I want a boyfriend so bad

I Want A Boyfriend So Bad: These are 8 Tips For Single Ladies


“I want a boyfriend so bad” or ” I desperately need a boyfriend”- million of single ladies in this world share the same problem. In case it is you now, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore! These useful tips we are going to share in this article will help solve your problem at ease

All of your friends have found the perfect guys for them. They seem to be much happier being in love. They are always busy with their boyfriends and thus, they hardly have any time to go out with you like before. You never know how it feels to be in a relationship. At first, you might tell yourself that you don’t really care. But the thought “I want a boyfriend so bad” just pops up in your mind and gradually, it will keep growing bigger and bigger.

If it is your case, the first thing you should do now is to take a deep breath and stay calm. No matter how independent you have always been, we all will reach the point when we suddenly feel lonely and want someone’s companion. Are you saying that you are not good at talking to guys? Doesn’t matter. Your Mr. Right is out there somewhere, and with our tips, you will be able to find him in no time.

Read on and let us help you in finding your true love!


Ask yourself…

… why you desperately want a boyfriend? You just want a guy to play lovey-dovey with and don’t have to worry about the future yet, or you want someone who can be your lifetime partner? Take a few minutes to reconsider. These questions will make it faster for you in finding a boyfriend as you know what you seek for in a guy.


Avoid those online dating sites

Dating sites are convenient, you think? It is true that you don’t need to go out, instead, you can just lie on your own bed and find someone with an attractive profile, but hey! Hold your horses. In term of relationship, they are not for absolute beginners. Out of those people you chat with, only a VERY few of which are trustworthy. You will most likely find yourself some jerks.

Besides, it is always better to find a guy from around, someone you can meet. It is said that “Distance relationship doesn’t work”, and unfortunately, this is true in most cases.


The more people you meet, the more chance for you

One thing for sure: You are not going to encounter any new face if all you do is staying at home. I would suggest you get involved in something that you are interested in. For example, if you love to read, go for a reading club. You might be able to find someone who shares the same hobby as you, which sends you two off to a great start.


I want a boyfriend so bad



Seek help from your friend

Don’t be shy! There is nothing wrong with wanting to find the love of your life. A true friend wouldn’t refuse to help you with that, and even be super glad that you finally decide to put an end to your single life and start searching for the love you deserve.

So, all you have to do is asking your friends whether they know any good guys. This is quite reliable as they can tell you a bit about the man (maybe) you are gonna date: His personality, his habits, the way he treats other people and his previous girlfriend… At least you can make sure that he is not a serial killer.  


Start the conversation

Scary as it sounds (provided that you are a shy girl), this is something you should do if you want things to proceed fast. After all, you wouldn’t know when the man you notice is gonna approach you and it is frustrating to wait, right? Being all flirty and desperate is not recommended, instead, it is better to keep it casual and light-hearted. Remember: The best way to flirt with a guy is to make it sounds like you are not flirting at all.


In case you already found someone you like, don’t give him anything just yet!

Because why buy the cow when the milk is free? If you just know a guy and he asks for physical intercourse, don’t go for it. You want a boyfriend, not a one night stand. In most case, your relationship wouldn’t last so long if you give him everything in a short period of time.


I want a boyfriend so bad


Be a good friend

Make sure to treat the guy you are interested in nicely. Be a supportive friend. Be someone that he can trust and rely on. That way it is more likely that you can create a bond between you and him. You will as well have more chance to interact and know him better.


Always prepare yourself to be in a relationship

When you open up yourself and appear as if you are ready to give and receive love, men will get the sign and eventually be drawn to you. You might want to put on some lipstick, wear clothes that make you feel confident about your appearance, and maintain a positive and approachable attitude. You wouldn’t know when you will encounter your special someone, so being prepared always is the key. Also, mind your manners. Nothing can turn a guy off faster than a rude girl, and you wouldn’t want that cute guy gives you a “Nah” before you two even have a chance to talk.

Love is something that can come at the most unexpected time. Nevertheless, you can always prepare for it and increase your chance. Remember that sometimes, even the most perfect woman doesn’t know how to find the love of her life. There is nothing wrong with that. We sincerely hope that our advice can be a great guide for you on the road to search for your love and happiness.

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