how to save your marriage alone

How To Save Your Marriage Alone During Separation Like A Smart Woman?


You’ve found the way. If you want to know how to save your marriage alone and you are willing to act RIGHT NOW, then this article is exactly what you need. Even when your partner has left physically, even when his heart is not with you anymore… You still have a chance to fight for your marriage.

How to save your marriage alone sounds like an impractical question. Everyone might be telling you to give up all hope, especially when your spouse has already left the house. Maybe even you yourself also feel like giving up. But I’m glad you’ve reached our article anyway. It’s a sign that you still wish to do something to stand for your marriage life. I shall tell you it is more than enough.

Even when you come to a counselor, he probably will tell you that it is impossible to save a marriage with only one person trying. Don’t – let – yourself – fall – for – that! The fact is, the committed one has a high chance to have an effect on his or her partner. This has been proven by numerous couples who experienced marriage crises. It means, yes, you can change your broken relationship drastically.

Nevertheless, you have to understand that separation is a sensitive period. Therefore, you have to do everything just right. Many people ended up pushing their partners further away instead of trying to get them back. With the help of Linkingo, you won’t have to fight for it alone. We will make sure you walk on the right path with this complete guide, so read on.


1. Stay strong

If you want to know how to save your marriage alone, the first thing you have to do is make up your mind. It is very hard to clear what others say to you about how hopeless things are. It is hard to forget about painful things that your spouse might have said to you. But if you truly want to save your marriage, you must stay strong.

As we mentioned, your action alone can greatly affect the other person. It is what we want you to believe instead of thinking like “this will lead to nowhere after all”. Remember, feelings are totally changeable. Just because your spouse says that he doesn’t love you now or is no longer in love with you, doesn’t mean it will remain that way forever. Therefore, don’t let his words and actions get you down. Maybe even he is in a foggy state and can’t be sure about how he feels and what he wants at the moment.


2. Blaming is not a way

how to save your marriage alone

Sure, we admit it is easy to put all the blame on your husband. You might feel resentful of all the things he has, or hasn’t, done. Though it is totally understandable, there is one problem: The more you focus on the wrong things that happened and whose fault that was, the more negative you will see your marriage picture. You are unable to improve something if you see it in a pessimistic way.

Thus, if your priority is to save the marriage, you might want to deal with all your negative feelings. It is recommended that you treat him in a healthy way. Your husband can feel your anger, even when you don’t voice out. That’s the reason why getting rid of it is so important. It is way better to mind your own actions and attitudes.


3. Don’t try to control your partner – ever!

While trying to figure out how to save your marriage alone, I found that this was the most frequently encountered mistake.

Trying to control your husband is just a faster way to drive him away from you. No one likes to be manipulated – especially men. There is nothing you can do to stop your husband from making their own decision, no matter how much you try to control. Instead of wasting your time on doing such useless thing, work on yourself instead.

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Another thing you should avoid is trying to read your partner’s actions. He is not a robot, so there won’t be any pattern for you to follow. You will just end up driving yourself nuts.


4. Carefully choose who you wanna share things with

We don’t mean that you should carry on alone. The situation is hurting you, your spouse is hurting you. It is important that you have someone you can trust and rely on, someone that you can share your pain. But not just anyone.

Find one or two people that you can ultimately place your trust. Also, you can try writing a journal as a way to release your stress and feelings. Blabbing about your partner and your marriage to a lot of people will just prevent him from coming back. He will respect you much more if you don’t.


5. Understand what your partner expect from you

how to save your marriage alone

According to research, issues often arise in a marriage when one person expects the other to behave in a different way, and that expectation is not fulfilled. During the separation, try to understand what your spouse expects to see from you. This list might provide help:

  • How should you two communicate?
  • How frequently should you two communicate?
  • Is there any financial problem?
  • Does he have any problem with the way you take care of your child?
  • Also, after this separation, how should the relationship will change?

6. Be patient!

This is the hardest part on how to save your marriage alone that you will have to go through.

Healing a broken relationship is never easy. Changes won’t happen as quickly as you expect. All you have to do is not giving up.

There will be times when you feel like you are totally exhausted, both physically and mentally. You will want to walk away, to stop everything. You will want to give up. Don’t do that. It is something you have the power to do. It is always worth fighting for your own happiness.

We would like you to know that this guide on how to save your marriage alone will only work if you are trying to get back a healthy relationship. Provided that you were in an abusive marriage, please don’t try to get back again. In that case, it is time to free yourself because you deserve better.

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how to save your marriage alone


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