Make Him Regret Leaving You

Make Him Regret Leaving You Right Now With These 6 Easy Ways


Is it even possible to make him regret leaving you? After all, he seems to be all over it now. He might even have a new girlfriend already. Looks like he doesn’t even bother how heart-broken you are after the separation. 

I’m telling you, yes, it is possible. 

And it is probably the better thing for you to do right now, instead of all the begging and pleading. If what you have in mind at the moment is how to make him come back, then you have to erase that thought immediately. 

You have to make him REGRET leaving you. And that’s why I’m here today. I’m going to show you how. 

Why should you make him regret? Think differently!

After a break-up, everything you think about is how to make him come back. You probably are ready to do anything to have your ex by your side again. 

Make Him Regret Leaving You

And that’s why I say you have to think differently. You have to change your mind. As a lady, it is important to put your dignity on top priority. To sacrifice your pride and do stupid things to get him back is never a wise move. You will get nothing in return.

Instead, it would be way better to make him regret, make him chase after you. You don’t have to do all the hard work. All you need is to be cunning, just a bit, and some carefully planned trick. If you do it right, getting him back is nearly effortless. 


Do remember this one thing: If your pleading manages to get your ex back, he comes back out of pity. But when he has to chase after you, your relationship would be burning much more passionately once you two get back together. He will have to love you one thousand times more. 

Your body can be a great weapon

You just didn’t use all of its potentials. You might have realized it already at this point, but in case you don’t and start falling into that “eating ice cream and crying” phase after the break-up, let me remind you one thing: Now is the ideal time for you to start to work out for the perfect body shape. 

Why not? Your ex is not around to take you to restaurants every day anymore. Work out and show off your sexy body. Make him drool. 

Career is a big thing

You wouldn’t be able to imagine how bitter your ex can be if you let him know you are going to get promoted. It’s like telling him that you are happy and successful, and is doing so well in life. Nothing can make him regret leaving you more than that. 

What if you have currently changed job? Even better. You have left the break-up thing behind and are up for an exciting challenge. Just tell him! 

Use social media effectively

Updating your social media page 24/7 is like shouting to the world that you are pathetic and have no life. But when you use it right, your ex will have to notice how happy you are without him. After all, social media was created for this kind of situation anyway. 

The best amount of photos to upload should be 2 – 3 per week. Make him regret leaving you by showing how beautiful you are and how you are surrounded by wonderful people.

Excluding him out of your life

You get what I mean, right? It can be hard to fight against the urge to wish him a happy birthday. You might want to send him a message on your anniversary, but don’t do it. Just leave him out. He will surely wonder why you don’t pay attention to him on those special occasions. Once it starts to trouble him, you win! 

Make Him Regret Leaving You

Last but not least, here is a little trick for you 

I once had a client who happened to see her ex on the street. She was totally shocked and overwhelmed with emotions, to the point that she messed it up. When she came and talked to me, it was too late to fix anything. Until now that case still makes me upset thinking about. 

So I did a ton of research and finally found out this psychological trick. If you suddenly saw your ex on the street and feel the need to have a talk, just keep it short. Don’t – ever – beg -for – him – to – come – back. Just casually say hi, but if you manage to create a flashback of your previous relationship in his head, it would work like a miracle. 

Casually mention a trivial memory you two once shared. For example, tell him “I just had lunch at the restaurant we went to last time. The foods are awesome as they were.” Some famous neurologists have proven that this trick will only bring up good memories and make him regret leaving you immediately.


Any problems related to the heart is out of your control. However, if you are sure that it is the man of your life and you cannot lose him, to make him regret is the best way you can do to win him back. Now you know how to do that, all you need to do is patience and a strong mind. 

Don’t forget that these tips benefit you as well… Along the way, I’m sure that you will notice some positive changes in yourself. If these tips and tricks work for you, do share your experience in the comment section below! I’d love to hear your story! 


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