why women pull away

Why Women Pull Away: 3 “Seduction Sins” That Secretly Kill Your Chance With Her



Most men don’t realize the real reason why women pull away. They start with one fatal mistake, which is followed by many other mistakes after. Well, by saying this, we are not even trying to shock you. Instead, we are deadly serious about how these mistakes will kill your opportunity to be with her. Have you ever had a girl who seemed to be interested in you at first but suddenly went ice cold and distant? Or maybe the girl you were trying to hook up for a long time never pay attention to you? Chances are, you have made one of the 3 fatal seduction sins.


Yell out how you feel toward her too soon

This is the first reason why women pull away. Bottling up feelings is never easy. I totally understand how wonderful it feels to just go all the way and blurt out, saying “I love you” straight to the girl of your dream. I understand how great it can be to just release all your emotion. Trust me, you are not the only one who is eager to do this.

Nevertheless, from her side, it is just like completing a challenge. She wins her heart, she knows it. After the first few moments of excitement, the feeling toward you will just… kind of vanish.


why women pull away


Our advice is, don’t. Not too soon. Once she figures you out at the early stage of a relationship, she will get bored. And that means a dead end.

Our advice is, don’t. Not too soon. Once she figures you out at the early stage of a relationship, she will get bored. And that means a dead end.


Always be agreeable


How can this be the reason why women pull away, you may ask? The answer lies in the nature of women. They just LOVE drama.

You meet this girl. After talking to her for a while, you find out that you two share a lot of things in common. Her sense of humor is similar to yours. You two get along perfectly. You start thinking about whether she is the perfect match for you.

The mistake begins when you are desperate to find out more common things between you and her. Normally when it comes to this stage, guys would try their best to keep getting along with the girl. They want a serene prelude in order to form a romantic relationship. What commonly happens is they shall turn on the “good guy” mode in order to show the girl that they are the ideal boyfriend.


why women pull away


This leads to two cases. 1) The serenity bores the girl or 2) She thinks that you are too nice, to the point that you are not even being yourself. She will start putting on some tests to see who you truly are. Both sucks.

And it stands to reasons that women would often prefer “bad guys”. Bad guys are excited to be with as they give off the feeling of… being real. Like, it doesn’t seem like they are trying hard to impress the girl. Good guys usually will end up in the friend zone.

In brief, if you don’t piss her off, disappointing her, or make her confused once in a while, you can’t make her thinking about you.


Desperately show your devotion


Every relationship has this generic law. There will always be one person who tries harder, and whoever tries harder holds less power.

Your chance to make her fall for you is like zero when she senses that she is holding more power than you. Game over.

On the other hand… what if you are the one who has more power? Can you have the upper hand?

What will happen when you make her think that you are losing interest?

This is when the table is turned. She will be triggered. You force her to chase after you. She wants back her power, and therefore she would be willing to do JUST ANYTHING to attract you. Before she even realizes it, her world will be spinning around you.


And let me tell you why these things are dangerous…


After spending years of researching and experimenting, it came to us as a question: How can THAT many guys make the same mistakes when it comes to seducing a girl? Is there a fundamental reason behind all those behaviors?

And we finally found out the answer. There are two different ways of thinking. The way you look at those acts is not the same as how she views them.

For instance, does it feel natural to send the girl you like flowers when she is at work? Yes, it does.


why women pull away


It feels completely natural. There is nothing wrong with responding to her texts right away. Nothing wrong with trying to show her all your good traits. C’mon, how can be showing her that you are the most perfect boyfriend ever in the world be THAT bad? How can it harm your chance of being with her?

Unfortunately, it is just the way you look at it. All of those things are more likely to scare her away. She will get them as a sight of you being clingy and needy and desperate… Anything a girl would never want to see in a guy. Provided that it is not the case? Then she shall eventually get bored quickly because your kind acts tend to be predictable over time.

Now you understand why women pull away from you, even when they all seem to be interested at first?


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why women pull away






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