increase her interest level

How To Increase Her Interest Level Using The Pull Back Method


You probably have received many pieces of advice about how to increase her interest level. You probably have researched a lot, read a lot of books and programs about how to make women fall head-over-heels. But did you know that you can achieve that just by some very simple acts? Did you know how to become a more attractive man? The Pull Back Method is the answer for you!

I’m not kidding. I know many guys who keep the thought that being attractive requires skills. Well, it’s not wrong if you are willing to learn, but hey, you don’t have to work THAT hard!

Doesn’t matter who the girl you are trying to win is every woman in this world share similar psychological traits. That’s the reason why instead of spending a lot of time trying to learn how to increase her interest level, you only need to pull the trigger! Yes, that wonderful “attraction trigger point” shall help you steal the heart of many women in this world, as long as you know how to tap right into it. The question is, how?

In this article, we will show you something called The Pull Back Method. It’s very simple, way too easy to follow through, yet will surely make her can’t stop thinking about you. It will be the very first step to take the girl you desire into bed.

This method consists of 4 small tips:

  • Call her less
  • So you want to meet her everyday? It’s time for you to spend less time seeing her
  • Be (a little) colder than you were
  • Start acting less enthusiastic (again, just a little bit!)

Some of you might find this disturbing, or hard to fulfill, at first. I understand that it sounds tricky somehow. Many guys who came to us for advice didn’t believe in The Pull Back method at the very beginning. We could see doubt written on their faces.

Nevertheless, they eventually tried, after our experts explained the reason why. There’s a fundamental of why we would advise you such strange things. It’s all based on women’s nature. It’s all about psychology.

Let me tell you why this method is powerful:

She won’t be able to stop thinking about you

If you succeed in making a girl think about you all the time, it would only be a matter of time before she falls for you.

So what is the best way to keep her thinking about you the whole day? What is the best way to make her keep replaying the conversation with you in her mind? It won’t work out if you are around her 24/7, that’s something we all know.

And did you know? If you can’t capture her attention, it will just be a matter of time before she falls into someone else’s arms. <<== Click Here To Avoid This

increase her interest level


By changing your behaviors all of the sudden, from being all enthusiastic around her to becoming slightly distant, you will keep her wondering. And that leads to the second thing…

She can’t take you for granted anymore. In order to win you over, she shall have to act!

You will easily be taken for granted if you keep playing the “good boyfriend” role (see this!). Being taken for granted is the shortest way straight to the deadly friend-zone.

In order to take her into bed, and to get her attraction, you have to trigger her. Let her act. Women are sensitive, but sometimes overly sensitive. You only need to send the slightest sign that you are losing interest – and she will have to try hard just to win you back again!

She will have to look at your good traits – and fantasize

Us humans tend to fantasize about the things that we can’t reach. You too, right?

Therefore it is really understandable that the girl shall focus only on your positive qualities – as long as you make her think she is going to lose you. Regardless of how she thinks about you at first, regardless of the minor traits that she doesn’t really like about you, those thoughts will be swept away from her mind. Instead, all she thinks about is you are going to leave, and she has to keep you in her life. This method will significantly help you increase her interest level.

Most importantly, she will desire you and only you!

That’s the result of The Pull Back method we have mentioned above. All the men we have advised already confirmed that once you start applying this method, you shall become the only one to occupy her mind.

The truth is it does not only increase her interest level, but she will also crave for you more and more and more if she is uncertain about when she could see you again. Have you ever thought about the way long-distance relationship couples desire each other? That’s the trick you are about to use here. She will convince herself that she absolutely MUST have you in her life. She can’t help but fantasize about sleeping with you.

increase her interest level

That’s about it. Do you see why you should give this method a try now?

In short, The Pull Back method helps you boost her attraction toward you. And it’s not the only effect. It also makes her crave for you sexually. She will have to imagine sleeping with you over and over. In case you want to form a long-term relationship or want to heat up the current relationship with your girlfriend/wife, this method will have you gain power. You will be the one in control.

Again, it doesn’t matter who you target it. Use this method wisely, in small doses and strategic time, any girl will go crazy about you.

But that’s just the very first step of the attraction journey…

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