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Texts To Win Him Back: 6 Things You Must Do Beforehand

Sure, I know you are here to learn more about texts to win him back. I can totally understand if you are dying to talk to him again. Nevertheless, you should not jump right into that stage without any preparation – otherwise, it will turn out to be a disaster! 

Many women I’ve worked with make this misstep: They didn’t prepare anything before sending texts to their exes. You should know that sending texts to win him back is possible, but not an easy job. You will need an entire plan to make it works properly. If you don’t do it right, you may make a fatal mistake that can ruin your chances of getting him back forever. 

Therefore, I advise you to get through this checklist below and make sure you’ve completed all of them. Only when you have done these can you be in the right mindset to send a text to get your ex back.

Before Sending Texts To Win Him Back, Apply The “No Contact Rule”.


texts to win him back

Whether you can win him back all depends on the “No contact rule”

This is the most fundamental thing you MUST do before using texts to get him back. Whether your ex will come back to you or not mostly depends on this stage. 

Just as its name, “No Contact Rule” means there is no contact at all between you and your ex. Please, just hold yourself back. The ideal period of this should be at least 30 days. 

Why is this necessary? Three reasons. Firstly, you are creating a space for you both. Your ex cannot miss you if he receives a message from you once every hour. Things get more beautiful when people lose them, so if there is a time for your ex to regret the breakup, then here it is! 

Secondly, you are telling him that you are not needy nor desperate. This is very important, especially when he dumped you in the first place.

Thirdly, this period of time is good for yourself. A breakup is painful, isn’t it? You will need to recover. Read on and you will see how you can possibly heal yourself and become the woman he can’t bear to lose again. 

Release All Your Feelings.

It is painful to keep a broken heart for yourself. Negativity is toxic, and it is very unlikely you can say something that makes him want to get back to you if you just keep it inside. My advice is, let it all out. You might cry, yell, or make a sad playlist. The more you try to express your emotions, the less intense they become. As long as you don’t hurt yourself, release all your feelings and move forward!

Reach Out To Your Friends.

texts to win him back

This is the best way to sort out your feelings


One of the best ways to sort your emotions is to get help from your friends. I strongly recommend that you try your best to avoid isolation during this period since you might let your feelings take over and send unwise texts to him. Instead, talk to your best friend. She will hear you out and offer you a shoulder to lean on.

Get Yourself Together!

The most important thing you need to do is to rebuild your self-confidence. Blaming yourself after a breakup is like falling into a deep hole, you will keep finding more and more mistakes. This needs to stop. Remember, right now you are on top priority, not your ex, not anyone else. Treat yourself nicely. Do what you like, go to the gym and keep yourself fit. Make your ex regret leaving you from the first place.

That’s the main purpose of the “No Contact Rule” – give you time to heal. If you think of it that way instead of considering it a way to ignore your ex completely, it would be much easier for you to stay committed. Don’t just think about your ex and count every day to talk to him again. This period is for you, and you only.

Find Out What Went Wrong In Your Previous Relationship.

You can only reach this stage with a calm mind. 

Now that your mind is clearer and you have a better point of view on your previous relationship, it is time for you to make a list, start with the reason why you two broke up. This is not the time for you to point finger at your ex. Instead, focus on the truth. Carefully analyze what went wrong between you two, so if you actually get back together the problem won’t happen again. Maybe your ex also wanted to fix the problem, but he never got the chance to talk to you about it. It’s your job now. 

Initiate Contact Properly

After you’ve done all the things above, you are ready to send texts to win him back. However, figure out the right thing to say to him is a challenge for just anyone. Even the smallest mistake is enough to push him away from you forever. 

Worry not, I’m here to help. Let me show you 4 magical texts to win him back that will help you get him back in no time!

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