Gain The Upper Hand With Girls

Gain The Upper Hand With Girls You Desire Using These 3 Simple Tricks


Did I mention in one of our articles before? There is a generic law at the beginning of every relationship (and you should keep it in mind, if possible): Whenever a man and a woman start a conversation, one of them will try harder than the other. The person who doesn’t try THAT hard shall be the one to win. So, how to gain the upper hand with girls? How to make her world spinning around you while you almost don’t have to do anything, you ask?

Provided that you and this one girl are just at the early stage of the flirting game. Please pay attention to this one fact: It is best to be the one who holds power at the very beginning.

Why is that? Because that’s the fastest way to sneak into a woman’s mind. Playing the good guy role can somehow create a good impression, but that impression should be much fainter and fuzzier. Not to mention the fact that it will make her lose interest quickly in the long run.

Gain The Upper Hand With Girls

Today, Linkingo shall provide you with 3 simple trick that helps you gain the upper hand with girls. These tricks, fortunately, is very simple and playful. You can use it anywhere with any girl who you have just met, to take control of the relationship from the very first start.

Ready to go?

Ask her what she wants to drink… and order something completely different

This is the tip of our dating expert with more than 10 years of experience. Until now, the winning rate of this method is like 100%. Yes, it has NEVER failed to work.

Easy. When you are at a bar or a restaurant, with a certain woman, ask her what she would like to drink. A very typical situation, right?

But… instead of following the typical path, order something totally different for her, saying “You are going to like this much better”.

I assure you that this small act will cave something in her mind. It shows that you gain the upper hand with girls right from the start. It sends off a signal that you are confident and not afraid to call the shots, while don’t seem to be fake or trying so hard.

Trust me, it doesn’t matter whether she will giggle or get slightly annoyed when this piece of memory crosses her mind. What important is she won’t be able to brush you off.

Get her to buy you a drink. Yes, why not?

You can consider this the second step to gain the upper hand with girls, after using the first method I have mentioned above. It can also be put into practice separately. But the effect will remain the same.  

So if she asks you for a drink, just reply with a “You got this round?”

Gain The Upper Hand With Girls

And if you already bought her one, just show her your empty glass after you finish your drink and say “Hey your turn”.

Let me tell you how this act affects her mind… When she has to pull out her wallet and get you a drink, you are creating a distinctive impression. How many guys have the courage to do this with her before? Pretty sure that there was none. But it’s the right thing to do.

This act significantly boosts her attraction toward you. It makes her desire you more and more and more, like “I have to win this man’s heart.”

Challenge her pride

For the 3rd tip of how to gain the upper hand with girls, we should talk about the story of my friend. He had been chased after this girl (who is a hot fitness instructor) for quite a few months. Yet she never seemed to give him a chance.

Nevertheless, since she was close to one of his friends, they bumped into each other pretty often. That night, he saw her at a party. Immediately, he pulled her aside and asked whether she would like to go to a “The Hunger Game” date. Everyone knows how much she loves this series.

She got all excited and asked if he loved The Hunger Game as well. Guess what was his answer?

“No I don’t, but I guess nerds like you will be interested in that.”

Of course, he said it in a playful tone, but it is more than enough to trigger the girl. She got impressed like immediately and felt as if she had to prove herself to my friend.

And that’s how she got attracted to him without even knowing it.

You got the point now? Make her earn your respect!

Can you see? These small tips and tricks are super simple, totally easy to pull off with any girl you just meet. But the best thing about them is, they are POWERFUL. They help you gain the upper hand with girls right from the beginning, and gaining the upper hand means you take control of the relationship. Never can she take you off her mind, or be inattentive around you anymore. The girl will have to chase after you.

But what to do, after you have fully grabbed her attention? Check out this article!

Moreover, we can as well give you some even more stealth tactics to get the girl of your desire into bed. These tactics burn silently but effectively. They can help you:

  • Make a girl become completely obsessed with your existence
  • Have her fantasize about sleeping with you
  • Turn a female friend into your girlfriend.

Let us share them with you on the NEXT PAGE.

Gain The Upper Hand With Girls


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