Signs A Guy Is Desperate

6 Signs A Guy Is Desperate & How To Turn The Table With Her


What is the most crucial factor when it comes to seducing the girl you like? It’s your own emotions. Unfortunately, the thing that is supposed to be your most useful weapon often ends up backfire and makes you look like a pathetic, clingy guy. Today, we will discuss signs a guy is desperate so that you can work out your emotions before it is too late.

Let’s spend a few seconds looking back at how you behave in front of the girl you desire. We have done a small survey on this, and most of the guys said that they behaved “a little bit ridiculous”. Here are 6 of the things they admitted to doing often:


Can’t resist calling or texting the girl they like:

90% of guys who took part in our survey had gone through this, not surprisingly though. Regardless of age and sex, I bet all of us must feel this compulsion to talk to our love interest. Nevertheless, as a guy, you have to be aware. When you just meet her for a couple of times and she is still uncertain about her feeling toward you, this might come across as a sign a guy is desperate.


Cannot “act cool” in front of her:

Acting cool doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be someone you are not. It just means to take things between you and her slowly. Most guys want to push things as fast as possible so they can soon win her over. Unfortunately, the more you want to rush, the faster she would run away. By being leisure in the process, you will appear much cooler and desirable.

Expose all your feelings and emotions too soon:

This act is often seen in young men, with limited dating experience. It is understandable that you want your dream girl to know how you feel. You want to tell her how gorgeous and wonderful you think she is, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you just tell her all of these ways too fast, she will assume you are just in need of a girlfriend – whoever it is. It is always better to expose your feelings slowly. Even better, just try to let her find out by herself.


Make yourself available all the time:

Oddly enough, many of you guys know that this act can be count as one of the signs a guy is desperate, but they couldn’t stop themselves. As much as they try to convince themselves that the girl would appreciate their devotion, chances are this act would eventually land them in the friend zone.


Show sign of jealousy just by her mentioning other guys:

Another thing many guys know they shouldn’t but fail to control themselves. Jealousy is necessary for a relationship, of course, but when you two are not yet an official couple, it is a huge warning. This action would trigger the alarm inside a girl’s mind and therefore makes her run off without a word.


Let her know that you are disappointed when she can’t hang out:

Unfortunately, among all signs a guy is desperate, this is the most obvious one. Everyone has a life, so does she and so do you. You shall be able to boost your attraction a lot more if you let her see that you still have many things to do without her around.

Like, countless guys out there have done these behaviors without even knowing that they are signs a guy is desperate. It is their emotion which prevents them from realizing those. Collectively, if you let your emotion and feeling take over, it’s the end. You will be all clingy, needy and predictable in her eye.

At this point, I think you pretty much figured out the acts you should avoid while flirting with a girl. But it is still not the worst part…

There is a more dangerous thing. Even if you try not to make these mistakes, she is going to test you. Women do tests on men all the time, to see whether they can bring out the “weak side” in you. That’s the way they do to eliminate guys that don’t meet their qualifications.

=> Check out this video for details

Signs A Guy Is Desperate


And how do they test you?

For example, she will randomly cancel a date, even though you two have scheduled for a week. She will pay attention to the way you react, even though she seems like she doesn’t.

Or she will randomly give you “challenge” and see how far you can go …

A more precise example, then? You two are in a bar. They play a song which you really enjoy. Suddenly, she would turn to you, with a disturbing look on her face, and ask “ you like this kind of music?”, in a tone that proves she absolutely doesn’t.

What is your reaction? Do you hide your interest and reply will an “It’s okay” or “Not really”?

If so, you are letting her have the upper hand.

And tell you what, she wouldn’t like that. Girls will be attracted to a man who wouldn’t hesitate to protect himself. Even in front of her.

All you should do is look straight at her and say, “Yeah, this song is awesome”.

But even if you already gave her the power, you still can gain them back. It would be easy once you know exactly how to do.

So in this article, you understand 6 signs a guy is desperate and how to avoid it.

In the NEXT PAGE, we are going to reveal 4 secret blueprints you can use that will ultimately help you gain power in any relationship, and sweep out your clingy behaviors.

Signs A Guy Is Desperate


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