Why Girls Lose Interest

Why Girls Lose Interest: 3 Things That Murder Your Chance With Her


Before deciding to write this article, I was working with one of my private clients. Greg has been coming to me for relationship advice since last month, and his story is the reason why I feel like I must give all of you guys an explanation of why girls lose interest, even when they seemed to be totally into you at first. Keep on reading – I’m sure it will be hard for you to win any girl without this piece of information!

Greg sat in front of me this afternoon. Basically, he has ran into a dilemma, but not an “usual” one. This is what I call mutual dilemma, as many guys face the same problem when they finally get better at flirting with girls.

In short, Greg, and countless of other guys, have no problem attracting the women they want. Nevertheless, they fail to keep those girls. Like ALWAYS.

“I met her at a friend’s party” – said Greg – “She was the most attractive girl I’ve ever seen. Intelligent, gorgeous, sexy… Most importantly, she was totally into me. We would text each other everyday, and went out for dates whenever we could.”

But then her attitude suddenly changed.

“She went cold. I could feel it, even though she never gave me a reason. I just knew that it was the end.”

As an inevitable result, she started to be “busy” more often. She threw excuses and refused to hang out. Finally, she just left.

Do you know what Greg did wrong?

He has made one of these 3 mistakes. These are the most common reasons why girls lose their interest so quickly. Just doing one will drag your chance to be with her down to hell.

I’m going to explain the reasons. Read on because I’m sure many of you will find yourself in this post.

She loses interest as you are too needy…

A quite obvious thing, isn’t it? But I don’t put it first in the list of reasons why girls lose interest for nothing. It is too obvious that it becomes dangerous.

Most guys would be needy without even knowing that they are being needy. They share the same mindset. Since they like the girl, they all assume that the girl also feels that way toward them. And they all go like, “Ah, it is safe to show her everything I want now”.

Bad news, it is wrong on many levels.

Greg is one of the guys who make this mistake. As I browsed his texts with the girl he liked, I noticed that he kept sending her messages like “What are you gonna do today?”. He sounded… desperate wanting to talk to her.


And he was never the one who ended the conversation first. NEVER. That’s a big mistake.

But there is an even bigger one. When the girl turned down his invitation several times, he didn’t hide his major disappointment. Remember, pushing her is never away. At the early stage of a relationship, you should never force her to make a quick decision.

Instead of acting like she is definitely the one and have everything settled, just give yourself sometimes. You can be the one to hold out. Think about whether she is the girl you really want. And don’t be surprised if the table turns and she becomes the “needy” one.

Insecurity kills

There’s one thing about Greg: He used to be the kid who got picked up in high school. Thus even though he has been constantly improving for the past few years, and has gotten a lot better with women, he still could feel that insecurity in his chest.


But Greg failed to do that. He didn’t consider himself part of the crowd, due to this insecurity. And he tried to hide it by criticizing them. This behavior would come across as petty and pathetic to most women.

Many, many relationship experts would advise you that you have more chance to impress hot chicks when you let your social circle grow. You will have to start socializing and be comfortable with that.

Do you have an ambition?

Ambition is an incredibly significant factor to see whether a guy is worth dating or not. Especially when you are over twenty-five years old. The lack of ambition is one of the reasons why girls lose interest that quickly.

Women will most likely be attracted to guys with an attitude as if they are ready to conquer the world.


Greg constantly complained about how he hated his job and how badly his co-workers treated him. This “poor me” attitude chased women away in a blink of an eye. Who would one to step into your world if it is just full of misery?

If you are excited about what you have and will have in your life, women will be excited about being a part of your life, too.  

Now you see the fundamental reasons why girls lose interest. Keeping a girl’s interest burning is harder than you think. Way harder than trying to attract her, in fact. It has a lot to do with who you actually are inside. Let’s just put it like this: You might be able to fake it the first time you meet her. You might pretend to be “someone” for a few dates. But through time, if your outside and inside don’t match, she will realize it sooner or later. And there is a chance she wouldn’t like what she sees.

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Why Girls Lose Interest



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