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The Language Of Desire Review: Don’t Try Unless You Finish Reading This!

the language of desire review


Before we get to this The Language Of Desire review, let me ask you something.

Are you dissatisfied with your sex life?

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, you might find sex monotonous. You probably are looking for a way to heat up your love. 

Or perhaps you just feel like you are not the one your partner desires. There are countless sexy, totally attractive girls around him, but you are not one of them. 

Maybe you are having this crazy idea of trying to get your ex back…

Doesn’t matter what kind of situation you are in, as long as you wish to know how to turn him on, you’ve come to the right place.

The Language of Desire is all about adult content. Only persons above the age of 18 years are eligible to read this. 

There are many women out there who are unable to voice their sexual preferences. It is also taboo in our society that a woman can be vocal about sexual dissatisfaction. In this man’s world, where does a woman get the chance to say anything?  More than 80% of breakups are due to sexual dissatisfaction and cheating. Watching porn and masturbation are not permanent solutions to a serious issue. The ugly truth is that when a man starts to lose sexual attraction for his woman that is when the relationship suffers. Addressing the issue right in the beginning before it’s too late will help to overcome the problem.  It is here that The Language of Desire helps you to overcome your shyness and talk dirty with your partner. It helps to unlock the secret code of attraction and make your man desire you forever. 


how to make him sexually addicted


Why should you read The Language of Desire?

Many people think that it’s a lot of bullshit to read a book that is all about talking dirty and enticing your partner. They feel that it should come naturally to a woman. Well, there are many shy girls out there who need advice on this stuff. They don’t know whom to ask and nor can they visit a doctor for advice. A doctor can only talk from a physiological viewpoint and not from an emotional viewpoint. Nor can you run to parents for advice on sex. So the best alternative is to read The Language of Desire. It helps women who need guidance on sex and related issues. 

Language of Desire is more than dirty talk. It helps you to bring sensuality into your relationship and unlock your man’s fantasies by touching his raw G-spot. Women who think they’re ‘proper ladies’ who don’t indulge in dirty talk should actually read this book to find out that each and every man out there wants a wanton girl in bed. This will help your man to burn with longing for you. 

This program is for women who wish to learn how to spice up their sex life and also for those who’re having a listless sexual life. 

So what exactly is The Language Of Desire?

In this The Language Of Desire review, first I want to give you an overview of what the program is actually is. It is a relationship eBook that was created especially for women. It teaches us how to solve common problems using our most powerful weapon: words and phrases. Yes, I didn’t know that it was the weapon for us women until I finished reading the eBook! We all have the ability to control a man’s mind using words, and The Language Of Desire will help us unlock this power. 


the language of desire pdf


The program will also break down male psychology and how you can take advantage of it in order to make a man go crazy for you sexually. 

What is The Language of Desire about?

As the name indicates Language of Desire is about keeping your man sexually attracted to you forever. The program consists of 10 modules and once you buy it you get instant access into the member area where you learn much more about your sex life and how to spice it up. You get unlimited access to information that can transform your sex life. There are bonus downloads also that can help you to silently seduce your man. 

Men like challenges and lust after what they cannot have. Once they get what they want their longing gets balanced and they think that they’ve lost their libido. That is when they look for fun and excitement elsewhere. It is here that The Language of Desire helps to keep your man glued to you. The keys mentioned in the ebook will help you to keep him excited, flirtatious and turn him on. You as a woman become sexually confident and know exactly how to excite him.  This program also talks about erotic telepathy that can give a candid insight into his mind. 

These are some of the chapters in the ebook that help make Language of Desire a handbook for women to entice their man:

the language of desire pdf.


Pavlov’s erection – This chapter deals with how a single phrase you whisper will ‘turn him on’.

Erotic Telepathy – This technique helps you to delve into your man’s mind and learn about his fantasies.

Porn Destroyer – The secrets mentioned here will stop your man from watching porn. 

Tease Intensifier – This chapter helps in teasing and flirting with your man till he just can’t take it anymore. 

Desire Seed – You’re advised to plant your own seeds of desire into his mind so that he always wants to satisfy you first before himself. This helps to strengthen the bond between couples. 

Lust Mirror – This technique is really effective. It keeps both your libido fired and helps you to go on and on…

Verbal Viagra – Just as Viagra fires up the sexual organ the words and phrases mentioned here will get him hard and want you more. 

Oral intensifier– After using verbal seduction this is the next thing you do with your mouth. 

The thing I really love about The Language Of Desire is that it doesn’t only come as PDF like many similar programs. You can download the PDF and the MP3 version separately and switch between two of them whichever you feel comfortable. 

the language of desire downloadCLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


The author of this eBook, Felicity Keith, also created a detailed video, explaining how you can take advantage of each module to the fullest. It actually helped me a lot along the way, and I suggest you watch it for yourself here: 

But who is Felicity Keith?

