How To Get A Guy’s Attention

How To Get A Guy’s Attention In Any Situation? Easy As Pie!


You are struggling with how to get a guy’s attention. Even if it is a guy that you have never talked to before (and it seems that he doesn’t even acknowledge your existence), let me tell you, it is not as complicated as you think.

There are plenty of tips and tricks on how to get a guy’s attention that you might find on the internet. Too many, in fact, they may give you a headache. You will start to wonder which of them actually work.

Don’t let yourself freak out. We understand how frustrating it can be trying to get someone notice you. What is the right thing to do? How to get his attention without looking awkward and desperate? We know what you are afraid of, and we are here to help you. Below, we have selected some most effective tips that you can use to make him attracted to you naturally.

Ready to grab his attention in a classy way?


Take care of your appearance

There are countless people out there who say that your appearance doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, both you and I know the truth: It does. In fact, the look is the first and foremost thing that they focus on in finding a potential partner.

Nevertheless, think out of the box. Angelina Jolie is gorgeous, but there is not only one kind of “beauty”. You, too, also have your own attractive features. Wear appropriate clothes and light makeup to emphasize them. Be the prettiest version of yourself. Once you look good, it will boost your self- confidence. That makes you become more attractive than ever and will most likely catch his eye.

This is what you should begin with if you are still wondering how to get a guy’s attention. It’s not everything, though. A beautiful outlook, in most situation, is only enough to create a short-term impression. If you want to actually get into his mind, you need to do more.


Do a little research about the one you like

Admit it, girls are true detectives. You would be surprised at the amount of information you can find about the guy you are interested in. Use everything you know to grab some clue: ask your friends, browse his social media, etc… Try to find out where he lives, his relationships and hobbies. Those will make you understand him more and set up a wonderful start for when you want to begin a conversation.


Make yourself available in front of him

This is an important step on how to get a guy’s attention. You need to give him a chance to notice you first.

As you have researched on the man you like, visit the places that you know he usually comes. Give him a casual nod if he happens to notice you, and smile a bit. In case he doesn’t, just simply walk by him. Keep your head up, walk with confidence, but don’t go so fast. I know that you might be nervous, but please walk slowly enough for him to notice you. If he sees how cute you are in that outfit or feels that the perfume you use today is sexy, he might wanna get to you.


Create a good first impression

How To Get A Guy’s Attention

The first feeling is very important. Well, if he doesn’t have a good impression about you at first, it also doesn’t mean that he will hate you forever. But who wants to go such a long way to change his mind? Better make it positive from the beginning.

It is recommended that you come to him and ask for his help with something. For example, tell him that you really need to make a phone call but you forget your phone at home. This will trigger his protective nature and make him become less defensive in front of you. Also, this simple act provides you the chance to come to a certain conclusion about him and whether he worths a try or not.

Don’t forget to maintain an easy-going attitude. Look him in the eyes while talking to him. A simple “thank you” with a genuine smile after he is done helping you will do the trick!


Tease him a bit

As you two are a bit more comfortable with each other, it is time to move to the most interesting step of how to get a guy’s attention: Flirting! Tease him in a light-hearted way, just like playing with his hair or jokingly compliment his look. This shows that you are comfortable enough to have fun with him, but at the same time, give him the hint that you are interested.

Nevertheless, you have to be subtle. From what you see, choose the right way to flirt with the guy you like. For example, if he is an outgoing guy, he wouldn’t mind playing along with you. But if your target is a shy guy, teasing him too much will give a rather bad impression.


Show him the things that make you different

It’s time to let him know more about yourself. You can open up a bit and tell him about your hobbies, your passion, your love for pets – all the things that make you special. You can as well share some unique experiences. Let him know your attitude toward life and your beliefs.

Don’t make the conversation become a speech about your entire life, though. Be sure that both of you can communicate with each other.


Make him chase you

How To Get A Guy’s Attention

We understand that you want to be near your love interest all the time. Yes, we understand so well! But you know, men don’t always value the things they can achieve easily. If he sees that you are desperate, he will take you for granted. His interest in you will eventually fade away as he doesn’t have to try at all to get your attention. Like, why bother to prepare for a date if you just say yes to any invitation?

Playing hard to get once in a while is the key. Do not let your relationship with him affect your other relationships. Turn him down sometimes and let him know that you have a life aside from him. That way he will have to value you more.


This is our guide on how to get a guy’s attention. We hope you will find our article useful as it works in any case. If you have any other suggestion, please let us know by leaving a comment!



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