how to make a man desire you

How To Make A Man Desire You: Use 7 Exclusive Tricks To Drive Him Crazy!


How to make a man desire you can be a tough question but at the same time an interesting one. You might already know all the baked-in traits of those men: It is never easy to keep them in one place. Even if you manage to catch your dream guy’s attention, you would also struggle with how to keep it for a long time. 

Along the path of being a professional relationship therapist, I’ve discovered a variety of methods. Only a very few of them can be considered “subtle”, or as you might say, classy. I’m going to reveal them here in this article. But BE AWARE, though: With these methods, he is not going to desire you. He is going to be OBSESSED over you. You can drive him crazy with just a few tips. And that obsession won’t go away in a blink of an eye. As long as you don’t mess up, his devotion will be there like forever.

You have never seen anything like this before, haven’t you?


1. Have you ever heard about the word “chemistry” while watching movies?

“Chemistry” is the key to a successful cinematic couple. But did you know you can create that in real life, with your future boyfriend as well?

In order to found an attachment with your favorite man, you have to let him feel that you two share a lot of things in common. It’s not about agreeing with everything he says. Not like you have to fill your closet with reds ‘cause that’s his favorite color. No. Instead, mind your personality and attitude. Do they make him feel like he can get along well with you? 

Love, for a man, starts from the silly joke that you two both laughed at. It starts with conversations that can go on like forever without any uneasy. Once he feels like he has never met anyone like this before, you win. That’s the first step on how to make a man desire you.


2. Get him to trust you

how to make a man desire you

Ok, this is on a higher level. No offense but several women I’ve met thought that trust can be established after sex. 

I’m here to tell you that it’s not how it works. 

Sex is an effective way to strengthen the bond, provided that you two are already a loving couple. What if his feeling for you is still vague? He will just question it more the day after and becomes all confused. 


Every man has this great fear. They all are scared of being loved for someone whom they are not. If he feels like you are creating an “image” of him and admire that image, he will back off.

Instead, he will appreciate it three thousand times once you accept who he really is. From the way he dresses to his hobbies and his friends. If you show him that you like his true nature, it would be easy for him to feel like he will never meet anyone like you ever again.


3. Be supportive – This is VERY important in how to make a man desire you

As human beings, we all have this kind of insecurity. Like, if something unfortunate happens to us, our loved one will just leave us there dying. Sounds familiar? Your man has the same fear.

Therefore, being supportive is essential in how to make a man desire you. Show him that you got his back. Often though, men will grow distance when they are dealing with some troubles in their life. Don’t mind it. Just let him know that you are still there for him. 


4. Unexpected touch can do the trick

Do you know what is interesting about unexpected touches? They appear innocent, but they are not. I bet you can feel something sexy here already. Yes, they tap into a man’s deepest nerve. He will find himself keep replaying that moment in his head, and hopelessly desire you.

So how? Reach into his pocket to grab the key. “Accidentally” brush against him. These small gestures can spark an overflowing amount of emotions. Watch out!


5. Don’t stick with him 24/7

You can ask any couple who have been with each other for many years. They are the ones that understand the most. 

Seeing each other way too frequently is the quickest way to kill any attraction. Instead, pull back a bit. Be a mature woman. Not every woman out there knows how to respect a man’s privacy. That will make you something. 


6. If you are pushing him to desire you, DON’T!

Men hate to be told what they should think or feel. Especially when it comes to love matter. The more you force it, the more he will stay away. 

A healthy relationship should begin naturally. Remember that. Give him time to explore his heart and figure out his true feelings. Forcing is not how to make a man desire you.


7. Sometimes he can go crazy for just one word…

how to make a man desire you

… and it is your task to find it. Most of the time, it is just his name. According to body language experts, whispering his name will drive any man crazy. Now you know what to do!


Now you got it, the complete guide on how to make a man desire you! Which means you now have more advantage than at least 85% of women out there, so be afraid no more. Go and get the man of your dream, but don’t let your emotions eat you up. Remember, a clear mind and a drop of patience are always your friends.

Just let him see how confident and classy you can be. Everything after that will fall to its place. 

You might as well do your friends a favor and share this article with them. They deserve to win the love of their life too!



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