what are men attracted to

What Are Men Attracted To? 9 Simple Things To Become His Magnet


Each and every woman should have this question crossed in mind at least once: What are men attracted to the most? You might think that listing out stuff they look for in a woman is a piece of cake: A beautiful face, hair, lips, chest, waist, such physical traits. Are there really just those attributes? Well, you might have to change your mind. In this article, let us help you discover more. You will see that appearance is not the only thing that matters!

Whether you are having a crush on someone or you just suddenly want to get a boyfriend, you must have wondered: what are men attracted to? The surface is important, but it is not the sole thing men will look for. There are also other characteristics that might draw his attention to you without you even noticing them. Of course, each man has different taste and it is hard to define what being attractive is, but still, there are some underlying factors that most women who are more popular among the opposite sex have in common. Here are 9 features that can make you become a man magnet.


What are men attracted to – 9 simple things

Your quirks

Every person has a quirk. That is what sets you apart from the rest of the crowd and might make you become more adorable. You might not notice the small things like the way you roll your eyes when confused or your cute head tilt, but those do become attractive when they catch a man’s eye. You don’t really have to try hard for this thing.

On the other hand, showing a man your weird quirks sends off a message that you are comfortable around him and he is free to be himself too, so don’t hold back your weirdness too much!


Your sense of humor

Having a connection through a good laugh is powerful. When you tell a joke, you show your intelligence, your creativity, and that you are not the type who always take things seriously. That shall put him at ease if you two have just known each other and makes it become much more comfortable to imagine a relationship with you in the future.

Therefore next time when you are on the first date with a guy, try to tell him what you think is funny: something ridiculous that happened to you recently, your favorite comedy show, a Youtube video that you just found, anything. You might gift him with a memorable date and make him tell all his friends “Damn she is hella funny, I can’t wait to see her again!”.


Your ability to express feelings


what are men attracted to


Most men say that women are too complicated, which makes it hard for their partners to follow their thoughts. This is a double-edged sword as it might give men a keen interest at first, but soon become annoying later.

They will appreciate if you mean what you say. If you like something he does, speak up. If you are not, speak up. Don’t make them guess all the time, it will just complicate matters and slowly remove your trustworthiness. Playing a bit can be fun, but only once in a while.


Your confidence

No one can deny the allurement of confidence.

Men are usually known as an egotistic creature, they do love having someone rely on them. But they will also like it when a woman decides to challenge this nature by saying “I’m fine, I can deal with it by myself.”

A woman who can keep her head up in any situation is just appealing since it shows that she acknowledges her worth and doesn’t need anyone to approve her other than herself. She wouldn’t need her man to always comfort her that she looks good or has done the right things, because she knows it already. Men find a lady like that fascinating. They would love to own her as who she is and know what she has inside.


Your intelligence 

Again, do you girls believe in those old-fashioned magazines that said women should play dumb in order to become more attractive? No, it is just sexy being smart! By being intellectual, you are equal to discuss or even debate with him about any aspect, just enough for you two to stimulate each other’s mind. That way you can keep him interested longer than just a beautiful face and hot body. Ignorance is a huge turn-off.

You don’t have to be a genius. If you have an interest in learning and experiencing different things, it scores big. Don’t be afraid to keep studying and exploring. You will open up more chances for yourself, both in finding a good man and in life. Not all the guys out there would prefer to be intellectually inferior. If you meet someone who is insecure just because you are more accomplished than him, then he is not the one for you!


Your self-control

Be the woman that can deal with the situation calmly. No anger, yelling or behavior that goes out of control. Those are not at all attractive. When you can accept that you are not always right and is willing to reason, you show signs of being respectable and trustworthy. Men love nothing more than that.


Your kindness

It might sound boring to you when someone says that he cares about inner beauty, but it is the truth. Don’t let the “guys nowadays no longer like good girls” idea fool you! Just some small gestures that show your tenderness will make a great impression on him. If you be nice to the waiter at the restaurant, you are the most attractive woman in the room.

Taking into account that people in this society often expect men to fight or work for everything including romance. They would pretty much prefer a thoughtful and understanding partner who won’t drive them nuts all the time. Helping him, taking care of small things, or just simply hand him a plate of cookies after work. Trust us, he will be thinking about that for years.


Your positive energy


what are men attracted to


Anyone would like to stay close to an optimistic person – that’s something both men and women can relate. When you stay positive, you appear more youthful and energetic than people your age, and thus, more beautiful.

Of course being the life and soul of a party is attractive, but if it is not your type, just focus on the good side. You should try not to fall to the dark side of your mind frequently. Also, don’t forget to smile. You seem like a nice and approachable person when you smile, and who wouldn’t wanna get to know a person like that?


Your “vulnerable side”

If you assume that only women have that needy and insecure trait, you are so wrong.

There is something men will never admit: They like your admiration. They want to be someone you can trust and rely on. They might not be aware of this fact, but they want to be your hero.

Being all tough and independent helps him a lot, but sometimes you need to let him see your weak side so that he gets a chance to show off his manliness.  Ask him for help, give him the chance to do little chivalry acts for you. And don’t forget to appreciate the little things he does. Thank him if he gets you a drink or if he helps you reach the book on the shelf. Don’t take these small things for granted. Show him your non-verbal language of admiration. He will be drawn to you in no time.

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Above are some of the non-physical traits that attract a guy to a girl. Some of which you might never think about. You don’t have to look like Kim Kardashian to be sexy, all you need to do is consider this list. Not only do these things open up more chances with guys for you, but also help you become a better version of yourself.

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what are men attracted to


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