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Powerful Techniques To Attract Any Man You Want


So are you looking for some tricks to attract any man you want? Whether you feel the need of having a boyfriend or just simply want to enjoy the attention, you’ve come to the right place. Here in this article, we shall provide the most powerful techniques to attract him, so let’s begin!

Each woman should have wondered at least once, how to attract any man you like and make him drawn to you? Truthfully, it is just impossible to get every man to fall crazily for you. We are also not gonna teach you how to prepare love potion. Nevertheless, numerous studies have proven that many men are attracted to the same things, and we would like to help you see through those factors.

“It is not all about look and body”, yes, we agree. But accept the fact, appearance plays an important role in making a great first impression, therefore you shouldn’t put it aside. This complete guide will show you how to attract a guy you want using both your outlook and behavior. We are sure any girl can find something useful here to put into practice.


Attract Any Man By Taking Care Of Your Outlook


By saying “take care of your outlook”, we don’t mean that you have to hold yourself to a certain standard. You DON’T have to look like a celebrity in order to get a guy’s attention, just need to put some work into it here and there.

Look the part

It is more frequent for men to be attracted by more feminine women, because consciously or not, they seek for something they do not have, which is femininity. Thus, if you want to get their look, it is better to dress up and wear the things that will make you become girly. I am sure that you can attract any man at first sight.

Find the outfit that emphasizes your body shape. Provided that you are thin, choose horizontal stripes in order to create the illusion of a curve, but avoid this kind of clothes if you are fluffy. If you have long legs? Don’t hesitate to choose a dress to show them off.

An interesting fact is guys are more likely drawn to the red color. Researchers have found that red, being the color of passionate love, indeed leads men to view women as more attractive and more sexually desirable. If you are going to have a date with the man you like, you can wear this color in order to attract him. Remember to find a tone that works well with your skin tone and hair color.


attract any man


Choose the right makeup. We all know the power of makeup in emphasizing your facial features. However, men tend to prefer the natural look, especially when they are getting to know us, so you might want to avoid colorful or too dark makeup since there is a high chance that you will be passed on with that. Just a bit of eyeshadow and lipstick will do the trick.

Use good hygiene

It’s crucial to keep yourself clean and smell nice because everything will be pointless if a woman wears a wonderful dress but smells like she hasn’t showered for a week. Wash your hair as often as you can, most men agree that the smell of shampoo from a woman’s hair is amazing.         

As long as you stay clean, you don’t have to overuse perfume. A lot of people can’t stand very strong perfume, maybe the one you like is just the same too. It is safest to stick with something very light and be careful not to spray too much.


Attract Any Man By Showing Your Best Self


Physical appearance is just one thing. Now we are moving forward to the more important part – how your behavior impresses men.

You might be very amazed to know, but men can sense your “vibe” better than you think. That being said, your mental state is very critical. They can sense whether you are in a bad or good mood, and needless to say, the latter will make them want to approach you more.


Attract any man by keeping an open, approachable attitude…

attract any man

Smile more often

A smile is a sign of friendliness and an open-hearted nature, it can make anyone feel welcomed. Many guys find it extremely attractive when a girl looks at them and smiles.  

It is hard to stand there and smile in a silly way, so yeah, have a good time with your friends and let them put you in a good mood! If a guy always sees you alone, he might assume that no one wants to be friend with you.

But if he sees that you have fun with a group and are able to make people laugh, he will see that you are such an interesting girl to be with.


You should avoid technology

Men will feel somewhat afraid to approach you if you always wear earphones, or if you stare at the phone all the time. This gives off a hard – to – approach aura and makes them feel like they will bother you.

Have you found someone you like? Try to make eye contact with him then. Not only does this act show that you are open and interested, but it also lets him know that you are very confident and not being afraid when he catches your eye contact. Just don’t keep staring at him and make him feel like you are needy


attract any man


Ask for his help

There is something most men secretly desire but never want to admit, they want to be someone you trust and rely on. They want to be someone you can admire. Get the man you like to do a little act of kindness and chivalry for you, he would feel as if you need and rely on him. Once you have learned to trigger his so-called “hero instinct”, you will be surprised with the result of this small trick.

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 … while remaining a classy lady at the same time

Show a confident manner: Keep your head up, don’t cross your arm across your chest or look at your feet. Don’t ever bite your fingernails! Maintain eye contact when you are talking, and try your best to avoid nervous actions.

Do what makes you feel comfortable: You need to feel chill and relaxed in order to be confident. If you are comfortable, you will be able to attract men naturally without having to try so hard.


Remember NOT to…

Try to act sweeter than you can be. Some women pretend to change their voice and exaggerate their actions to be cuter than they usually are. This is actually a turn off as it appears awkward and can be caught anytime. Just being how you normally are is much more attractive.

Be rude: While it is important to remain confident, no guy would like a girl who always puts people down. Don’t be so hard-headed and go all the way to prove that you are right all the time. This will only show that you are childish, not smart and confident.


Above is the most common and useful guide that every girl can use to attract any man. We are well aware that it might not be applicable for any man as each of them has a different taste, but you can use them in any situation.


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