Can I get my boyfriend back

“Can I Get My Boyfriend Back After Break Up?” This Is What You Need To Do


To answer this “Can I get my boyfriend back?” question, most people will say no. Especially when the relationship between you two have ended for a while. Nevertheless, today I will tell you not to give up hope since it is still possible.

“My boyfriend just broke up with me 2 months ago. We had been together for over a year, but our last few months were just… painful. We fought a lot over small silly reasons, and though I still loved him, the situation got so bad to the point that I thought it was totally hopeless. But until now, sometimes I still found myself waking up at the middle of the night, hastily checked the phone to see whether there was anything from him, and ended up breaking down in tears. I miss him so much. I really wish that he could be by my side again, even when I know there is no hope…”

After hearing the story from Mary – one of the regular readers of Linkingo, we immediately realize that this is a situation so many women can relate. Your head might be telling you to forget about him and move on. Maybe you keep reminding yourself that there is no point trying to get your ex-boyfriend back. Still, your heart refuses to accept that your loved one is gone. Deep inside, you still wonder if there is anything you can do to fix it.

The fact is that there is still hope. With these practical and usable ideas, you have a chance to win the heart of your ex-boyfriend again, as long as you are willing to take action.


Why do you want him back?

Even when your relationship was not that perfect, breaking up always leads to a hard time. Therefore, it is very important for you to think about the reason you want your ex-boyfriend back. The temporary feeling of being lonely will fade away after a while. If it is why you want you two to get back together, then it is definitely not a good reason.

One thing every girl must remember: If you were abused or were in a toxic relationship of any kind, then don’t ever try to get your ex back. It might take some time for you to balance things again, but it will be fine. Stop yourself from going back if you know that your life will be much better without him.

On the other hand, provided that you sincerely care about your ex and want to have a future with him, then go ahead then give it a try. There is nothing wrong with that.


Keep in mind that it doesn’t always lead to a happy ending

Before acting, you need to prepare yourself that it might not work. Even if you manage to get him back, there is nothing to guarantee that it will last longer. If you make up your mind and accept this fact, it will save you from getting heart-broken the second time.


Can I get my boyfriend back


Get help from his friends

It is totally understandable if you want to avoid using this method, but as long as you find the right way to approach, it wouldn’t make you look desperate at all. Consider asking a mutual friend of you and him, or if you happen to know a friend of your ex that wouldn’t mind talking to you, then don’t be hesitate to ask.

They are more likely to know his current relationship status, as well as the chance for you two to come back together. Whether he is interested in a new girl or he misses you and also wants to get you back, they can help you with that.


How to re-contact with your ex

The truth is, there is no perfect method to help you reconnect with your ex. Each of us will decide which is the most suitable. Personally, I prefer texting as this method give you time to think and consider what you should say. When you give a call, the palpitant feeling of being able to talk to him after a long time can make a lot of things go wrong.

So if you follow our advice and choose to text your ex, here are some rules that you must remember:

  • You have to be the one who controls the conversation
  • You have to be positive. It is better to only remind him about the happy memories you two shared with each other during the relationship.
  • Do NOT expect a lot. A few messages won’t be able to solve every problem between you two.
  • Do it slowly and steadily.
  • Avoid one-word text.

I suggest you begin with something that can trigger his memories of a good time with you. For example, “Today I found a new restaurant that reminded me of you. I knew how much you love steak!”. If you receive a positive response, keep things short yet friendly and contact him again after a few days. In case you don’t, don’t freak out! Your ex might need some time to rearrange his emotions. You just need to be more patient and try again after a few weeks or so.


Be the girl that he fell in love with at first

Once you have managed to start a conversation with your ex, remind him about the things he once loved about you. Show him the part of you that you know he once fell for it, like your sense of humor or your energy.


Can I get my boyfriend back


Always keep a friendly and positive attitude when you are talking to him. Sometimes you can drop and small hint that you are still interested in him and hope you two to be back together, like “Watching the movie together with you was amazing. It was nice going out with you.”


If you feel that your ex is worth all your hard work and effort, then there is nothing wrong with trying to get him back again. Follow these tips we mentioned above and there is a chance you can not only win his heart again but also be able to make it become better than the love you once got.

Since you have reached this far, you might want to look for every chance to repair your broken relationship. If so, I suggest you refer to the free presentation here. You will find a secret blueprint to make your boyfriend find it impossible to resist you, no matter how bad the breakup was.


Can I get my boyfriend back


We sincerely hope you can achieve the love and happiness that you deserve.


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