How To Make Him Miss You

How To Make Him Miss You: These 8 Tricks Always Work!


Ah, that feeling of missing someone. You see him in every single thing, from the cat you walk pass on the street to the shirt your colleague wears, which you remember he has a similar one. His existence is everything you desire, and you yearn to see him again this weekend. Yet he doesn’t seem to bother that much. You are struggling with how to make him miss you more and more because you cannot be the only one who suffers this troublesome feeling! 

Missing is fundamental for every couple. It is the catalyst to make you two long for each other, to keep up the desire and thus make you want more of your loved one. Wanting to be closer to someone we love is primal for human beings. Sometimes, it might even feel like a drug. You are addicted to him, you crave for the feeling of being by his side. 

It feels great to know that someone keeps thinking for you when you are away. But this feeling soon becomes a problem when you two are at the beginning of the relationship and you feel like he doesn’t miss you that much in return. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, they said. Technically, when you learn how to make him miss you, you are learning to make him love you more. 

That’s why we shouldn’t waste any moment. Let’s do this now. How to make him miss you like mad? 

1. Have you ever thought about letting him wait?

How To Make Him Miss You

Of course, you are in love with him. You would like to reply to his messages as soon as possible. You would even stick your phone to your eyes if you have a chance. But don’t. Just – don’t. Replying right away will just let him know that you are always available, and always available = being taken for granted. 


It’s a man’s nature to love chasing. If he got you too easily, it would be hard to maintain his interest. That’s the reason why the method of playing hard to get is always so popular, even though it might sound ridiculous for some people. This has been proven to be effective in countless cases. Keep him wait, and know that he will have to crave for you more after. 


2. “Disappear” from social media

While keeping him wait, you might still want to get his attention. But how to make him miss you when you are still available 24/7 on Facebook? Resist the urge to update your status once every 5 minutes. Be a little mysterious so that he shall have to guess how you are doing. 


3. Surprise him in the bedroom

Making love involves a LOT of emotion. I know sex is not everything but if you get him hooked in the bedroom, he will have to miss you for a long while after. Try to bring some surprises and he will have to crave for you to get more, I’m sure about that. 


4. Find your own scent

A memorable scent is a great reminder. Did you know? Scientists have proven that our sense of scent is directly connected to our memory. So if you have been wearing different perfumes, I have a suggestion: Use one personal scent every time you see him. That’s how to make him miss you as whenever the scent comes to his nose, it will remind him of you and the good time you two shared together. 


5. Leave something that will remind him of you

How To Make Him Miss You


If you are just like me, you might find it interesting to suddenly find a tiny item that you thought was lost long ago in your house. The moment you saw it, memories rush back like a roll of film. Why don’t you use the same trick to make him miss you? It can be just an earring or a tiny hair clip, but they can create a miracle. The moment he sees it, he will feel the urge to see you again. 


6. When you two get to see each other, look and be fantastic!

Needless to say, if you look hot when you two are spending time together, he will desire you. Do take care of your appearance. Your look will be one of the key factors that make him expect to see you again.


7. Be extra friendly with other guys 

I mean, this step should be applied methodically. If you overdo it, it will turn out to be a disaster. But when you do it right, you will be able to tap in that dominance nature of your man. He shall have to let you know that you belong to him and he’s missing you. 

8. Last but not least, be bold! 

Men always seek for adventures, and if you can prove that you can rock it with him, great, you are one hell of an ideal girlfriend! Be courageous and take the risk. The relationship will be much more exciting and he shall have to miss you more.


When you are in love with someone, you would want to be the center of his world. You might try your best to get his attention. But trust me, trying so hard is not how to make him miss you.

It took me a long time to find out these methods, in fact. Aside from an expert, I’m a fellow woman, and to find out why our passionate feeling is not returned was a long way of doing research. Now with these tips, I’ve given you, you have to be scared no more. Just go ahead and make him keep thinking of you.

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And don’t hesitate to share with us your experience in the comment section, we’d love to hear from you.



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