texts to get him back

4 Magical Texts To Get Him Back In No Time!


So you and your ex just broke up with each other recently. You come here with a broken heart, wonder what you should do at the moment. Let me tell you, it is a wise choice to send texts to get him back. 

Firstly, I know you are at the end of the rope. You don’t want to wake up realizing that he is not beside you anymore. It is impossible for you to imagine a life without your ex. 

I can understand you may be up at 2 am, staring at your phone, wondering if you should text him or not. I can totally understand. 

As a human, it is normal for you to have these thoughts and feelings. 

texts to get him back


However, if you are going to send him a wall of texts saying how much you miss your ex and beg for forgiveness, I think you should stop that for a second. 

I’ve seen this case a thousand times. Please trust me. During this period, the smallest move can also ruin your chance of getting back together into pieces! 

So read this article and find out what texts to get him back that you can send… while still sound like a sexy and confident lady. Let’s make him go crazy for you once again!


1. Reminiscence is always powerful!

Even when your relationship has ended for whatever reason, you two shared a good time together. There must still be some fragments of memories that make him feel happy about them. Therefore, reminding him of the past is one of the most powerful texts to get him back – only if you know HOW!

You have to be very careful about selecting what memory you want to bring up, though. Here is a small list of moments you might want to consider: 

  • The first time you met each other.
  • A wonderful place you both loved to go and often went together. 
  • A party you two went together. 
  • That trip you two shared, or perhaps a place both of you wanted to go but never had the chance to. 

Once you manage to remind him of happy memories, your ex will be in a good mood to talk to you. Therefore, your chance of keeping the conversation going is wide opened. 

For example, you can begin with something like this: 

“I have a trip to Milan now and suddenly remember you. This was in our must-visit list!” 

You can learn more about this method HERE. Once you learn to use this method properly, he will miss you like crazy! 


2. The “I’m doing fantastic” texts to get him back!

Subtly telling him that you are living a happy and fulfilled life is also a good way to make him miss you. Nothing can be sexier than a confident, independent woman! Therefore, if you send him something like this:

“What was the name of the restaurant you mentioned last time? I’m planning to go out for dinner with the girls.”

then he can’t help but desire you all over again for sure. It doesn’t matter he wants it or not, this text will be sticking in his head for a long time. You are not inviting him along. Your social life doesn’t seem to involve him anymore. Yet this text can initiate a longer conversation!

There is one thing you should pay attention to, though. Try not to make up an excuse to send him this text. I recommend you to really go out with a friend. Otherwise, it will turn out awkward as you get trapped in a web of lies.


3. Trigger his instinct by asking for help.

Simply begin the conversation like “Hey there, I need your advice on (subject)…” is one of the best texts to get him back. It triggers his ego as you treat him like a pro in a certain field. Nevertheless, once again, my advice is don’t lie. Just come to him and ask a question about something you really care about.


4. Kick in his jealousy (in a subtle way).

texts to get him back


The truth is, you two were together. So even after breaking up, if you pull the right string, you can still trigger his instinct to be protective. That’s a man’s nature. 

Therefore, a text like this is perfect to get his attention:

“Play that new Xbox game with a friend today. You should try it out – you definitely will love it!”

Firstly, it brings up a topic that he is also interested in. It is not going to be a boring story where you just say that you were doing something with someone he doesn’t know. Secondly, your ex will assume that you spent your time with another guy. This way, he will feel an irresistible desire to get you back into his arms. 


As you have learned about texts to get him back, I want you to notice one thing: All of them sound like you gradually get over the breakup and are now enjoying your life. You don’t have to worry about looking pathetic and desperate. In fact, they boost your attraction to a greater level. Your ex will have to re-think who you really are, as you seem more confident and attractive than ever.

However, it is just the beginning. With these methods and the right timing, you will be able to grab his attention. There is still a long way to go. Whether you are able to get back together with your ex stills depends on how you handle things after that.

You can also refer to a very touching story of Jenifer to see how she used texts to win her ex back and his everlasting love. I believe you will find the answer to your specific problem.

I hope the above information is helpful to you guys. Let us know if you have any comments and contributions. Also, remember to follow us for more coming tips and advice. See you very soon




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