signs he is totally into you

Signs He Is Totally Into You: 8 Important Clues Show You Exactly


Has anyone ever said that girls are a very complicated creature? Let me tell you, guys are also complicated and hard to understand. The fact that they often keep it cool on the surface and reveal little about their feelings make it a challenge for us to see through them. Especially when it comes to the matter of attraction. Most of the time you won’t be able to see the signs he is totally into you, and you will end up questioning whether things with this really cute guy will lead to anywhere at all.

But, you are in the right place! Even though guys are good at pretending to be cool and calm, his feeling cannot be hidden completely if he truly likes you. He will for sure drop these subtle hints unconsciously, and we are here to help you find out those hints. If you see him in this article, then there is no doubt he is falling head – over – heel for you!

1. His body language

He can hide his feelings very well, but his body speaks it for you. All you have to do is to pay attention to his behavior while he is talking to you. Below are some of the body signs he is totally into you, according to psychologists: 

He keeps glaring at you

signs he is totally into you

Well not really in a creepy way, but sometimes you might feel like there is something should be wiped off your face. This shows that he truly wants to know more about you, and he is interested in everything about you: from your appearance to your soul! 

He copies your behavior

When someone desires to please you, he will subconsciously copy your gestures. This fact has been long proven by science. Next time when you two have a date, pay attention to it! If he mirrors you, then there is a huge chance he likes you very much. 

He leans toward you when you talk

Think no more. It is a huge sign that says “I’m here, I’m interested in whatever you are saying”. 


2. He doesn’t hesitate to touch you

It is hard for a man to fight against the urge to be closer to the woman he loves. If your man keeps trying to touch your back, your arm, or your knee, it is one of the signs he is totally into you. He will subtly do that, to the point that you might not even pay attention. He doesn’t want to scare you off after all! 


3. Does he tease you often? 

You might think it sounds childish. After all, men are just giant babies when he is in love

Often for a man, teasing is a way of showing affection. It shows that he cares about you. If he likes to poke you, and tease you, or sometimes even irritate you, it is because he is into you.


4. He compliments you

This is one of the biggest signs he is totally into you, and probably the easiest to notice. In case you are still in doubt, he doesn’t have to force himself to do that. He speaks from the heart, for the fact that he truly admires you and just wants to make you happy. 


5. He never mentions other girls

A guy who is truly into you would want to treat you with respect. He wouldn’t want you to misunderstand a thing, because he is well aware that it will lower the chance with you. He will be careful and avoid mention his exes. By doing this, he is showing you that he focuses on you only.

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6. He is always there to help

signs he is totally into you


Suddenly, you will have the feeling that he is your superhero. Whenever you need (and even when you don’t need), he will be there to help. He would do whatever it takes to make life easier for you. Also, you will receive much advice if you ask him about a certain matter because he wants you to know that you can trust him and rely on him. 


7. He is open up to you…

It is never easy for a guy to open up and share his struggles in life. So, when a man starts sharing with you his problems, it means that he trusts and falls for you. Furthermore, he wants you to know more about him, and also would like to know more about you as well. When you see this sign, it is highly recommended that you don’t miss out the chance to take this relationship to a new level! 


8. … and not mind listening to you 

He truly wants to know more about you, and therefore interested in everything you say, from an amusing story to even your bad day. You won’t see a guy do this often unless he already into you. Also, if he remembers stuff you have mentioned, well, what are you waiting for? Ask him out!

These are the obvious signs he is totally into you. Guys are not the best to express feelings, but if you have enough sensitivity to pay close attention, you will be able to see through his heart. 

So, did you get your answer? Don’t hesitate to share with us your stories in the comment below. You might as well follow us on social media for more useful relationship advice. Let us make your love life a bliss! 


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