how to get him back

Why You Lost Your Boyfriend (And How To Get Him Back)

How to get him back? This question stuck in your mind. You found the special guy of your life. You thought you were living in a dream, but unfortunately, life is not just a romantic novel. Things started to go wrong, and the relationship fell apart. Now as you two are no longer together, you still can’t help thinking about him.

I totally understand that feeling of being abandoned. There is no other thing in this world that can be worse than that. Nevertheless, you should stop thinking about all the things that went wrong in your relationship. You should only focus on the main point: your boyfriend left because he no longer feels you attractive. It wasn’t because you two argued over which restaurant to choose the other day or any small reason like that. Keep thinking about them will just make the matter more complicated, and you will never find a way out. You have to look at the fundamental reason: He lost the attraction he once has for you, and that was your fault. You can only figure out how to get him back when you understand why.

5 Fatal Mistakes In A Relationship

how to get him back

After dealing with many cases, I have summed up a list of 5 fatal mistakes in a relationship… Nah, you might as well call them sins, because these mistakes can ruin just ANY relationship and force your boyfriend to leave you. You don’t even need to commit all of them, just at least 1 and it can already wreck your love.


The first fatal mistake might sound very familiar to you. It’s being too controlling. Yes, I agree with you that being decisive in a relationship is very important. Still, you have to know where to stop. It is a man’s nature to seek for freedom, so once you try to control him in an unrealistic way, his passion for you will be gone in a second. And I’m not even exaggerating it. Furthermore, controlling is not just a toxic personality trait. It’s also a way to express anxiety.

Meanwhile, the second mistake might sound a bit… odd. Any women love to be complimented, especially by their loved ones. But constantly seek approval from him can push him away really fast. Men are attracted by confident women. We all are. Therefore, keep asking him questions like “Do you still love me?”, “Do I look fat in this dress?”, “Did I make you happy?” is a way to get him bored. Over time, it would feel like you are just not good enough for him. Well, then why wouldn’t he just seek for another one when even you don’t believe that you deserve this relationship?

Being overly jealous is the third mistake I want to accentuate. You never want to admit your insecurity, but jealousy speaks it loudest. Why? Because technically, jealousy is the feeling you have when you feel like someone is gonna steal what belongs to you. Like when he is going out with that suspicious friend you’ve never heard about, or when you feel like he is flirting with an attractive co-worker. While you might not realize, uncontrolled jealousy is often the result of deeper issues, such as low self-esteem and insecurity. This, in most case, will lead to needy behavior. No one wants to see that in their partner, so don’t be surprised if your boyfriend loses interest in you. 

The fourth mistake is to rely completely on your partner to get your self-esteem and confidence. Your boyfriend is not the one who should be responsible to “fix” you. It’s the job of a therapist. If you expect your source of joy to completely come from your lover, he will feel like it is a burden for him to stay by your side. That’s the quickest way to kill the attraction he has toward you.

And the last one I wanna mention is something you might never hear of. This is called being passively aggressive. Why “passively”? It means that you never be straightforward and tell your partner that you are angry. Instead, you leak your anger all over the place. By coming late for the date, not answering calls or ignoring messages, breaking their things, you are subconsciously sending the message that you are angry. Your partner will eventually get fed up with this manner and leave. You are no longer a child, and any problem should be solved clearly.

As you already know about some of the relationship killers, which one did you find yourself committed? Now it’s time to move to the main question…

How To Get Him Back Fast?

Is it even possible to win his heart back again? I’ll tell you, yes. Even if it seems like you have totally no chance right now, you can still get him back with the right method. 

And that’s exactly what I’m going to reveal right now. This technique you shall find here is vigorous because it triggers a man psychologically. Not only does it help you get back your boyfriend in no time and let you have a second chance, but it also makes him fall hopelessly in love with you again.

Unbelievable, no?

how to get him back

When it comes to this situation, many women mess things up with their emotion. Guided by their instinct, they start begging and pleading. As I already said, being dumped can be one of the most painful feelings in the world, to the point that it totally overcomes their logical thinking.

If this is what you’ve been doing, then I’m glad you come here for my advice. The endless “sorry” and “please give me another chance” will NEVER be able to get your ex back. Instead, it only makes him feel that what he craves for right now is freedom. Nothing can make him push you away faster than this kind of behavior. That’s not how to get him back, but the easiest way to suffocate him. 

What you should do now, for his sake and for YOUR sake, is to check out this video. Here you will find the exact method to get your boyfriend back at once.


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