Why Nice Guys Always Lose

The Utmost Reason Why Nice Guys Always Lose The Girl They Like


So this is going to be my last piece in the series of how to seduce a girl. This popular question has been rising for quite a long time, “Why nice guys always lose the girl that they like?”. It is true that girls tend to fall for bad guys more often, but that’s not only the effect of all those dramas and novels. There’s an organic logic behind this phenomenon, and the root of it comes from female psychology.

In the previous articles, there are some main points that I have tried to underline:

  • When a woman falls for you, the first sign would be that she misses you. She wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about you when you are away, so to speak.
  • And the more she tries to figure you out, the more likely she is to fall in love with you.
  • Love is nothing but an “emotion game”. The more emotions you give her, the more she will have to notice you. She will eventually convince herself that she is attracted to you during the process.

In the latest article, I did mention some of the best emotions you should give her in order to make her notice you. Provided that you don’t remember, they are joy, confusion, expectation, surprise, and trust.

BUT, some of you might have got it wrong again.

Yes, I totally agree that it is important to create good emotions so that she loves the feeling of being around you. But that’s not good enough.

Why? Because if you don’t do it properly, you will fall into the “nice guy” trap.

Let me explain to you the reason why nice guys always lose the girls they like.

Do you like watching movies?

Yes? No? Well, you shall have to agree with me that a 2-hour movie with absolutely nothing happens, just two main characters live happily with each other, is boring.

A relationship works kinda the same way. A totally serene relationship would quickly bore her.

That’s the reason why nice guys always lose the girls they desire.

In good men’s opinion, they assume women want everlasting joy and happiness. They try to please the girls in all ways possible. This is something that has become their groove.

Unfortunately, it’s the opposite of what a girl desires. Girls prefer some good old dramas. They want to stir things up. They want the relationship to be… a bit more exciting, oddly enough.

It stands to reason that bad guys attract all the girls, and that’s why nice guys always lose.

Bad guys know how to provide women an “emotional rollercoaster”. They know how to make the relationship become intense and exciting, without even having to try so hard. Therefore, they manage to keep the girl’s interest.

But above everything, they trigger the ultimate attraction weapon.

That thing is called “the fear of loss”.

Scientists have proven that the moment we realize we are going to lose something, it becomes 10 times more precious to us. To the point that we are obsessed with that thing.

It works the same way with guys. Like, imagine you are doing fine with a girl, but suddenly she starts acting cold. You become so freaking scared, and you decide that you must have her in your life, no matter what it costs.

Any of us might have gone through it. And that’s the fear of losing. Such a common psychological thing that we can hardly notice, but once we acknowledge it, it can become a powerful weapon.

Humans hate losing, it is just natural.

When something or someone seems to be disappearing, we will crazily try to hold on to it at all costs. It doesn’t matter what our first impression of it was. The moment we sense that it is slipping away, we will only focus on the good qualities.

That’s why nice guys always lose the girls they like. Nice guys are easily overlooked. They look like… they will always be there.

But for bad guys, it is another story. Women have to constantly try to keep the bad guys in their life. They are always scared to lose him, and they ignore all the negative behaviors.

You got it now?

That’s a magical button you can press to make her go crazy for you. Once you learn to trigger the “fear of loss” inside a woman, she will have to hang on for dear life.

Every time you are not by herself, she will be tortured with fear… To the point that she begins to convince herself, “I MUST have him in my life no matter what”.

If you manage to make her think that every time you see her might be the VERY LAST TIME, she will unconsciously let her world circle around you. She will have to check her phone once every few minutes to see whether you call or text her. She might even go as far as checking all of your social media profiles to keep track of you.

In short, she will just get obsessed with your existence.

That’s something nice guys can never do.

Keep in mind, you can never make someone fall in love with you if they are not scared that you will be gone at once.

You get it now, the reason why nice guys always lose? It is just that simple.

On the next page, you shall see that all 12 seduction weapons focus on how to press this wonderful, undeniable button. They all invoke the fear of loss, in one way or another.

You will find out:

  • The number one ingredient to get the upper hand right at the beginning of the chase
  • Irresistible weapons to make her fall head over heel for you
  • And the biggest mistake that 99.99% of guys out there will make without even knowing

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