Felicity Keith

Felicity Keith And The Painful Secret Behind “The Language Of Desire”

Being transformed by the power of love sounds like something only happens in Hollywood movies. However, Felicity Keith is the living proof of that. Not only did she manage to change her love life completely, but she also helped countless women across the world to create a miracle as well. 

Felicity was born in a small town in Ohio. Ever since she was a child, she always found the power of love amazing. As she grew up, romantic movies in the 1970s such as Say Anything, When Harry Met Sally or Pretty In Pink became the chicken soup for her soul. 

And thus, Felicity went into her first, second, and even third relationship with a burning desire to find a fascinating love story… just like those Hollywood dramas. 

Nevertheless, Everything Felicity Keith Got Was Disappointment. 

Felicity Keith

Felicity Keith

“Time after time, I really wondered if it was my fate to be unlucky in love” – in a recent interview, Felicity recalled that time – “You know, I really did love them with all I had. Still, every man came to my life would lie to me, lead on me, disillusion me and cheat on me. Once upon a time, I thought I couldn’t bear to love someone else anymore. I just wanted to stay away from relationship forever, for good!” 

Until now, she still feels glad that she didn’t. Just when she decided to close her heart, she met the man that is now her dearest husband. 

It was somewhere around 2009. 

Ever since Felicity first met Kevin, she immediately knew that he was different from anyone else. There was something about his fuzzy hair and his deep blue eyes that made her think he was indeed the one. 

His smile was the warmest thing Felicity saw in awhile. 

Thus their story began, exactly like how those romantic movies should be. It was perfect and sweet, except for one thing… 

Since Felicity Keith had too many failed relationships, she lost her confidence. She had always been awkward when it came to sex and dirty talk, to the point that she never tried to talk dirty with her ex-boyfriend before. But this time, things got even worse. Though Kevin was gentle and understanding, she just couldn’t stop feeling useless and unattractive when they were making love. 

Yet Felicity tried to avoid the problem. She tried to avoid her fear instead of trying to face it. She pretended like everything was okay. 

After 9 months of dating, finally, they married each other. She thought she would just live a slumberous life like this.

But suddenly, a turn of events changed her life completely. 

From A Quiet Suburban Wife To The “Indiana Jones Of The Male Mind” 

Felicity Keith still calls that incident the most painful and embarrassing moment in her life. In her darkest time, she had only 2 choices: Leaving her husband or fighting for her own marriage. 

She decided to fight.

“I loved him so much, I couldn’t bear to lose him.” – she told me with a smile – “That’s why I decided to make a change. My goal was to become the only woman he desires, the only one that can fulfill all his fantasy. I did everything to be the only woman he couldn’t live without.”

And thus, the love for her husband had changed Felicity Keith completely. 

She spent almost 2 years after studying male sexual psychology, to discover the secret fantasies of all guys in the world. Literally, she went on a mission to find out men’s hidden desires and expectations. She learned how to control it like playing the violin.

But for someone who had never studied psychology before, the first few steps, of course, wasn’t easy. 

All over the internet, Felicity just found trashy eBooks, articles and Youtube videos created by disreputable, pick up artist guys and 20ish chicks. All of them tried to tell her that in order to satisfy a man, she had to act like a slut or a nymphomaniac teenager. 

She didn’t give up. For happiness with her husband, she couldn’t fall for that. 

Felicity Keith then changed her method. She set up meetings with the most reputable relationship experts. After telling them her story, she got their advice. She learned from them. Some of those therapists have become Felicity’s close friends now. 

She didn’t miss a single opportunity to interview college professors about evolutionary psychology. She was dying to know how a man’s brain worked the way it did.

Day after day, she spent time reading heavy books and found out the most leading psychological researches.

She acted like a true scientist and did things she had never done before. 

Instead of being disgusted and judgemental like she had always been, Felicity Keith brought herself to watch porn. But she didn’t just watch. “WHY men seem to need this stuff?”, she wondered. 

After analyzing every single sentence the most popular pornstars whispered, Felicity finally got a glimpse of the secret trigger in a man’s brain…

For her research, she even went as far as tracking down a retired phone sex operator. This woman had played the dream girl for countless of men. 

Felicity came to her house, had an interview with her… and discovered a whole treasure. 

She taught Felicity the power of the feminine voice, the exact tone that releases the animal inside every man in the world.

Even smut written for men, Felicity would also spend her time to read them. After reading countless of those stories, she learned exactly the pattern of those that received 5 stars. 

Within 2 years, she became a researcher. 

Felicity Keith was determined. And her hard work paid off. 

Not only did she become the only woman to occupy her husband’s mind once again, the only woman Kevin couldn’t live without… but she also created a miracle for every woman across the globe.

“With This Program, I Want To Spread Love.”

Felicity Keith


That’s what Felicity Keith said when I asked about her most famous work, The Language of Desires. This is a complete guide about sex, fantasy and talking dirty. You can check out The Language of Desire’s detailed overview HERE.

Before becoming an online course with thousands of downloads, it was just a small notebook. Initially, Felicity Keith wrote the Language of Desire for herself. She considered it a journal to keep track of what she had learned along the way, a self-report so that she could keep track of the progress. It contained all the things Felicity had put blood, sweat, and tears into discovering, obtaining, trying and testing. 

Gradually, her personal notebook became a guide. After seeing success in her marriage, her friends started asking to read it. 

Words spread like wildfire. As Felicity said, “things got a little crazy before I could realize.”

All of a sudden, the quiet suburban wife became famous locally. 

Because everyone around her, from 20 years old girl to 75 years old recent divorcees, started using her techniques. 

Felicity wasn’t expecting that her work could create miracles in many relationships and marriages. In fact, when her friends told her that she should public the techniques, she still hesitated. 

But thinking that she could help many women around the world to find happiness, she finally decided to make it into a 10 module course that teaches you how to tap into the sexual psychology of a man – whether he is your partner for more than 20 years or a guy you just met. 

That’s how Felicity Keith created the famous “Language of Desire”. Until now, the program is still famous among thousands of women, regardless of age, as one of the best sex and relationship courses. 

Even though Felicity is proud of both her marital life and her works now, she doesn’t stop here. She has found her new mission: Help every woman to transform their so-so love life into wonderful stories. You might check out her program “The Language of Desire” HERE, and stay tuned for more of Felicity’s works!

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