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James Bauer – More Than Just Mere Theory (All About Him & His Relationship Programs)


Many of you might try to find information about James Bauer – the relationship coach with his successful books on the internet. That’s the reason why Linkingo publishes this article today, to provide you with more details about the author James Bauer. You will soon see how and why his works are trustworthy and practical.   


About James Bauer

In fact, James Bauer is the pseudonym of a professional relationship coach. One thing we know is he has earned a wide range of real-life experience after working with many people. He specializes in helping women to go through the dating progress by following their intuition. After dealing with countless cases, he has learned one thing: You will get a way better result in a relationship if you choose to listen to your intuition.

In spite of having sought out extensive education and earned many relevant certifications, James Bauer chooses not to publish those on his online website. Instead, he wants to let visitors focus on something more practical and relatable. Except for his actual trial and error with his private clients who have followed his advice for many years, he does not claim any credentials. James decides to prove himself using his own knowledge and faculty, as well as his devotion in each program.

James has chosen the right path. Until now, over 170,000 women are following his email and blog publications despite him being an undercover author. His unique ability to point out the keys and make them become applicable and relevant in real life relationships is the thing that helps him earned the trust from the readers.


His works and products

James Baucom’s works share the same friendly and straightforward writing style. He points out exactly what you need to do to attract the guy of your dream using psychological methods. The techniques you will find in his programs are extremely powerful. That’s because they tap into a man’s innermost desires and leave him helplessly devote everything to you alone.  Furthermore, you will be shown the way you should communicate with your man.

James Bauer ’s programs are detailed to the point that he will even tell you the phrases you should use to trigger men’s everlasting love and interest.


What Men Secretly Want (also known as Be Irresistible):

James Bauer

Just like its name, this is one of the must-try programs if you are looking for a way to get or even to win back the love you desire.

As women, it will be hard for us to fully grab what is going on inside our partners’ minds. That’s something all of us have to admit. This sometimes leads to ineffective communication, which is the fastest way to kill a relationship. What Men Secretly Want helps you by providing clear, step-by-step guide to help you understand man. You shall be able to create a powerful sentimental bond with your other half.

This eBook is extremely useful when you are in an uncertain relationship. Does your man always say things like he is “not really sure” about his needs or feelings? This 9 section program will then turn your hazy relationship into a love that lasts for life.

Click Here To Download What Men Secretly Want

His Secret Obsession:

James Bauer

Being a tried and tested, His Secret Obsession is his latest course. It has proven its worth by successfully helping many couples to find paradise in their own relationship. This powerful course actually reveals a secret that you might have never heard about, something that every man lust for. It is stronger than the desire for money, love, and even sex. After coaching and researching numerous couples, James Bauer was able to figure out this mystery.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are an unlucky woman when it comes to a relationship. Even if you are trying hard to keep the love of your life when he is getting cold and distant, or you are actively looking for your other half, you surely will find help in this informative program. Using proven techniques, this magical eBook approaches the deepest part of a man’s brain, even touched his insecurity and ego. It will show you the way to turn his liking for you into amazing, everlasting love. Not only can it help you to mend your current relationship, but the program will also help lock his attraction forever.

Most people think books that were written by experts are usually complicated to read. However, this is not applicable to His Secret Obsession. You will find it easy and fun to enjoy, even when you are someone who doesn’t have the habit of reading books. Your biggest profit in purchasing this program, in my opinion, is that your love and happiness will be guaranteed for posterity.

You can check out the full Review of His Secret Obsession Here or read this article to learn more about this product.

Click Here To Download His Secret Obsession


Both products by James Bauer come with a 60-day full money back guarantee offer. You can try either of them within two months, and if they don’t work for you, you will surely get back your money. Thus, you lose literally nothing. This is more than a reason to encourage people to give each program a try and start seeking their blissful, filled-with-happiness life.

As you can see, James Bauer is the author of more than just words and theory. He provides realistic, applicable techniques for every woman in the world to win the love they deserve. No matter what kind of situation you are in, James’s programs are able to help you. We hope to see more of his wonderful works in the future.




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