how to make a man want you

Stop Chasing Him, This Is The Secret On How To Make A Man Want You Desperately

Are you having a crush on a guy but afraid of being the one who makes the first move? If so, all you have to do is making him chase you instead! Today we are going to tell you how to make a man want you as his girlfriend.

Each woman is different from the others, and not all the girl have the courage of taking the initiative. Well, not a big deal. All you have to do is knowing the trick to making guys fall head over heels for you without seeming like you are even trying. In other words, you need to learn how to make a man want you by himself.

Timid girls often tell me they are scared of the fact that nowadays women are expected to be the one to go for it first. They are worried that they wouldn’t have any chance. The fact is, some men do like to be chased by women, but this method doesn’t work on every man. Most of them prefer to be the conqueror as it is a way to show off their masculinity. That being said, the most subtle method to win a man’s heart is to become the woman he desires. It’s what we are going to show you in this article.

Let’s find out with us.



#1 – Smell nice

Next time before you walk past that sexy guy you are attracted to, spray a bit of your favorite perfume. Scientists have proven that smell is the key to sexual attraction. It stimulates the part of our brains that connected to sexual desire. In fact, you can create a great first impression using fragrance, not just look.

Therefore, put on a few sprays and there is a chance you can make him go crazy just by passing by. However, it will be a big turn off if you smell like you have poured the whole bottle on your body. Don’t make this mistake!  


#2 – Show your feminine traits

how to make a man want you

Being girly is not a bad thing. In fact, most men are often attracted to women who are not afraid to show their feminine side.

Being girly doesn’t mean that you have to be fragile. Out there you can be a strong modern woman who doesn’t afraid of speak up for your own good. Yet when you are home, you sit with your legs closed and love to cook. Men love nothing more than that combination. So next time you want to show your feminine side, don’t hesitate to do that. If you can wear a dress and look beautiful while being a strong and smart girl at the same time, then why wouldn’t you?

#3 – Don’t forget the power of flirting

Flirting is the most exciting part of a relationship. If you want to pull him closer to you, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of flirting. However, there is a boundary between making him chase you harder and making him consider you a girl to play with.

Our advice is, flirt subtly once in a while and then turn back a bit. If you manage to control the situation, he will end up wanting you desperately.


#4 – Be (a bit)  mysterious

It is nice to be friend with someone who is open-hearted. Unfortunately, a relationship is not the same thing. Men are likely to lose interest fast if you just let them see through you.

Keep something for yourself and use them to lure the man you like. Make him feel as if you have your own world that only people who are important to you can enter. This will make him curious, and curiosity is a spice to keep him attracted. Don’t let him know everything at the start of the relationship!

#5 – Be friendly and respectful

how to make a man want you

You don’t have to be everyone’s friend. This will just backfire since he would feel that it is exhausting to be a part of your life and deal with all your other relationships. You just need to give off an impression that you treat everyone with respect. If everyone talks about you in a positive way, your attractive level will receive a huge boost.

Even if the guy you want doesn’t fall for you in the end, you will still be in good term with people. This opens up more opportunities for you to meet a nice man.

#6 – Turn him down once in a while

If you make it seem like your world is spinning around him, trust me, your relationship won’t last long. No matter how bad you want to come with him, learn to say no once in a while. Spend the time for yourself or with your friends instead. Don’t accept any invitation, especially those last minute plans.

In case you are wondering whether playing hard to get will work or not, this shall make him wonder who you are spending time with instead of him. Also, he will somehow feel like he is not doing good enough to please you. That pushes him to do better in order to make you happy.

#7 – Stay true to yourself

It is you that want him to be your man. You want him to fall for you, so don’t try to behave like anyone else just to win his heart. Make sure that he sees who you actually are. Keep your own standards and don’t change them just because you think he might like. In the long run, eventually, honesty will rule.

So, just tell him what you want. He asks to take you to a Mexico restaurant, but you prefer Chinese foods? Say it then. Find a way to tell him if he does something that you feel unpleasant. This way, he will get that you are confident enough to say what you truly think.


Above are some of our strategies of how to make a man want you that you may put into practice. These tips are simple yet effective, and the most important thing is any girl can make use of them. So no matter whether you are the outgoing or shy type of woman, they shall help you shine. It’s time for you to get the love that you deserve!



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