How To Get Him To Commit

How To Get Him To Commit: These 7 Methods Will Make You His Only Woman


As women, we crave for safety. This becomes even more of a problem when it is a matter of love. Unfortunately, unlike us, men are wild and carefree creatures who almost never willing to be tied down. How to get him to commit? This question sounds like it will never be solved. 

But I have something for you. I know how to deal with the problem. To clear it, though, you will have to acknowledge one fact. Men don’t have the same standard as us women. To get him to commit, you don’t have to be super gorgeous, super intellectual or super successful. You only have to reach that “point of impact”, where he starts to think the relationship between you two are qualified enough. 

You can’t force him to commit. Forcing will turn your relationship into a disaster. But as a woman, you can inspire him. Make him feel like he has to commit to you and you are the only one he wants to give himself to. 

Let’s find out the methods.

1. Keep things easy. Have fun. Let him relax

How To Get Him To Commit

And let yourself too. If you start off being too serious about the relationship, you will just scare him away. Men are like big kids. To get him to commit, you will have to make him think that commitment is a fun and exciting thing to do. 

Every time you two spend time together, just make fun with him. Try out that new Mexican restaurant in town. Have a friendly bowling match. Go for that premiered horror movie. Once he realizes being with you is full of joy and exciting kinds of stuff, he would be willing to commit. Trust me on that! 

2. Get closer to him will get him to commit

It’s important to create a strong connection. Talk to him. Remember details about his past and even childhood. He will feel much closer to you once he shares with you all of these, and even more if you keep those details in mind and show him that you remember everything about him. 

Vulnerability is also the fastest way to commitment. Unlike women, it is harder for men to find support emotionally. Be there for him when he goes through fear or failure. Let him know that it is okay to feel that way and you can be his safe place. It means a lot.

3. Maybe you can get to know his previous relationship

If you two are at the beginning stage of a relationship, it can be hard to bring up this topic. However, when both of you are comfortable enough, this is something you should discuss. You might grab a hint of why he doesn’t want to commit, and from that figure out a way to fix the problem. Do not push! As long as you are sincere and honest, he will open up for you.

4. Be open with his friends. They can be a big help

Making him to like you is one thing. But if you wanna get him to commit, it is very good to make his friends like you as well. Your value will get a huge boost if his friends talk positively about you. It will accentuate the fact that you are a wonderful girl to be with. So be nice to them ask well. Just relax and get them to accept you. Many consider meeting their bf’s friends a challenge, but it would be easier if you don’t be so nervous and exclude yourself out.

5. Making him work for this relationship 

Your relationship would be much more meaningful if he contributes to it. This point has long been proven by scientists. I mean, you don’t have to ask him to spend more money for you. Ask him to do small things and you will be surprised by how his attitude change. For example, when you get stuck on a strange street, call him and ask if he can pick you up. Over time, this will become a win-win situation when he feels trusted and valued, and you get the commitment you desire. 

6. Do yourself a favor and stop mentioning him

By keep talking about your boyfriend with everyone around, you are not only making them tired. You are letting your world circle around him as well. This cannot be good, and won’t even get him to commit ever. 

Stop mentioning him for a while. You will realize the situation is not as big and serious as you think. This will lift your mood up and he shall see a much happier version of yourself. 

7. Think about a “reward” system?

How To Get Him To Commit


When he helps you with something or does something that makes you happy, give him a reward. This might sound childish, but it really encourages him to commit to you more. Just a “thank you” can do a miracle (how people can forget the power of these two sweet words!), or even a kiss. Nothing makes a man feel better than he is capable to make his girl happy. He will fight for these small things even more. 


Sex is not everything for a man. And sometimes, just love him and expect him to love you back is not enough to get him to commit either. A man will only devote his everything to you if the relationship between you two is extremely meaningful to him. To get to that point is hard, but is simultaneously worth fighting for. Once you have perfectly done these methods we provided, his world will spin around you and only you. 

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