how to attract a man emotionally

How To Attract A Man Emotionally: 7 Deadly Mistakes You Should Never Make!


If you are wondering how to attract a man emotionally, congratulation: You are walking on the right path! More than anything, the sentimental bond is a crucial factor for a relationship to last long. Unfortunately, many women are still making mistakes in trying to create an emotional connection with the man they want.

We all know that physical attraction is important, so let’s not discuss it again. I myself personally think that every woman are beautiful in their own way, and they will know how to boost their physical charisma when the time comes. But not all of them know the right thing to do when it comes to how to attract a man emotionally.

When you’ve met the man of your dream and is looking for a long-lasting relationship with him, an emotional bond plays a very important role. You already have him by your side, but to make sure that he shall devote everything to you, you need a deeper attraction. Having given consultancy to many women, I realized a thing: So many of them actually managed to establish a mental connection, or in other words, opened the door. But then, they made some very similar, yet irredeemable mistakes, thus led to the door slamming shut right in front of them.

In this article, I would like to show you the most frequently encountered mistakes while trying to create an emotional attraction with a man. I suggest you read carefully, because just like most women, sometimes you might make these mistakes without even noticing.

Let’s begin.


#1: Try to be someone you are not

I mean, how do you expect to create an emotional bond with someone if you don’t even show him your true self?

I’ve talked to several girls who changed their behavior, habits, and even whole personality just for people they were dating. They earned nothing in the end but lost themselves in the progress.   

Those who understand that each person is different and that’s what makes us beautiful are the most emotional attractive. They are not afraid to stand out and to open up to people. Remember, it is YOU who you want him to love and stay with, not anyone else.


#2: Reveal everything about yourself too fast

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t open up – this is something you definitely have to do. But instead of letting him know everything at once, it is better to reveal one different side of yourself at a time and give him the chance to discover the rest.


how to attract a man emotionally


Maybe you have a talent that you rarely reveal, feel free to use it to impress him. Showing a piece of yourself one by one will bring you a lot of benefits. Firstly, he would be curious and excited to know more about who you really are, which can’t be achieved if you just pour everything out at once. Secondly, it encourages him to be himself around you as well. Don’t try to tell him anything that will scare him away though. This is something on how to attract a man emotionally that you should remember.


#3: Stalk his friends and family members to find out more about him

Instead of being a creepy stalker, why don’t you find a way to make him tell you more about himself instead? This action will make a man feel uncomfortable on many levels if he ever finds out. He will feel that not only his privacy is being abused, but also of people around him as well. Shouldn’t be surprised if he never wanna talk to you again.


#4: Judge every little thing

When it comes to how to attract a man emotionally, this is a mistake many women make without even realizing. A guy wouldn’t be comfortable to share things with you anymore and will set up his guard if you keep complaining about everything he does. If you want him to open up to you emotionally, you have to show that you are understanding and supportive. If he knows that you are willing to be there for him no matter what he does or what mistake he might make, it will give a huge boost to your emotional attraction level.


#5: Gossip about his secrets

Being a good listener is good. But being able to keep his secrets is the most crucial thing for him to decide whether you are trustworthy or not.

I know, sometimes you just want to show all of your friends how much he trusts you by telling them his most private kinds of stuff. Still, don’t. If he knows that he can come to you anytime to share his innermost thoughts, slowly it will tighten the bond between you two. You will become his best friend and his only soulmate.


#6: Try to do everything on your own

how to attract a man emotionally

While learning how to attract a man emotionally, this is something that can easily be mistaken. Sure, you can be reliable instead of needy and childish, but it doesn’t mean you should carry on everything. It makes you grow tired quickly and makes your man feel useless.

Keep it in mind that sometimes men are just as insecure as women. He wants to prove that he is reliable. It would be much better if you can rely on him, and then admire him.


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This gives a huge boost to his ego and triggers his natural protective side so that he will care about you a lot more.


#7: Be manipulative

He wants you to see him as a strong and reliable man, not a baby. There is nothing can annoy a man more than a woman trying to control him. If you want to create an emotional attraction with a man, you should know how to trust your man as he is responsible for everything he does.


Above is a list of the things you must avoid if you want to know how to attract a man emotionally. Be careful not to make any of them and you have come halfway in creating a mental bond with the man you are interested in.

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