It would be a mistake if I don’t mention the author in this The Language Of Desire Review. To be honest, the first reason I decided to go with the program was because of Felicity’s story. She was not a typical relationship geek. Just like me, just like us, she was a loving woman who felt betrayed after seeing her husband watching porn. But instead of pretending as nothing happened or showing negative reaction, she started taking on research. 

The amount of effort this woman put in the program was fantastic. She made herself watch porn and read adult novels, then analyze all of them to find out how they attracted men THAT much. Didn’t stop, she came to psychologist and relationship experts for advice. She even went as far as to interview phone sex workers to work out true “men’s fantasy”.

After many years of non-stop trying, she finally put all of her knowledge into this comprehensive program, “The Language Of Desire”. She truly hopes that any woman in this world can use the tips and tricks here to achieve their own everlasting love. That’s the reason why I decided to go with it.

Are there any bonuses that come with the main program?

Yes, there are! Along with The Language Of Desire, you will also receive 3 other bonuses. First, the numbers, and second the quality of all three really amazed me:

  • Bonus 1: A Good Girl’s Guide To Text Naughty

This method will be a sext dictionary for any girl out there who doesn’t know how to text your man to turn him on. In this bonus, they will give you over 200 sample texts to heat up a man’s desire for you anytime. Felicity will also share a step – by – step guide on how to make him can’t stop thinking about you.

  • Bonus 2: Silent Seduction 

The whole program focuses on unlocking women’s ability to use words to strengthen the relationship, both emotionally and sexually. But there is a factor that shouldn’t be left out: Non-verbal gestures. In this bonus, Felicity shares with you different ways to utilize your feminine body language.

  • Bonus 3: Unstoppable Confidence

A confident woman is always sexy, that’s something we all know. This is a ninety minutes conversation between two famous relationship experts that will show you how to always appear self-reliant in front of the man you love. 

After three weeks of utilizing both the main program and bonuses, the result was far beyond my imagination…

How did The Language Of Desire work for me?

how to turn him on

During the first and second weeks, I managed to grab the art of talking dirty. I learned how to play with his imagination, how to trigger his most erogenous fantasy and the way to bring those fantasies to life. 

Furthermore, I successfully trained my voice… This makes you confuse, doesn’t it? In order to take advantage of every man’s sexual desire, you must use your sexy feminine voice while talking dirty to him. You don’t have to worry about how you usually sound AT ALL, because The Language Of Desire will show you how to train it in details. 


And our sex life SIGNIFICANTLY improved! When I first took all the courage I had and applied these methods, I shocked my boyfriend. In a positive way. Sex to us then felt like a desirous adventure and I could feel that he kept wanting more and more. This brand new passion, of course, made me excited. Even though my boyfriend never cheated with an actual woman, I couldn’t help but felt like I had got him back. After all, now all his attention and devotion are on me again, just like when we just started! 

“You made me feel like the king of the world, Abigail” – he grinned one night while going deep inside me – “I don’t know how and why, but I can’t stop myself from desiring more of you.”

I trembled, but this time with joy. My boyfriend had never said anything like that. I didn’t allow myself to let my expectations fly high at first, but The Language Of Desire really TRANSFORMED my whole relationship. 

Final Words 

So that’s how I “revolutionize” the love with my boyfriend, and successfully won all of his love and devotion once again. I want to share my true experience with you because you probably are getting lost in countless unauthorized reviews on the Internet. I’m a real person, a woman just like you who just tried and tested the program, so you might find my experience useful. 

In my The Language Of Desire Review, I also want to mention  some pros and cons of the program:


Comes with both PDF and audio versions: You can choose to switch between these two versions and decide which one is more comfortable for you.

  • The navigation of the member’s area is very easy and you get to meet like-minded people there. You can exchange notes and ideas here.
  • There are worksheets that’ll help you to keep a tab of your progress. 
  • Very easy to follow: The eBook does have its personal touch. You will feel like Felicity is talking to you herself and show you step by step. Everything is understandable even for non-professional users and easy to follow through.
  • You will get access instantly: Once you completed the purchase, you will receive the program immediately. There is no waiting here! 
  • Guaranteed to work: Unlike other relationship programs which only contain old-fashioned advice, this is the work of a woman who also suffered from her relationship, but worked hard to find her way and achieved everlasting happiness again. Therefore it is very relatable, practical and can be applied by anyone. 
  • Money-back guarantee: Just in case you think it doesn’t work for you, you will receive your money back, with absolutely no question asked! 
  • It’s now 90% off: Well when I first made the purchase, the price was $388. But for a limited period of time, it’s now $37. I think this is a great bargain since you are buying something that will change your luck with men FOREVER.



  • You will have to get over your shyness: This is not exactly a guide for a shy girl, but it is a guide on how to get over your shyness and become a hot woman. You might find some of the techniques hard to follow at first, but you will get better over time. 


So, to conclude our “the language of desire review”, it’s totally worth a try! To all of you who are feeling like something is missing in the relationship, this might be the miracle you need. You wouldn’t regret changing your relationship once and for all, would you?

the language of desire download




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