Will He Come Back

Will He Come Back To You After A Break-Up? Why Not? Check This Out


You find yourself wondering, will he come back to you after all?

Until now, you still can’t move on. Your mind gets stuck in the past. 

You still remember the time you had him by your side. He was painfully close, so close to the point that you still can’t believe you two no longer belong to each other. 

You remember that sweet feeling when you were wrapped in love. It felt as if you were the happiest girl ever existed. In fact, you felt like there was no one else. Just you and him, in your own fantasy world.  

Too sweet to be the truth…

It could have been perfect if you were sure that it would last forever. You wanted him to make sure that it would last forever. 

But he didn’t. All of a sudden, your blissful world started to crumble. 

He left. The feeling of being abandoned broke your heart. 

All you’ve got now is memories. 

How you wish you could erase all those fragments of memory. They will just hurt you more. They keep you awake at night, make you break down in tears wondering why all of these even happened to you. You two were absolutely in love. 

My dear, I will tell you one thing: Those memories are not worthless. It’s not over yet. 

The memories you are still holding on, in fact, have this secret power. The power to bring him back to you. 

Science has proven that you still have a chance. All you have to do is grab it. 

Why do we want to get back to our exes? 

Will He Come Back

First, I just don’t want you to blame yourself. Hoping to get back to your ex doesn’t mean that you are weak, pathetic or miserable.

In fact, 95% of couples are like that. Couples break up, then reunite, then break up again and once again, reunite. Especially for young people. Researches have shown that more than half of young adults eventually got back together with their exes. 

Is it impossible for married couples? Most people would assume that married couples will never get back together. Well, 10 – 20% of them did. 


Because it is never easy to let your loved one go. 

Another research proved that around 50% of those who broke up was uncertain about their decision. Those people can’t get rid of the confusion immediately. They felt that they should leave, but at the same time, they felt that they must stay. They got stuck between 2 minds, not sure which one is the best thing to do. 

Furthermore, half of us can’t help but give our exes a chance, once they show that they want to reunite. 

Here comes another why. Why do exes still have such power to change our mind? 

It all thanks to those memories you two once shared with each other. Trust me when I say, those memories will save your relationship. 

Is unforgettable love exist?

What would your ex do after the break-up? When being asked this question, many of my clients told me that he would throw everything away: Your picture, your gifts, your phone number, your social media accounts, and so on. 

But there is one thing he can never throw away. One thing that can’t be erased, no matter how much he tries.

Just like you, he can never get rid of the memories. Those will remain in his mind forever. It doesn’t matter how long you two have parted. 

Dr. Helen Fisher, a love expert, proved that the way our brain develops is highly based on what we learned. These pieces of knowledge create grooves. Therefore, if your brain has learned the statement that someone was your lifetime partner, you will still have that thought in mind even after you are with someone else.

Hoping to know the true effect of those patterns, psychologist Nancy Kalish has done research on married couples who got back together with their long lost love. The result was fascinating: 62% of them can’t help but chat with their exes. Truth be told, they didn’t plan for it from the start. 

Among those couples, they are most likely to get back to their exes in high school or university, because memories from that time still haven’t faded away.

Some people assume that these affairs will be done in a blink of an eye. The couple will eventually get tired of each other once they realize that it is not the same person they once loved.

But no. They even have a better chance of lasting compared to normal couples, if they have been parted for at least 5 years. 

The fundamental reason is, those romances mostly didn’t end because of fighting or differences in personality. They ended for other reasons, such as parental disapproval, moving to another school, or just simply the young age. 

No one actually put an end to the relationship. Couples feel like they were separated even before they could have a chance to make the relationship works. That’s why it has a higher chance of lasting. 

So, Will He Come Back To You After The Break-Up?

Will He Come Back

Let’s make it clear: You have a better chance to come back to your ex if it was a good and healthy relationship from the start.

In other words, if your love ended for objective reasons such as you two moved away from each other, or you two have different goals in life – then to answer the question “will he come back to you?”, it will more likely to be a yes.

On the other hand, if you two didn’t really have a good relationship, perhaps you and your boyfriend wouldn’t be able to get along now….

The relationship that is best to continue is the one with a lot of good memories. If that is your case, then no matter how much time has passed, those memories won’t fade away. 

Reach out to that person. Nowadays, it is not hard to find him on social media. Have a casual chat. Bring back old memories to trigger his old feelings he once had for you. 

Nevertheless, there is something you have to keep in mind. If you are in a relationship, it is better not to reconnect with your ex. You and him wouldn’t be able to remain as friends because the mutual feeling will be too intense. 

Remember, as long as you still keep those memories, you will still have him by your side forever. 

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