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To Attract A Girl You Desire, You Must Absolutely Avoid These Toxic Behaviors!!!


John Cusak movies were a part of our childhood. Thus, many guys out there think that standing under a girl’s window with a radio playing a love song should be able to win her heart. I, too, would like to believe in that kind of fantasy. Unfortunately, the reality is totally different. There are several things you must not do if you want to attract a girl you really like.

Logically, most of us know that cheesy acts won’t work when it comes to flirting with a woman. Nevertheless, we all seem to be affected by years of “pop culture”, and end up making some fatal mistakes while trying to attract a girl.

I call them the toxic behaviors since it kills the attraction she might have toward you really, really fast. She might ignore your text messages, start making excuses to avoid going out, etc … without you even knowing why. These actions might seem to be innocent at first. It is easy for most guys to assume that they are all common things to do at the beginning of a relationship, but really they are a threat.

Here are 3 of the most toxic attraction killers. 

Sending her flowers at work

A big fat sign of desperation I would tell you, though you might not think of it that way. You might consider it an innocent act of being caring and considerate. But experts proved that girls wouldn’t think of it the same way.

Why is that? Surprisingly, they discovered that this act would trigger some sort of alarm inside their mind. Almost immediately, the moment she receives your flowers, all the thoughts that flow inside her mind are negative. She will imagine a plot where you turn into the clingy, creepy jerk in the end. According to a survey, 75% of women would start to avoid a guy after he sends them flowers or gift at work when they are not “officially” in a relationship yet.

Our advice: Forget about all the cheesy, old – fashioned love movies you once watched. This is not a good way to attract her

Blurting out all your feelings too soon


attract a girl


As a guy, it is hard to keep all your feelings inside when you are attracted to a certain girl. Nevertheless, hold on. It is a reckless move and would more likely fail to get you what you want.

Have you ever thought like, “If I confess to her all my feeling she would immediately want to be my girlfriend”? Nah, it doesn’t work that way. The moment you blurt out and reveal all your affection, she has nothing to do for this relationship. And how can she develop a deep feeling of affection when she actually doesn’t have to do anything?

The less she works to win your heart, the more bored she will become. Simple as that. Check this out to know how to make her chase after you.

Being there for her all the time, like 24/7

This is never a way to attract a girl. In fact, it is wrong on many levels:

  • It takes away all your mysteries, which is a significant factor to keep her interested.
  • It leaves her with no time and place to miss you. She would never know the feeling of craving to see you again if you are just available 24/7
  • This applies to men, too. We tend to get bored with things we can obtain too easily.

attract a girl


For those reasons, the action of being available all the time will not work. Unless you want to end up in the friend-zone and be her best, most supportive friend rather than a boyfriend, then you can follow it. Otherwise, leave her alone sometimes. You know you are attracted to her when you start missing her, right? If the answer is yes, then give her some space to miss you too. That’s a simple trick to kick-start a relationship, yet it always gets ignored.

As we have mentioned above, you might find these mistakes very innocent. Maybe at the beginning of this post, you already wondered like, “how could these tiny simple acts be a threat to my (potential) relationship?”. I hope you got the answer you want. Further explanation can be found on this page. Remember, avoid these behaviors completely if you want to attract a girl you really like. Not only do they boost her interest toward you, but they also backfire and you wouldn’t want to see the sequence.

Now the question is if these acts don’t work, what can you do to win her heart? And if you have already done these mistakes, can you even fix it? Should it be the end of your relationship already?

Good news for you, yes, you can fix it. It’s not the dead end as you can still make her chase after you all over again. In order to do that, you will have to, let’s say, play hard – to – get.

This method sounds classic and sneaky, but it will work like a miracle if you know the right way. Follow the instruction I share on the NEXT PAGE to know how to play hard – to – get while still moving things forward with her. It’s much simpler than you could ever think.

attract a girl



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