keys to a successful marriage

Have You Known About The Keys To A Successful Marriage?


A happy marriage – it is something that everyone dreams about. Unfortunately, not so many people know how to achieve that. After the excitement of the wedding, people will eventually realize that they have never been taught how to be a husband or a wife. They soon realize that it is not easy sharing a life with another, especially when they don’t have much relationship experience. Here are the keys to a successful marriage many couples may not know.

Young couples might not prepare for this fact, but marriage does require work. Just like everything else in life, you have to work for it in order to receive the reward. Nevertheless, it is not at all like cleaning the house or washing the dishes. Trying to achieve a blissful relationship is a fun and healthy progress.  

Also, it is not something you can get just by working too hard. Once you feel like you are stressing yourself, you are not getting it. Instead, consistent yet simple things in life are the keys to a successful marriage. We have asked happy couples what they thought are the essential factors. Read on to find out the answer with Linkingo!

Realistic expectation

Accept the fact: Real life can never be as perfect as fairytale endings. Despite being a beautiful thing, marriage does require effort, and it will never be flawless. Therefore, it is recommended that you have realistic expectation and don’t get yourself trapped in fairy tales, otherwise you will end up being disappointed!


keys to a successful marriage

We are all humans and weaknesses is unavoidable. Being together in a marriage will only reveal these weak points faster. Thus, one of the core factors for a healthy, blissful marriage is to acknowledge that you are not perfect, that you are not always right. Yes, sometimes you do need your partner to forgive you! Trying to be superior over your spouse is an act of dragging the relationship down as it brings annoyance and prevents both parties from improving themselves.

In case you are making this mistake, you can try this simple practice: Take a pencil, a paper, then start writing down all the things that your other half can do better than you. Repeat it once in a while so that you can remember to stay humble.


Patience is one of the keys to a successful marriage. Again, we are all humans, and neither of us is perfect. Thus, acceptance is crucial to keep a marriage relationship healthy and happy. Ideal partners are understanding and not hesitate in showing forgiveness to their spouses. They know that everyone makes mistake, therefore they do not require perfection. No matter how tempting it is to bring up the past mistakes, they will never ever do that. Even when mistakes occur, they choose to be patient and forgive instead of trying to get revenge.

Provided that your spouse has done something wrong in the past, it is better to let it go. That way, both your relationship and your own mind will be free. It is better for your mental health as well.

Time investment

keys to a successful marriage

Totally obvious. I mean, how do you expect to strengthen the bond between you and your partner if you don’t invest enough time?

The marriage relationship is unlike anything else. It should be the deepest and most intimate relationship for you, therefore it is important that you invest more time and intention. Our advice is to spend a period of time each day to your other half, because with the burden of work and family life, slowly you two will lose the romance factor as a couple if there is no time like that.

Plan dates for special occasions, go out for dinner once in a while, those things won’t harm. Provided that you have children, you can sometimes send them on a play date while you spend time with your other half and enjoy a day with just two people.


In fact, being committed to your spouse is just what it means to love. It is not just a mere feeling like you often see in romantic movies or novels. Feelings usually don’t last long, but a true commitment will last for life. When everything is fine, it seems to be easy. But true love is shown the most when you can still commit to your spouse through the ups and downs. Remember, marriage is to become a team. The more you devote to your partner, the more you will receive.


Such a simple factor turns out to be one of the keys to a successful marriage. When there is an issue between you and your spouse, take responsibility for your words and your action instead of immediately point the finger at him/her, especially when the things you say or do are unthoughtful and can cause pain. Blaming your partner will not solve any problem, so it is best to focus on yourself first.


Have you ever thought about this?

Keep in mind that sometimes it is NOT your partner’s intention to hurt you. Maybe it is the way you look at their behavior. For example, if your spouse spends less time with you, it is not necessarily because he or she changes or does not love you anymore. Your partner could be just tired after work.

Therefore, allow yourself to question before jumping into any conclusion. Try to put yourself in your other half’s shoes. Even if your spouse says something harsh to you, remember that there is a soft emotion behind every hard behavior. Sadness might be the reason for the rude words. Finding this vulnerable emotion is a way to create the bond with your partner and avoid useless crises.

These are the keys to a successful marriage that happy couples have used to keep their bliss. We hope that this article will help couples to have the best marriage life together. With a bit of attention, you will soon realize that it is not hard to achieve. Just remember these core factors and your love will be stable enough to last a lifetime!


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