How To Win Him Back

How To Win Him Back? Unlock The Secrets Of His Mind Right Now…


Before talking about how to win him back, I would like to ask you a relatively personal question.

Do you like watching movies? 

Well then, you probably notice that in some of those, it is kinda common for couples to get back together. But in order for that to happen, there must be some remarkable events. Usually, it is some kind of difficulty they have to go through that has the power to mend the relationship. After getting out of the mess, they shall finally realize that they were meant for each other all along.

Do you think that this ingredient is just for making the drama?

Do you think that it sounds too cinematic to be true? Well, in fact, this method can be applied effectively. My real-life experience proves it to be the truth. 

So if you are trying to figure out how to win him back, first I reveal you this key: When you two share an enemy or go through something together, there is a higher chance the relationship can be healed. 

How To Win Him BackSo how in the world a popular ingredient for screenplays can be used in real life? It comes from a psychological fact:

If you are the only one who tries to redeem the relationship, you literally are pushing him away further. 


He will certainly resist. The relationship can only work again when both of you interact with each other, instead of letting only one try.


When he also has to put his mind in it, he shall have to review every wrong thing in the past relationship. This act completely changes his mindset. You are no longer a “relationship material” that he can just leave behind anymore.

In case you are still in doubt, remember: You and him are just right. If you two are not for each other, you two wouldn’t have been together from the first place. 

So your job now is to clear the mess, and the attraction that pulls you two close to each other for the first time will do their magic once again.

Trust me, they are still there. 

In order to know how to win him back, there are some basic rules you will have to learn. You have to create a chance to connect with him, but that’s not enough. A factor that can distract you both from recalling past experience is also required. 

Let me make it simple. You can make an excuse. Ask him to help you fix the pipe in your kitchen and work together with him to stop it from leaking all over the place. Call him and discuss a certain friend who needs help. You might even invite your friends over for a game night, and of course, invite him too.

See, it doesn’t have to be anything “cinematic”. By doing this, you are making him focus on the present, instead of the past or future.  

But how to win him back when his mind keeps telling him not to come back?

Logic is your biggest pull-back here. It keeps reminding him that he tried, you both tried, yet still fail to keep the relationship from falling apart. In order to win him back, you have to reach out to his heart. 

Let’s say, after the break-up, it is already over for a man. Like, completely over. He believes he has put an end to your love story. If you wanna get back together, you have to break this mindset. 

You have to lure him into thinking that this is not the end just yet. But you can’t achieve it at once.



Your job now is to plant something into his mind… and then it will grow like a seed.

How To Win Him Back

The most effective way is to plant confusion. Make him wonder.

Did you know? Neurologists proved that our brain was programmed to react immediately to questions. When we have a question, the mind will immediately pop up multiple choices in order to answer that. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is make him THINK about other possible choices. Is it really the dead-end or your love is just taking a break?

Compelling, isn’t it? Psychology is opening up your chance to get back to him.

You can choose to be straight forward. Tell him “Something keeps troubling me these days. I wonder if our relationship really ended.”

Don’t be serious. Just keep it light and casual. As if you are telling him something interesting you just happen to notice. 

He might try to deny it. But none of us can fully control our brain. Your seemingly  – innocent phrase will affect the deeper part of his brain, no matter he wants or not. 

In order to plant a suggestion, you must make sure there is no negative word. Sad but true, our subconscious mind tends to react more strongly to pessimism. If you tell someone, “Your arm will stop hurting”, he will only focus on the word “hurt” and ignore everything else. 

What you are doing here is making him think of how it would be to be loved by you again. Following this suggestion, many possibilities will pop up. Does he still love you? Is there any feeling left for you? Those questions will urge him to go and search for the old loving feeling he once had with you. 

And that’s how to win him back. How to write a brand new chapter of your love story. 

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