how to flirt with a guy

Ultimate Guide On How To Flirt With A Guy Without Him Knowing


As a woman, are you struggling to find out how to flirt with a guy but don’t seem too desperate? Do you often feel awkward and stressed while talking to the guy you like, as if he can see right through you? No worries, these tricks we are going to tell you will help you master flirting techniques.

How to flirt with a guy subtly is something all the girl would like to find out. While most people assume it to be an innate talent, flirting is actually a true art form. Each woman has her own charm, and once you have been skilled at that, it will add a huge boost to your attraction.

Before learning how to flirt with a guy, there is something you need to know: Men love to be the one who makes the first move. Therefore, the best way is to make him think that he is the one who takes the initiative while you are actually doing it. No, don’t be afraid, it is not as complicated as you think! Here we will show you some useful ways:


Use eye contact effectively

All of us are often taught to maintain eye contact during conversation. But not every woman acknowledge the power of an “appropriate” glance.

Look at him until he is aware of that and his eyes meet yours. In this case, most people will hastily look away. Don’t, just keep looking into his eyes for a few seconds and give him a gentle smile. You won’t be able to imagine how striking it can be.

If you are talking to the man you like, maintain eye contact as much as possible. This act shows a sign that you are a good listener as it lets him know you are paying attention. Furthermore, it is a good way to create a bond between two people. Your crush might want to talk to you more if he gets that you are comfortable communicating with him.



how to flirt with a guy

Yes, a smile is the most powerful weapon any girl can use. If you still don’t know how to flirt with a guy for the first time, you can also start with this. Make use of your smile right away!


Do you want to spend time with people who always wear a frowny face? I bet not. People tend to be attracted by those with happy, energetic appearance. Give the guy you like a smile whenever you have a chance, he will feel that you are friendly and approachable, and eventually shall come to you.

Find out what he likes

Here is the part that requires you to put a bit of effort. Try to observe and find out things that your crush are interested in. This will help you a lot when you want to start a conversation.

The fact is so many guys find it hard to begin a conversation too. They often struggle trying not to seem rude or smitten. In that case, you give him a topic to talk about, he will truly appreciate it.

So, if he likes sport, simply ask him about that. If you and him both like a movie, share with him some moments from the latest episode. Maybe, just maybe, this will be a great start for a movie night!


Ask for his help or advice

how to flirt with a guyThis ice-breaker always works in most any situation. By asking for help, you give the man a chance to show off himself and boost his ego. Nothing better than the feeling of being trusted and helpful, especially for men as they really value your admiration.

You might as well ask for a man’s opinion about something he does care. Men like to manifest what they know, and they will be glad if you give them the opportunity, to the point that you can keep the conversation longer. Moreover, asking for opinion drops a hint that you trust what he thinks and appreciate what he has to advise you.


Compliment him

Everyone likes compliments, as long as you don’t overuse them. You don’t really have to tell him how you wish to get lost in his eyes or how sexy his lips are. Just randomly give him some casual compliments once in a while. Guys don’t get them that often, so he will greatly appreciate it.

For example, if you think his new hairstyle is cute, tell him. That t-shirt really suits him? Say it. Those don’t have to be romantic or suggestive, but they let him know that you notice nice small things about him. Nevertheless, one rule: Say what you actually think! If you misuse compliments, it will be awkward once he realizes.


Remember what he tells you

He tells you about a movie that he would like to see? Ask him to that movie next time. If he mentions a project that he has been working hard for, ask him how it goes. These show that you are not only a good listener, but you truly care about him and what he tells you. This is how to flirt with a guy in a sweet and effective way, but not at all obvious.


If he texts you, don’t reply right away

This doesn’t mean that you have to leave him there all day before texting him back. However, you wouldn’t want him to see you like a clingy and desperate girl, would you?

Even if you have your phone by your side often, avoid reply immediately. If you do this all the time, he will see you as someone who just sits there and waits all day for his texts. Men are not usually fond of needy girls, so it is not a good impression.


Above are our guide on how to flirt with a guy like a pro without making it too obvious or desperate. We hope you find this article useful. However, remember that you are most easy-going when you are being yourself. Make good use of our advice while still keeping your own charm, and you will find your prince charming in no time!


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