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Being a passionate marriage and relationship coach, Brad Browning has worked with thousand couples from all the corner of the world. He is known for his sincere, practical advice and a high success rate of 90%. Today, let’s discover more about this author with Linkingo.



From graceful Vancouver, BC, Canada, Brad Browning is a relationship coach. He has earned the trust of countless men and women around the world. He is also famous with his nickname “divorce geek”.

Though he received training specifically in psychology at the University of British Columbia and has earned a bachelor degree, Brad Browning is quite versatile. His areas of expertise include breakups, crisis resolution, marriage, and divorce. Until now, Browning has gotten over a decade of actual experience retrieving and improving relationships. He believes that true love is hard to find. Therefore, when you feel like the love of your life is getting out of your reach, it is worth fighting tooth and nails to win back that bond.

That’s the reason why Brad Browning is so passionate about helping people to rescue their relationships and marriages from the verge of collapse. He uses his 10 years of practical experience to figure out the most effective yet easy to commit solutions. His tips and tricks are workable and reliable because he deals with actual psychology. Browning studies how a human’s mind works. He is able to make good use of this information.

A fact that makes Brad Browning’s advice become reliable is that he is also successful in his own marriage life. He has happily married, and one of his hobbies is to travel around the world with his wife. Some of the things he would love to do when he is not helping clients include reading, playing ice hockey. He also loves to take care of cats.


A highlight in Brad Browning’s works is they are usually very detailed. His products are flexible as they cover almost all the possible situations and provide the solutions to deal with each. His tactics are extremely clever, but you might find some of them a bit cunning. To explain, he said it was because he wanted to help people get back the love of their life with every available resource.


The Ex Factor Guide:


Brad Browning

Losing your loved one is something really painful, yet we all have to go through. Even more agonizing when your partner is the one who decides to leave. Especially when he or she leaves you for someone else

In this guide, you will find the method for you to win back your ex’s heart and keep he or she with you for a long time. Doesn’t stop at that, The Ex Factor Guide also shows you the way to improve your own self. You will find here some methods to control your emotions, as well as how to become attractive and optimistic.

No more being depressed and locking yourself in your own room, with this guide you can start moving forward and see how it goes. From how to stop yourself from the panic to learning to accept the fact that you are now single, and then all the ways to get back your ex… You will be able to find everything in this detailed guide.

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Brad Browning

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Mend The Marriage:Brad Browning

This is a popular marriage program by Brad Browning. Both men and women are able to make use of this program – which is truly a big advantage. Moreover, Mend The Marriage is unlike other “marriage products” you can find everywhere on the internet that say it is impossible to save the marriage life if both people don’t join hand. Techniques in this product are effective even when you are the only one trying.

Marriage is, in fact, not as easy as a piece of cake. There are many conflicts that might occur in life together. Unfortunately, most people are unable to come up with a solution for everything because it is too complicated. They choose divorce as the easy way out. Nevertheless, Mend The Marriage proves that there are more resources than you can even think of. The program directly lists out all the mistakes people might make in marriage life, as well as showing how to deal with them in steps.

You will be provided a chance to have a deeper look at your relationship with your spouse and yourself. The program goes as far as explaining the beneath reasons for the things that you might have done wrong, things that lie in your subconscious mind without you knowing it. Then, it will show you psychological methods to solve the issues.

If you are looking for something that doesn’t only save you from the edge of divorce, but also teaches ways to regain the attraction with your partner and keep the bond between you two for a lifetime, then this is an ideal product for you.

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Brad Browning


With many success in both career and relationship life, it seems that Brad Browning is not going to stop just yet. With his aim of helping every couple able to deal with their issues without having to consider breaking up or divorce, he is still working hard to retrieve people’s love and happiness.  


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