How To Propose To Your Girlfriend

How To Propose To Your Girlfriend: 5 Sweet Ideas For You


So that’s her – your one and only other half! You have successfully done the significant part: Finding “the one” among the billion people in this world. But now we move to another complex question. How to propose to your girlfriend?

Well, relax, it is not as complicated as you think. I understand that this is a very important event that will change your life forever, but unless you two are an extraordinary couple and would prefer something over – the – top, otherwise you don’t have to do something crazy. Of course, I’m not telling you to take it lightly. You will need a careful plan, and that’s exactly what we are here to help you with. With these 5 wonderful ideas, all you need to do is pick the one you think is most suitable, and make the most memorable proposal that she will never be able to forget! 

So, let us help you prepare for this grand episode of your life!

Before we get to the main question of how to propose to your girlfriend…

… it is necessary to give you a general introduction. In case you don’t know, you can’t just pop up a proposal out of nowhere. There is something you still have to do, even if you want to give your girlfriend a big surprise.

The first thing is to ask her parents’ permission. I know, I know, it might sound unnecessary in the modern-day. However, whether this step is necessary or not still depends on her culture and family. Make sure to ask them first if you see it as an obligation. Be formal, and don’t forget to take care of your appearance!

The second thing, obviously, is to buy a ring. However, you have to consider what she would like the most. Keep in mind that this ring will follow her for the rest of her life and choose it carefully. Choosing the right ring also play an important role in how to propose to your girlfriend.

The third thing to do is pick a special day. Is Valentine Day the perfect one? Or you might want to make the proposal on her upcoming birthday? It is best to choose the date that has a special meaning to both of you. That way, she will have to keep that date in mind forever. 

After you are done with these steps, let’s get to the main part. How to propose to your girlfriend? 


1. Propose to her in public. Why not?

How To Propose To Your Girlfriend

Is there a special place for you? Was that the park where you two had your first date or a fountain where you two once had an unforgettable memory? You might pick that place to make a proposal. 


To prepare for this public proposal, you can randomly ask a passer to help taking pictures of you both, then kneel down and propose. But make sure that your girlfriend is not the shy type though. This method cannot be used with anyone. 

2. Plan a camping day

If you two are going to a beach, you might consider this sweet little idea: Build a sandcastle and simply put the ring on top of it. You might also think about asking her out for a night sightseeing, and propose under the stars. Plan a picnic in a park of woodlands is also a romantic setting for a proposal, so take it into consideration!


3. Handmade marriage proposal!

Provided that you are creative and into handmade things, getting materials and create a “Will you marry me?” banner is also a good idea on how to propose to your girlfriend. Creativity is the key – just use whatever you can find in the house! This idea is extremely simple yet so sweet and I’m sure no one can refuse such a cute proposal. 


4. Candlelight is never an old idea

How To Propose To Your Girlfriend


You might think that making a heart-shaped candle-lit path is old fashioned and boring, but women would still fall for that! Nothing can be more suitable for a proposal than the romantic atmosphere candlelight can create. Preparing a glamorous dinner with candles and ask her to be your wife is another old – but – gold idea. 


5. Or perhaps do it in a playful way

Ask someone (maybe a friend or family member?) to take photos of you holding these four words “Will”, “You”, “Marry”, “Me?”. Plan a date with her and send them to her, one by one, while she is still on the way. When she finally arrives, it’s time for you to kneel down and ask her to be yours. This method shall make the proposal a fun yet very loving memory she will never be able to forget. 


While many men tend to keep things complicated, it is not even wise to overdo everything. In this guide on how to propose to your girlfriend, the ideas we have provided above are very simple, yet very sweet and romantic. After spending time talking to many couples, we figured out they are the ways girls would be fond of the most. So instead of keep worrying about the outcome, just pick one of them and make her yours! 

We are looking forward to your good news. Stay tuned and wait for more useful relationship advice from Linkingo’s experts.


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