you without having to go anywhere. Moreover, each chapter comes with specific examples. Sometimes, all you need to do is choose an appropriate text, send it to your boyfriend or husband, and wait for the magic to happen!
  • Flexible: The Language of Desire can be used by both single and married women, as well as those who are in relationships. 
  • Real author: Felicity Keith is a real woman with a real story; you can easily find and contact her on the internet. You can also read more about Felicity’s story behind The Language of Desire here. 
  • Practically works: $37 is a one-time investment that successfully proves its worth because the program worked amazingly for me! Now, my husband and I are the dream couple for all of our friends. It’s all thanks to The Language of Desire.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee: You can try it out in 60 days for free. If you don’t see any positive change in 60 days, you can request to have your full money back. What kind of company would do that anyway???

the language of desire review

Yet, some still things that should be mentioned in my The Language of Desire review:

  • Only available in digital form: I’m more into reading physical books, so at first I wasn’t so comfortable with reading an eBook. However, this provides quick access, and you don’t have to pay for the shipping fee. 
  • Lack of actual feedbacks from customers: Probably because sex is quite a sensitive topic, so there are not so many people mention their experience with this program on the internet.
  • Simple design: I did hope that the developer team would put more effort into the design. It looks too simple and is not as professional as I expected. 
  • Some of the tips require you to be bold: It does not mean that you have to act like a slut, but you shall have to overcome your fear before learning any tip in The Language of Desire. 
  • Based heavily on male psychology, therefore sometimes it feels like you are controlling your man. 

Well, it comes to the end of my The Language of Desire review. My final verdict is, though there are still some cons, this program is perfect for those who want to have a fantastic sex life. Regardless of who you are, where you are living, or what your relationship status is, you would still find the program useful. Moreover, you can TRY IT FOR FREE WITHIN 60 DAYS. Take the chance to transform your love story right now, just like I did! 

the language of desire review



Lastly, and I would like to thank the Linkingo website for giving me a chance to share my story. I do hope that it is useful for those struggling in their love lives and wondering if The Language Of Desire can help.

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