what makes a girl fall in love

What Makes A Girl Fall In Love: Things You Must Know About Girls


Have you ever wonder like, “what should I say to this girl whom I really like to win her over?”? Well, I’d say that it is not a wise choice, to begin with, as the things you want to say might not be what makes a girl fall in love.


The truth is: Love is psychological.

Doesn’t sound so romantic, but fundamentally, it works just that way. Women and even men fall in love thanks to a psychological process that occurs silently yet intensely in our own mind.

But women’s nature is a bit more… specific. If you keep being with them, they most likely will barely have any feeling toward you.

Instead, they fall in love when you are away from them. When you give them room to think about you, to let their imagination wanders, and to fantasize a bit about how you are.

Therefore, anything you try to say is not what makes a girl fall in love. In most cases, it will just mess things up. If you try to blurt out to a girl how you feel toward her, she will quickly lose interest and chase you away.

But I have good news for you. There are several tricks you can use to seduce a random girl in a blink of an eye…. In fact, there are 12 tricks which I call “seduction weapons”. Why? Because they are sharp and they are all – kill. Once you have mastered these “weapons”, you will be able to conquer the heart of every woman you meet.

Let me reveal you some of the tricks… and help you analyze what makes a girl fall in love.

First seduction weapon: Ambiguity

Did I mention in the previous post? Women love drama. They crave for them (and that’s why each city has a variety of housewives television shows).

It stands to reason that if you want to win a girl’s heart, you have to provide the drama she craves. Otherwise, she will get bored after a short period of time.


what makes a girl fall in love


Ambiguity has proven itself to be the greatest weapon when it comes to this matter. Instead of steadily showing her that you are interested in her, which is the quickest way to land you in the friend-zone, you will be sending her mixed signal. You will be turning her on by uncertainty and mysteries.

The more time she spends decoding what you say to her friends, the more she is obsessed with sleeping with you. That’s for sure.

Second seduction weapon: Emotional Roller Coaster

In addition to the first seduction weapon, we have “The Emotional Rollercoaster”.

It is hard to keep her interested when the whole thing between you and her goes all serene. This is the mistake many, many many many guys all over the world have made. And here, we are telling you that you should avoid it.

Something like a natural mindset will make you think that it is better not to play with a girl’s emotion, especially when she is the one you desire. But Nah, that’s not true. If you want to make her think of you, then spice things up.


what makes a girl fall in love


How? Make her feels like she excites you sometimes, and then make her feels like she bores you and you are losing interest sometimes.

Does it sound cruel? But trust me, by doing this, you will no longer be the one who does everything to please her. She will work hard in order to win you over, too.

Third seduction weapon: Validation

You might like her for many reasons. She is cool, she is smart, she is sexy, she is hot. She might be the most creative girl you’ve ever seen, and her sense of humor can’t be described by any word but wonderful.

Nevertheless, keep that to yourself. Just, don’t let the girl know that you admire her. The act of blurting out everything you feel about her will not only make her lose interest but also decrease her respect toward you.


what makes a girl fall in love


Girls often prefer those they will have to reach out for. Behave like she is not that good. Tease her in a playful way by poking her pride. Once she realizes she has to run after your validation, you shall be able to get her into bed in no time!

Fourth seduction weapon: Tap in her desire…

… by retreating long enough for her to develop a strong desire to see or hear from you again. She doesn’t have any time to miss you or your presence if you are sticking with her like 24/7.

Just disappear once in a while. She will have to wait all day long for your call, to take out her phone once every few minutes to see if there is anything from you. She will be craving your presence like a glass of water in the desert.

Above are just 4 of what makes a girl fall in love. They are all very simple, simple to the point that most people often prefer to choose some… more complicated way to impress women, and fail most of the cases. As you already know the secrets, you can turn them into powerful seduction weapons that will make any girl falls head over heel.

You might not be the one who invented the flirting game, but you play to win. And your winning rate will absolutely be a hundred percent if you get to know all 12 seduction weapons. The rest are waiting for you on the NEXT PAGE




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